15 Best Article Writing Services For 2024 (Includes Affordable Options)

Are you looking for the best article writing services for your business? 

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Blog posts and other website content are excellent ways to generate leads for your business. Plus, if you’re a content marketer, having reliable writing service providers is the backbone of your business.

But today, the market is filled with different types of service providers. How do you choose a service that’s reliable, cost-effective, and provides quality content?

To solve your problem, we’ve created this exhaustive list for you featuring the best services present in the market currently. You can choose the best one for yourself based on its pros and cons.

The best article writing services – summary


  1. ConciergeBeeBest article writing service provider overall. Affordable plans and no lengthy contracts.
  2. WriterAccess – Best platform to find freelancers based on your budget.
  3. WordCandy – Best professional content writing service for technical WordPress & B2B topics.
  4. ProBlogger Job Board – Best for hiring in-house article writers without any middleman.

1. ConciergeBee

ConciergeBee (part of SocialBee) is our favorite article writing service, delivering high-quality articles for your readers. They have a large team of professional article writers to offer various article writing services like interview-based articles, niche articles, and educational content.

ConciergeBee Homepage

If you’re looking for a one-stop platform to handle everything like social media content creation, article writing, and copywriting, ConciergeBee is your go-to platform.

You have to just choose an article type and make a purchase. The team will then send an intake form asking questions about your business and goals. They’ll develop content ideas, blog post titles, and keywords based on those answers. 

Once you approve those titles, the team will start delivering articles regularly based on your brand voice, along with feedback sessions and edits.


  • They facilitate white labeling of their services.
  • The UI/UX is clean and intuitive, making it a great experience.
  • Free edits if required.
  • White label available by request.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • They don’t offer individual blog posts.
  • You’ll need to sign up for their social scheduling tool to use the service (but it only costs $19/month on the lowest plan and it’s a fantastic tool).


The monthly articles pricing plan starts from $129 per month and goes on to $299 per month. They also offer weekly article pricing plans, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a membership-based content platform offering a specialized, AI-powered writer search with over 200 skills and expertise filters to help businesses choose the best writers.

WriterAccess Homepage

They score all the writers they work with and generally pay them in the range of $0.02 to $1 per word, depending on the type and complexity of the project. Unlike other platforms, if you like a particular content writer’s work, WriterAccess allows you to work with them exclusively.

Once you select the membership plan, you can choose a writer based on its advanced search. The next step is ordering the project, managing the platform’s workflow, and reviewing the article. They only provide limited edits.


  • The writers at the 4 to 6-star levels generate very well-written articles requiring minimal editing.
  • They offer a live chat to get help fast.


  • They do not have staff editors so you’ll have to take care of the editing on your end.
  • The pricing can be a little steep when you compare it with other services.


Plans start from $39 per month to $99 per month. Note here that this membership cost doesn’t cover the project cost. You’ll have to pay the writer’s fees additionally. A free trial is available.

3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces helping you find a wide range of freelance writers. Because of the popularity of Upwork, you’ll be able to find writers in different niches and at different price ranges.

Upwork Homepage

Upwork works a bit differently than other services in this list. You can post a job on Upwork and writers on the platform will bid for the posting. You can then select a writer from the bids you receive after reviewing their work.

On the other hand, you can also select a writer by searching for a particular keyword. You can see the reviews, the jobs they’ve completed in the past, and their success rate to determine the quality of the writer before working with them. You can also hire their Talent Scout to find the best-matched freelancers for you.

Once you hire a writer, you can set milestones and pay the writers only when the milestones are completed.


  • A large pool of writers is available due to the size and popularity of the marketplace.
  • You can avail of its Talent Scout service without any extra cost.
  • If you hire by the hour, Upwork takes random screenshots of the writer’s screen.
  • Instead of looking for writers, you can select a writer based on their application and bid.
  • The customer support team is active.
  • You can see their past work and reviews to determine if you’d like to work with a writer.


  • You have to pay a job posting fee after your first 90 days on the platform.
  • You can send invites to only three freelancers with the basic plan.
  • The free plan doesn’t give you access to upgraded tools and support.
  • It can be difficult to find the right writer. If not vetted properly, some writers can be unreliable.
  • You have to pay an extra 3% of your total billed amount as the payment processing fee.


The platform charges you 3% of your payment as an admin fee. Paid subscription plans start at $49.99 per month. This doesn’t include your payment to freelancers.

4. Scripted

Scripted is a content marketplace where they match you with writers meeting your requirements, be it SEO blog posts or other custom content. 

Scripted Homepage

Scripted can take up large projects from enterprises and agencies, making it the one-stop solution if you have bulk orders. 

You have to create an account with your business email address and select a plan. Next, you have to provide them with a content brief and select a writer. You’ll receive the piece on the platform itself and you can also edit it on the platform.


  • You have flexibility when choosing a writer.
  • Pay only after you receive the edited article.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • You get a dedicated account manager, content strategy, and content publishing in the Enterprise plan.


  • The writers are not in-house.
  • You can’t place an order for a single article. The platform works on monthly subscriptions.
  • More expensive than other services.


The monthly plans start at $199 per month with a 30-day free trial.

5. Verblio 

Verblio offers article writing services for various niches such as accounting, consulting, finance, ecommerce, fashion, engineering, and over 40 others.

Verblio Homepage

They have many expert content writers on their platform that you can choose from. They also handle all the logistics and required paperwork for dealing with the writers.

Once you choose the subscription plan, you can start requesting content by entering the title, required keywords, and other details. You get your first piece of content within 48-72 hours and request edits if required. You can even give ratings and feedback for writers and bookmark the ones you had a great experience with.


  • They have the option of getting free content from another writer if you’re not pleased with the work.
  • Their add-on options can save you a lot of time.
  • Extremely easy process of ordering the content.
  • There’s no platform fee.
  • Unlimited rounds of edits.
  • The turnaround time is 48 hours.


  • The customer service team isn’t available at all times.
  • The pricing falls on the expensive end.


Their pricing starts from $40 for 300 words. You can avail of add-ons like photos, optimizations, and videos. They offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

6. WordCandy

WordCandy has a writing team specializing in WordPress, hosting, website development, and other B2B topics. From an SEO article to user documentation, WordCandy is the best writing service provider for you if you need technical and B2B content.

WordCandy Homepage

They have companies like GoDaddy and A2 Hosting under their portfolio.

They don’t have a checkout process like other service providers in this list. To start a project with them, you have to either contact them via email or fill out a form on their website.


  • Writers have subject matter expertise in highly technical niches.
  • Best for WordPress developers and hosting providers.
  • They have in-house writers.


  • More expensive than other services.
  • No automated checkout process on the website.


Their pricing varies based on the project.

7. Draft

Previously known as ContentFly, Draft is a professional article writing service provider. Their goal is clear—establish credibility for your business in the industry and boost organic traffic.  

Draft Homepage

Besides SEO-optimized content, they offer various content types such as emails, ad copies, landing page copies, website content, podcasts, and video scripts. They also provide white-label blogs. 

Once you submit a request for the content, Draft will help you find a relevant writer that creates the piece for you. Once done, you’ll receive it via email along with royalty-free images.


  • They provide you with a money-back guarantee.
  • You don’t need to search for writers. They assign a writer to you depending on your project.


  • Better suited for simple article requirements. 


They charge depending on the word count. Volume discounts are also offered.

8. Textbroker

Textbroker provides you with thousands of experienced writers to write articles on keywords of your choice which are optimized for search engines. They also offer content on various quality levels. 

Textbroker Homepage

They provide two options: 

  • Self-service: You’re in complete charge of the content process from start to finish with the assigned writer. Textbroker doesn’t edit or manage the articles.
  • Managed-service: The whole project is outsourced to Textbroker. They find the writers, manage the writers, and edit the work.

You can place an open order, direct order, or team order. Open order means your article gets written by any available writer according to your chosen quality and price. Direct order involves commissioning the writer of your choice. Team order involves selecting a team of writers from their platform that will handle all your content writing requirements.


  • They will take care of the uploading and formatting at the backend of your website.
  • Their customer service is exceptional
  • They provide content in up to 36 languages.
  • Select the writers you want to work with.


  • They don’t provide you with editors or project managers so you’ll have to get that done in-house.
  • The pricing is tiered and the lowest-priced content can have spelling and grammatical errors.


You can get different pricing ranges as per the options and quality levels that you choose. It starts as low as 0.023 cents per word.

9. ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger Job Board isn’t specifically an article writing service, but it’s an excellent medium to hire in-house writers for yourself. That means you hire freelancers directly to work on articles, instead of going through a marketplace or an agency. 

ProBlogger Job Board Homepage

If you’re looking to work with freelancers directly for the long term, ProBlogger will be the best place for you to hire them. The quality of writers that you get from this job board is top-notch as you can vet from multiple applications that you’d receive. 

What’s more, if you’re looking to hire a writer for a niche or technical topic, you can specify the requirement in the job post. Working with in-house writers gets easier over time as they become familiar with your article writing process.

To attract quality writers, you might have to offer a bit higher rates, but that’ll lead to less editing from your end, freeing up your time.

To hire writers from ProBlogger, create an employer account and post a job with a detailed description of your requirements. Once posted, you’ll receive tons of applications that you have to vet through to find your ideal candidate.


  • Hire highly skilled in-house writers.
  • You don’t have to pay a platform or payment fee (only a job posting fee is required).
  • Decide your workflow and payments based on your existing processes.


  • You have to maintain the contract on your own. This might lead to extra admin work.
  • The applications received can run in hundreds for a well-drafted job posting. Finding the right writer amongst the applications can be a lengthy process.
  • You bear the risk in case you’ve made the payment but didn’t receive the completed project.


You only have to pay per job posting, starting at $80. After that, you can decide the rates for the articles based on your budget.

10. Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros is an article writing company providing long-form articles, magazine articles, content marketing, news articles, listicles, guest articles, micro articles, and industry-specific articles.

Content Development Pros Homepage

It also helps you format content and publishes it on your WordPress website. If you’re ready to pay an additional cost, it also gets you up to 5 images that will go with your article.

Once you provide a rough idea or short brief on the kind of content you’d like to get, they assign a professional article writer to start working on the project. The writer composes a tentative content plan for the article and sends it to you for approval. Once you approve that plan, the writer starts working on the article and sends it to you.


  • They offer a power posts option where you can get articles that help acquire leads.
  • They also offer a two-day turnaround time so you can get articles quickly if needed.


  • Slow customer support.


They have various plans to choose from. Their 1-article plan starts from $35 for 1000 words.

11. Content Pit

Content Pit specializes in writing corporate blogs, SaaS blogs, SEO articles, and all kinds of non-technical blogs. They also boast about a team of experienced professional writers, content marketing & SEO specialists, and CRO professionals so that you can get content that is high in value.

Content Pit Homepage

They are a great fit if you don’t want content that is too pricey and yet of decent quality. They also have a fast turnaround time too.

Once you select their pricing plan and make a payment, you’ll get access to your client portal. Over here, you’ll let the team know your requirements and make an order. Once the order is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive the final draft via the portal.


  • Provide you unlimited edits.
  • Their turnaround time is pretty quick.


  • They don’t include images and upload the content. You’ll need to do that in-house.


They charge $49 for 1000 words. For bulk requirements, the per-word charge drops down. 

12. SEO Butler

SEO Butler is a writing service providing different types of SEO content that climb up in search engine rankings. That includes blog posts, website content, reviews, buyer guides, product descriptions, and guest posts. They also include optimization using Surfer SEO, but you’ll have to give them access to your Surfer account for the same.

SEO Butler Homepage

They accept bulk orders for big companies or businesses that require content in huge volumes with an automatic 10% discount over 5000 words.

You just have to fill out the form on their website that asks for basic details like the word count, suggested title, preferred writing style, industry niche, and target audience. Depending on these details, they’ll show the amount to be paid. Your content will then be delivered within six working days. It might take longer if your requirement is complex.

Note: To get Surfer-optimized articles, you need to have your Surfer account and send the link to the Content Editor.


  • They only use native English writers.
  • Their content includes images.
  • They have the option to rewrite a blog post for you if there are any issues with the content.


  • If you want the Surfer-optimized content, you’ll have to pay more.
  • The turnaround time can be six days or more.
  • You can’t be guaranteed to work with the same writer on your next project.


They normally charge $0.07 per word, while the rate for surfer-optimized content is $0.135 per word. They also offer discounts for bulk requirements.

13. Content Refined

Content Refined has a dedicated team that handles everything from keyword research to content planning and writing.

Content Refined Homepage

You can outsource your entire writing process, starting from keyword research to them. While this kind of agency is excellent for those with little time to spend on content, their plans are a little pricier than the rest on this list. 

All you need to do is place an order depending on the pricing plan you choose. They will contact you if they need further instructions for the articles and will generally give you a turnaround time. 


  • You can get a content strategy along with their other services.
  • Dedicated project managers.
  • The plans include SEO, images, and content uploading.
  • You can also get content briefs.


  • You won’t be able to try and test their plans as they only offer monthly subscriptions.
  • This might not suit you if you have a highly specialized blog.


Their plans start at $429 for 4000 words, including keyword research and title creation.

14. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is another freelance marketplace where you can browse existing pre-packaged plans provided by freelancers or post a job based on your requirement.

People Per Hour Homepage

You can manage the projects in the platform itself by having access to video conferencing, messaging, and payment tools. 

You can get your written content in two ways: Create a free account and post a job detailing your requirements. Freelancers will then send you proposals. Or you can search freelancers and their service packages and purchase the package directly. 

Once you’ve selected a freelancer’s proposal, you’d have to deposit an agreed-upon amount (usually 50% of the total cost) on the platform. You can release the payment when you receive the completed work. On the other hand, if you’re buying a packaged service, you’ll have to deposit 100% of the amount upfront.


  • All platform features are free to use.
  • The profiles of freelancers include their portfolios, reviews, and skills.
  • Post jobs for free.
  • The payment isn’t released without your consent.
  • Video chat with freelancers with its built-in tool.


  • The service fee is higher than on other platforms.
  • To sign an NDA with a freelancer, you’d have to pay an additional fee.
  • Slow customer support.


PeoplePerHour charges you £0.6 + 10% of your payment as the service fee.

15. Constant Content

Constant Content is a marketplace where you can either buy pre-written content or submit a content request based on your requirement. Their team of writers will then receive your project as an assignment or pitch their services to you.

Constant Content Homepage

However, the quality of content will vary based on the quality of the article writer and the price you pay.

Post your request about the kind of content you need. Qualified writers will then reach out to you, or you could directly contact a suitable writer in their marketplace. You can then work out the turnaround time with the writer and get your article in the pre-decided period.


  • You get access to stock images that go with your content.
  • They also provide product review writers.
  • You can select a writer from a large pool of content writers.


  • The UX isn’t that great, especially at the backend.
  • It can be difficult to vet a writer that matches your needs.
  • There’s no consistency in the content quality and will vary with the writer you select.


The pricing varies depending on the writer’s charges.

Final thoughts

Before selecting one of the above professional article writing services for yourself, decide your budget and the quality you require. If you’re going with the lowest-priced service, you might have to spend more time on editing and managing.

With that considered, here are our top recommendations that are cost-effective while providing you with quality content:

  • ConciergeBee is our go-to recommendation for high-quality articles written by trained writers.
  • WriterAccess is our favorite marketplace to find freelancers for your needs.
  • WordCandy is ideal for those who need technical or B2B content. This agency will do all the heavy lifting. You’ll work with an editor that can pitch topics and brief those out to writers.
  • ProBlogger Job Board is the best platform to hire writers and work with them directly.

And if you’d like to outsource other parts of your marketing campaigns, check out these posts:

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