68 Best Digital Product Ideas For 2024

Do you want to sell digital products online but have no idea what to offer?

In this post, we’re sharing the best digital product ideas with examples. We’ll give you an idea of which are the most profitable digital products that you should be paying close attention to.

Top digital product ideas (TL;DR)

  • E-books — Cookbooks, travel books, fiction, self-help, photography, graphic novels, kids books, biography, history, business
  • Guides — Travel, workout, skincare
  • Tutorials — Repair, photo editing, video editing, painting
  • Content Production Assets — Emotes, streaming music, stock photos, stock videos, LUTs, sound effects, streaming overlays, YouTube banners, video animation
  • Visual Art — Desktop wallpapers, fonts, logos, digital artworks
  • Audio — Exclusive singles, albums, beats, sheet music
  • Website Assets — WordPress theme, domain names, websites
  • Video Content — Documentary, short film, behind the scenes, vlogs
  • Online Courses — Dance classes, aerobics classes, cooking classes, business courses, writing classes
  • Printables — Planners, journals, calendars, posters, 3D printer files, templates
  • Subscriptions — Podcasts, digital magazines, newsletters, webinars
  • Games — PC, iOS/Android
  • Services — Graphic design, web design, app development, copywriting, copy editing, virtual assistant, coaching, tutoring, translation, voice over


When talking about digital product ideas, most people immediately think of e-books. It’s still one of the best digital products to sell on your own website or a third-party marketplace. And there are plenty of e-book categories to explore.

Below are just a couple of e-book ideas that you might want to explore.


Cookbooks are always in demand, especially now when people are more conscious of the food they eat. So there’s no doubt that there’s money to be made selling recipe books. However, you’ll need to come up with a cookbook concept that will help you stand out from what’s already available.


If you think you can write about your town or any other place that you’ve been to, then why not try publishing a travel book? You can share stories about the places you’ve visited and share tips that can help those who plan on visiting sometime soon.


You can also look into publishing a fictional story and selling it online. Plenty of well-known authors started out selling e-books in this category. Who knows? You could be the next big author to follow in their footsteps.


You can write self-help books to help people who are dealing with different issues. However, this is only ideal for authors who are qualified to hand out advice as most topics that fall under the self-help category are sensitive.

Photography book

Aspiring or professional photographers should consider publishing photography e-books. Selling physical products is fine but there are people who’d rather read e-books including fans of photography.

Alternatively, you can publish an e-book that chronicles your life as a photographer.

Graphic novels

You can also publish graphic novels, especially those that are talented writers and artists. There are groups that support independent graphic novel publishers. So you can make a living selling digital products like graphic novels.


E-books for kids are also quite popular. Parents are always on the lookout for new kid-friendly stories to share with their children. So why not fill the gap in that market by publishing your own kid stories?


If you’ve lived a particularly interesting life or know someone who has, you can try your hands at publishing a biography. 


Are you a history buff? Then why not publish a history book? 


There’s no shortage of people who are looking to start or grow their businesses. And they would be more than happy to buy an e-book if it means expanding their knowledge and beating their competitors.


Guides are another great digital product idea. It’s not that uncommon to find online stores dedicated to guides — and you can sell all sorts. Here are just a few. 

Travel guide

Travel guides are much more practical than travel books. More than where to go in the city, a travel guide will tell you how you can go around and what to expect during your stay. While there are plenty of videos on sites like YouTube, some would still prefer to read up on all that information.

Workout guide

You can share your workout routine with people and help them get into the best shape of their lives. The best part is that you can do this in different formats. Choose one that best suits you. 

Skincare guide

If you’re knowledgeable about skincare—or health and wellness in general—then you can create guides on how people can improve their physical well-being. 


Tutorials are a popular digital product idea because they’re highly profitable. Why? Because those that are looking for solutions are willing to pay for answers. Let’s look at some of the different types of tutorials you can create and sell.

Repair tutorials

Those who know how to repair electronics, furniture, and other everyday items can make a living creating tutorials. It’s a great side gig for handymen who’d like to share their knowledge with people who are looking to learn a new set of skills.

Photo editing tutorials

Yes, there are plenty of photo editing tutorials out already. But if you can establish your credibility through your work, people will choose to buy your photo editing tutorial over people who they do not know. 

Video editing tutorials

If you’re leaning more toward video production than photography, you’ll be happy to hear that you can earn income by creating video editing tutorials as well. 

Painting tutorials

Yes, you can also do tutorials about painting. If this is a skill you have and you’re willing to teach others how to paint, then consider doing painting tutorials as a means of making money online.

Content production assets

Profitable digital products like content production assets are also a good option. You don’t have to sell physical products like props and gear. 

Instead, you should create digital products that add to the production value of a live stream, YouTube video, and media assets like posters and banners.

Let’s look at some specific ideas you can use:

Emotes and bit badges

Twitch emotes and bit badges are unlockable virtual tools that allow people to show their support to the streamers they follow. If you have graphic design skills, you can design custom Twitch emotes for streamers.

Streaming or background music

YouTube and Twitch streamers and content creators need background music to keep their audience engaged. However, using copyrighted music is problematic as it can lead to videos getting taken down. 

That’s the reason why some streamers and content creators hire people to make background music for their projects. If you know how to produce music, you can give this a go.

Stock photos

Bloggers and graphic artists are always looking for stock photos to use for their posts or projects. Publishing stock photos is one of the best sources of recurring revenue since you only have to upload images once and it will continue to earn you money.

And there are plenty of stock photo websites you can upload them to. Read our article on sites to sell photos if you need help getting started.

Stock videos

Stock videos require a bit more work than stock photos but the benefits are almost the same. One can argue that stock videos are more in-demand these days so prioritizing stock videos over photos isn’t as crazy as it sounds.


LUTs or look-up tables are presets that photographers and videographers use to color grade their work much faster. These LUTs can be saved and sold to others to help them ease their workflow or to expose them to different coloring techniques.

Sound effects

Rather than create their own sound effects, video or audio content producers would build their sound effect library by buying SFX packs online. You can center your online business around publishing and selling sound effects.

Streaming overlays

Streaming overlays add life to what could otherwise be boring live streams. It makes every moment more interactive. So it’s understandable then why they’ll go all out just to buy the best overlays available to them. Some will even hire professional overlay designers to have custom ones made for them.

YouTube banners

There are YouTubers who look for graphic artists that can create assets for their channels including custom banners. If you have the right skill set, then you should offer your services through freelancing platforms.

Video animations

Creating animations isn’t easy. But plenty of creators need them. If you can handle digital art like animation, you should make the most of it. 

Visual art

You can put up an online store to sell your artwork. These are one of my favorite digital product ideas because every item sold is born out of skill and passion.

Here are just a few visual artworks that can be sold as digital goods. 

Desktop wallpapers

There are still people who’d pay for desktop wallpapers. This is especially true for those who have two- or three-monitor setups. They typically look for wallpapers that can span across multiple displays.


Creatives constantly need new fonts to work with. And if you know how, you can release a bunch of fonts for personal or commercial use. 


It’s not just businesses that look for logos now. Even content creators need logos now for personal branding. If you think you’re creative enough to come up with logo designs, why not try your hands on designing custom logos?

It’s a competitive space due to a large number of logo designers, and logo design software, but there’s a lot of money to be made for experienced designers. Particularly if you include upsells for other branding related products.

Digital artworks

Some artists have even gone on to make money selling their artworks as NFTs. If this is something that interests you, then you should definitely explore all the ways you can make money by selling digital art.


Audio files and music are one of the most popular digital product ideas. Some artists have gone on to release their work directly online to eliminate middlemen who can take a large chunk of their profits.

If you have a background in music and/or audio production, try making a profit from your talents.

Let’s take a look at some specific ideas:

Exclusive singles

Do you only have a couple of songs under your belt? No problem. You can release each song as a single. Some content creators look for independent music to use in their videos. If you’re lucky, they just might discover and pay for your music.

Self-produced album

And if you have enough songs, then you can self-produce an entire album and sell it online. You can upload music videos on YouTube to help you promote them.


Selling beats is also a good revenue generator. Sometimes, people just need beats to add to their videos, podcasts, and other projects. When you create digital products like beats, you’ll have a source of recurring income. 

Sheet music

Did you know you can make money by selling sheet music online? That’s right. Some people make money by selling sheet music, especially for pieces that are obscure. It’s popular among string, wind, and even percussion instrument students.

Website assets

You can make a decent amount of money when you sell digital products that are related to website and app development.

Here are a couple of digital product ideas in this space:

WordPress theme

Most websites are built on WordPress because of how customizable it is. However, not everyone knows how to design a WordPress site from scratch. 

If you know how to design a WordPress theme, know that there’s a market for unique designs that aspiring bloggers and business owners can download and install.

Domain names

There are people who would buy domain names and sell them later on for profit. If you’re willing to invest in a domain name and hold on to it, you might find yourself selling it at a much higher price down the line.

It is risky but it does pay off for certain people.


Yes, you can launch a website and sell it later on. You will have to make sure that the site gets a lot of traffic to attract the right offer. So it does involve a lot of work including publishing content on a regular basis and promotion. 

Selling a website might not be for everyone. But it is worth looking into especially if you’re treating it more like an investment than a product. And better yet, marketplaces like Flippa make it easy to buy and sell websites.

Video content

Filmmakers and video content creators can make money online by offering their works as digital products. What types of videos can you sell? Here are a few options.


While some documentary filmmakers are happy to share their work for free, there are some who sell theirs to earn some passive income and recoup their production expenses. There are online marketplaces for this but you can just as easily set up a website and sell from there.

Short film

Artists that specialize in creating short films can also start earning money online by making their digital files accessible to potential customers. 

Behind the scenes

If you are a YouTube creator, you can make behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage available for paying subscribers through membership sites. But BTS footage is not just for YouTube creators. Musicians, for example, can earn additional money by offering BTS footage of them recording their latest album.


Offering exclusive content like vlogs can be a money-maker for content creators. You can use a membership site to host all your vlogs and ask your community to donate to gain access. This is a good way of earning extra income and providing value to your subscribers.

Classes or online courses

You can try your hands on recording online classes and selling them as digital goods. This could be a lot of work but once all your class videos are done, you probably won’t have to touch them ever again. They will continue generating revenue while you sleep.

Dance classes

Do you know how to dance? Share your gift with the world by teaching everyone how to do it like you.

Aerobics classes

You can also conduct an aerobics class if that’s more up your alley.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes are also quite popular. If you know how to cook, create a cooking class to earn money by doing what you love.

Business online courses

Do you have experience running a successful business? Then maybe business courses are the right products to sell online in your case. 

Writing classes

Holding writing classes is also a possibility, especially for those that have the credentials to teach them. 


Printables refer to digital products that users can download and print themselves. These usually come as PDF files but formats can vary. 


There are people who’d rather pay for a planner design and print it themselves than buy a generic planner from an online store. Downloadable planners tend to show more personality which is why it’s more appealing.


Yes, there are also journals that you can purchase online and print yourself. If you have some graphic design skills, you can upload your journal design and see if people will come buy them.


You can also upload calendar designs for people to download and print. You can use photos you’ve taken or your original artwork in the calendar design.


Do you have poster ideas that you think would be really cool? Try selling poster designs through your own online store.

3D printer files

Some say that 3D printing is the future and that it is here to stay. That’s why those who are skilled enough to create 3D printer files should take advantage and start selling them as digital products.

Templates (marketing materials)

You can sell templates for marketing materials such as business cards, invitations, and flyers.


Subscriptions are one of the most profitable digital product ideas on this list. Particularly because recurring revenue streams like this can be somewhat ‘passive’.

The key is to ensure subscribers continue to gain value from your offering. This will help you reduce churn.

Let’s take a look at some digital product ideas for subscriptions:


You can sell subscriptions to your podcast. You can upload trimmed versions of an episode on a free platform and make the full one available for paying members.

Digital magazines

Selling physical products like magazines is tough. But you can still sell them in digital form. You only need to find a platform that allows users to sell digital magazines. Alternatively, you can launch a website and sell magazines there.


If you don’t think you can create and sell an entire magazine, you can start with something smaller like newsletters. 


Selling access to webinars isn’t new. Many are doing it and so should you. Not only are webinars a good source of income, but it’s also a great way to promote your brand. Webinar hosts also walk away with the admiration and respect of their attendees. They tend to become subject-matter experts in their field.

There are plenty of webinar hosting platforms on the market. However, not all of them make it easy to sell webinars. Fortunately, you can use a platform like Podia to facilitate this.


Are you a game developer? Then why not sell your games online? While it’s not as easy as we’re making it out to be, there are developers that found success selling games as indie companies.

PC games

You can publish games for PC users. Depending on what type of game you’re developing, you may need to stick to PCs. This is especially true for triple-A titles.

iOS/Android games

There are game developers that found luck in selling game apps for iOS and Android.


We’ve covered plenty of digital product ideas already. What if none of them seem like a good fit?

Consider selling services instead. Use your talent to earn extra money for emergencies and other expenses.

Graphic design

There’s no shortage of graphic design job postings online. If you’re qualified, you should accept as many of them as you can.

Web design

You can also try your hands on web design if you know how to write code. It is true that there are plenty of website builders out there. But some would rather hire a web designer to customize their sites based on their needs.

App development

It certainly seems like every business needs to have an app these days. So if you know how to develop an app, you can go advertise your services online. You should land your first client in no time.


Copywriting is one of the oldest gigs on the internet. So long as there are websites, people will need content writers to fill up those landing pages. Try taking on copywriting tasks to see if this type of work is for you. 

Copy editing

If you’ve been a copywriter for long enough, maybe you could take a chance and promote yourself to copy editor. Not only does it pay better (in most cases), but it’s also a good way to meet new people who have the same interests as you.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant—in simple terms—is one who works directly with a client to make sure that team members all do their jobs and finish them on time. It’s a great gig for those who have excellent people skills.


Being a coach can not only help you earn but also provide you with a sense of purpose. Give coaching a try if you think you have the right background and attitude for it.


You can also try your hands on becoming a tutor, especially those with the right educational background. But you can also be a tutor based on your profession. An experienced photographer, for example, can be paid to tutor someone that’s interested in the field.


Do you speak more than one language? Then why don’t you look into doing translation work? It’s far from launching a digital product business but translators are always in demand and could be a great way to make ends meet.

Voice over

Anime fans should love the idea of doing voice-over work. But voice actors are not limited to animation. Some video or audio projects require narrators, for example. 

Recommended platforms for selling digital products

Before anything else, you should learn the ins and outs of selling digital products

Understanding all the different types of digital products that you could sell will help you narrow down your options. For example, the best platform for selling ebooks may not be the best option for selling audio files.

Once you know which digital products you’re going to sell, you can look for the best ecommerce platform.

Those who are just starting to run their own online business might want to launch a website from the ground up. And while that is a sensible option in some cases, the smarter move would be to use an ecommerce platform first.


Because an ecommerce platform already comes equipped with all the tools you’ll need to launch an online store. There’s no need to mess with code if you don’t want to. Payment processors are already included with the package you choose. And you can get up and running in a matter of hours with the right preparation.

So which platforms should you consider? Here are two of the most popular options.


Sellfy Homepage

Sellfy is quite possibly the best ecommerce platform for selling digital products. And we should also mention that you can use Sellfy to sell physical products too. It offers multiple payment options, mobile optimization, and subscription models.

You can pretty much do it all with Sellfy.

Read our Sellfy review.


Podia Homepage

Podia is a website builder with ecommerce functionality baked right into it. The platform is designed to accommodate sellers of digital products. 

With Podia, you can create an ecommerce site with a custom URL and have customer support throughout the whole setup process if needed. There are also features relating to email marketing and drip campaigns. 

You can use Podia to sell online courses and memberships as well.

Read our Podia review.


BigCommerce Homepage

BigCommerce is another popular ecommerce platform. It’s more ideal for users that plan on scaling at a rapid pace. It has a highly customizable website builder. It offers support for brick-and-mortar stores. And it has support for multi-channel selling.

The fact that sites built on this platform do well in SEO is a huge plus. 


We’ve discussed plenty of digital product ideas. Now, it’s time to figure out which one is the best option for you.

Here’s the important thing:

The product you choose needs to be one that speaks to you. You want to be passionate about whichever product you end up selling.

Being aware of the trends in the digital product category is good. But it should only be a guide. Only consider digital product ideas that you’d be comfortable creating and selling.

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