The Best Link Building Services For 2024 (Comparison)

Are you looking for the best link building service to improve your organic search rankings?

Link building is arguably one of the most important search ranking factors.

As a result, lots of agencies offer their expertise to startups in need of backlinks.

But with so many link building companies on the market, which should you choose?

To help you out, we’ve put together this comparison of the best link building services and agencies.

The best link building services – summary

  1. UK Linkology – Best overall link building service. Affordable but high quality. Properly vetted sites and great support.
  2. Page One Power – Link building agency offering customized campaigns.
  3. Siege Media – Content focused link building with manual outreach.
  4. Fat Joe – Affordable link building services but lower quality due to sub-par vetting process.
  5. From The Future – Marketing agency offering enterprise outreach services. Ideal for high end links & press outreach.
  6. HigherVisibility – Agency offering customized link campaigns based around various tactics such as outreach, broken links, PR pitches and more.
  7. Whitespark – Not specifically a link building service but they offer the best local citation building service.

1. UK Linkology

UK Linkology is a UK-based company known for delivering some of the best link building services in the market.

What makes it one of the better services is their process of vetting link prospects. Most link builders rely solely on usual SEO metrics like Moz DA. While it’s a good metric, it doesn’t tell the entire story about a website.

UK Linkology

UK Linkology vets sites using DA or M-Flux. M-Flux is a formula developed by UK Linkology to get the most of websites when link building. It uses five SEO factors including DA, DR, Trust Flow and traffic metrics, that can reveal the bigger picture of a site’s quality. They also utilize a 33-point human review to guarantee that the site meets as many requirements as possible that Google looks for when ranking websites.

From there, you choose the content quality and length before it begins working on your order. Once all links are published, you can settle your payment via Stripe or PayPal.

For orders of 10 links or more, UK Linkology offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the links – no questions asked! That’s how confident the company is with the quality of service they provide.


The lowest price UK Linkology offers is £90/link for a DA 20-29 site (£100/link for M-Flux 20-29 site). The price also includes a 500-word content. If you want to write the content, the price decreases to £65/site for DA 20-29 site (£75/site for M-Flux 20-20 site).

Prices increase based on a site’s DA/M-Flux and the length of the content you will order.

2. Page One Power

Page One Power is a link building agency that fulfils custom orders.

It is aware that each site has unique needs for its link building campaign. Therefore, instead of offering one-size-fits-all link building, it works with you to come up with a strategy to acquire the best links possible.

Page On Power

The beauty of this approach is Page One Power will craft the content based on their extensive research. Using the gathered information, it will produce content that owners of authoritative sites related to the client’s niche would want to link to.

Upon reaching out, the company will perform a discovery call with you to understand your site’s current standing and goals. This goes to show its commitment to giving you a personalized quote for your link building campaign.

Once you’ve secured your order, a Project Manager will oversee the campaign’s success and is available to discuss with you the status of the campaign.


Page One Power’s basic link building package costs $3,500 per month for the campaign described above. Also, it requires you to sign up to an initial three-month contract. The company suggests working with them for six months to see actual results and organic growth.

It also accommodates custom pricing that fits your needs and allotted budget. But its pricing is geared towards agencies looking for a one-stop solution for all their link building needs.

3. Siege Media

Siege Media is an agency providing its customers with SEO-focused content marketing.

The company specializes in content link building. Upon hiring Siege Media, it will lend you its talented content team to produce work for you based on the research conducted by its tireless analysts. Expect the content to be on-point with your brand and of high-quality.


After producing the content, Siege Media will forward it to websites for acquiring backlinks. Thankfully, the company has established relationships with top journalists, editors, and webmasters, thus making it easier for them to get content with your links in them published.

Some agencies focus on viral campaigns that lead to one-and-done traffic spikes to your site. While this is great, what’s even better is consistency. Siege Media will help you develop and execute scalable link building campaigns that will keep getting links for your site even after the campaign period wraps up. This ensures that the links it gains will have long-lasting effects on your site’s SEO performance.


To learn more about Siege Media’s pricing for its link building services, you must reach out to its team via phone or email. However, according to G2, its custom price for various SEO tasks costs at least $975/month on average. The price can go up or down depending on your site’s needs and goals.

The company doesn’t guarantee a set number of links a month. Nonetheless, it sets your expectations for the campaign which depends on the complexity of the content asset its team will create for you.

4. Fat Joe

Fat Joe offers a wide range of done-for-you link building services. The company can do blogger outreach, local citation, infographic outreach, and more for your site.

Fat Joe

You can order links without the hassle of monthly commitments, which is ideal for startups looking to create certain backlinks for their site. Upon placing your order, you can check its status on your account to update you throughout the campaign.

Fat Joe also has a white label feature where you can sell their backlink services under your name. This is perfect for agencies looking to expand their offerings to clients but don’t have the resources to do so.

At face value, Fat Joe seems to be your one-stop shop for all things link building. However, some of the links they build are not up to standards due to its subpar vetting process. It only uses Moz DA and Ahrefs DR as metrics to determine a site’s quality.


Their low-tier links (DA 10-19) costs between £45-60 per placement across all services. You can save between £5-10 if you order at least 25 placements.

All prices include a 500-word article with a link to your site. There’s an option to increase the content length, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee. You can determine the anchor text where your link will be, but Fat Joe reserves the right to tweak it to fit the content.

You can get all your placements approximately 14 days after placing your order. There’s an option to expedite the order if you want to get the links the soonest, but you’ll also have to pay extra.

5. From The Future

From The Future is an enterprise digital marketing agency that offers a host of services to help big brands speed up growth and customer acquisition. With regard to SEO, the company provides bespoke solutions based on what the client’s site needs to boost its search traffic.

From The Future

Part of the solutions is link building. From the Future provides outreach campaigns targeting high-end links as well as press syndication.

It follows a four-step process: FTF’s consultant will first plan for the campaign by instigating a comprehensive link analysis and audit to identify the right strategies to employ.

Next, the link building team will search for prospects that meet the standards that Google requires from natural, white hat backlinks.

Once identified, its team will determine the most appropriate value proposition to feature on different pitches they’ve developed for your campaigns.

They will relentlessly test out which variant and link type yields the best results. Depending on the situation, guest posts and resource links work best on some campaigns, while unlinked mentions and sponsorships perform better on others.

Finally, expect to receive a monthly report from them containing all the links acquired plus SEO metrics like Domain Metrics, expected traffic, and more.


Generally, FTF works with clients that have a monthly budget of $7,000/month so they can enjoy the benefits of all its features. But for link building exclusively, the company suggests a lower budget.

To proceed, fill out their form to receive a quote for your link building campaign.

6. HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility is an award-winning agency with a track record of providing clients with a wide variety of proven digital marketing services. It won the Landy Awards for Best SEO Agency of the Year in 2017/2018, so you can expect to get the results you’re expecting when hiring them.

Higher Visibility

Through its link building services, HigherVisibility aims to raise its client site’s authority in the eye of Google by acquiring links from well-respected sites in the same industry. And aside from search visibility, the agency values the transparency of the process by sending you monthly reports about the progress of your campaign.

The company reiterates the importance of building Google-compliant links to help websites achieve sustainable and long-term SERP rankings. It doesn’t resort to shortcuts and shady tactics just to get rankings up with other disregard to a possible penalization.

Therefore, you can rest assured that HigherVisibility will do everything under its power and within the guidelines set by Google to help you find the best links for your site.


You must schedule a consultation with its team or fill out a form at the bottom of the site to learn more about their pricing.

7. Whitespark

Whitespark helps local businesses get more eyes on their websites from organic search by giving them tools and resources to succeed. In particular, its Citation Building Services is one of the best in the field.


Local citations are unlike link building. Instead of getting a backlink to your site from an authoritative website, citations help increase your site’s influence in local search by observing NAP consistency across different sites online.

If done correctly, your site can appear on the Google local 3-pack with complete details about your business. This makes local citations the perfect complement to your link building campaigns.

Whitespark does this by first reviewing the information you sent them about your local business. Using its Local Citation Finder, it compares your details with duplicate listings online for NAP inconsistencies.

The company then creates a list of local citations they will use to enter your NAP. It will also update old listings with the NAP you sent them. Once done, you will receive a report of all the citations built complete with login details from the sites where they were entered.


Whitespark charges $4 per generic citation or from national business directories. Citations on local directories or those specific to your industry cost $5 each.

You can send them a list of sites where you want to enter your citation. If not, you can let the company find the best sites for you from its database of business listing sites.

Effective link building tactics

Before hiring any of the service providers above to acquire links for you, know first the kinds of links you must build for your site.

Below are link types that will grow your site’s rankings and traffic that the best vendors can do for you.

  • Guest blogging – Pitch authoritative blog owners in your niche topics to write about. You can find a link to your site in the content’s body or on the author byline.
  • Broken links – Determine broken links on pages of a popular site in your industry. Create a better content about the same topic of the broken page. Next, suggest the site owner to replace the link to the broken page to yours.
  • Blogger outreach – Create the best content possible about a topic. Find the sites linking to your competitors, reach out to those sites, and ask them to link to your content instead. Fortunately there are blogger outreach tools to help you with this entire process.
  • Resource page links – Find pages that list down the best sites about your niche and ask the site owner to add your site to the page. This method only works if your site is useful and provides new insights about the topic.
  • Unlinked mentions – Identify mentions of your brand online without links back to your site. Ask the site owner to add the link on the page.
  • Citation link building – Sign up to online business directories where you can place a link to your site and its NAP (name, address, phone number). The tactic works best for local businesses.
  • PR links – Come up with a noteworthy angle about your business that people would want to know. Then create a press release and distribute it to PR syndication sites for maximum exposure.

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Link building tactics to avoid

It is in Google’s best interest to provide users with the best pages that match up with their search queries. However, some sites dabble in link schemes where they build unnatural links to their site.

While they may experience long-term gains in SERP rankings, these sites will ultimately be penalized soon since Google has gotten better in detecting inorganic links.

Below are link schemes and weak link building techniques a respectable vendor should never offer. If you see people offering any of the tactics below, run away as far as you can from them!

  • Low quality article directories – Publish thin (low-quality) or spun content with a link to your site on,, and others. This technique worked well until 2011, when the Panda Update took place.
  • Low quality “link building packages” –  Offer backlink packages that focus on volume of links instead of quality. These are composed of links built using a single type of low-impact link building technique or a combination of link schemes.
  • SEO press releases – Unlike the one above, press releases are written with SEO in mind and not because of their newsworthiness. Because of the frequency, it nullifies the effort put into creating them.
  • Private blog networks (PBNs) – Post content with your site’s backlink on a network of blogs (all with the same owner) that have high SEO metrics.
  • Web 2.0 platforms – Set up a blog on,, and others. Then create articles on those blogs with links to your money pages.
  • Blog comments – Find blogs where you can leave comments with a link to your site. This practice is not illegal, especially if your intention is to engage with the blogger and its readers. However, some spam blogs with generic comments with links to their sites.
  • Low quality directories – Submit your site to online directories that people don’t visit. Not only does this tactic not yield results, but it’s also a time-consuming process – you have to wait for months for the directories to publish your submission.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best link building service for you will depend on a number of factors.

For example, if you are looking for someone to take care of link building from scratch for you and have the budget to pass off this task, Page One Power and From The Future have got your back.

At the other end of the spectrum, Fat Joe is a cost-effective solution if your site already has an established link profile and you want to get a few more links to point to it. However, due to its insufficient vetting process, don’t expect to get consistently high-quality links similar to other services.

And then there’s UK Linkology that strikes the perfect balance between cost and convenience. You are sure to get the best links for its price. It also offers custom services and backlink packages for site owners looking for more flexibility on getting links in the long run.

Whichever you choose, you can’t really go wrong with the services listed here. Particularly those like UK Linkology that allow you to approve websites.

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