16 Best Copywriting Services & Agencies For 2024

Are you looking for the best copywriting service to grow your business this year?

Outsourcing copywriting services works well when you have resource and time constraints. Plus, it comes with an added advantage of flexibility.

But the catch is, finding a service provider that understands your brand voice and brand needs. The search has become both complicated and easy with so many copywriting service providers in the market. With all of them claiming to be the best, how do you choose the one you can trust?

We’ve made the search easy for you with our research-backed recommendations so you can make the best choice depending on your budget.

The best copywriting services — summary


  1. ConciergeBee: Best copywriting service overall. Affordable plans and no lengthy contracts.
  2. Upwork: A huge marketplace to find freelance copywriters.
  3. Brafton: A popular agency that helps you craft a copywriting and content strategy.
  4. Semrush Marketplace: Best marketplace that assigns you a writer based on your requirements.

1. ConciergeBee

ConciergeBee is our go-to recommendation for businesses when it comes to copy for any needs, be it creating social media posts or ad copy. 

ConciergeBee Homepage

They have a large team of copywriters that offer professional copywriting services for web copy, email copy, product descriptions, and more. The copywriting team at ConciergeBee focuses on creating a compelling brand story that directly impacts sales and conversion rates.

Here’s the best part: ConciergeBee will be able to handle all your other requirements when you need other services like ad management, social media marketing, and article writing. This way, you won’t have multiple vendors to deal with, rather, have a single place to outsource all your digital growth needs.

You can even download the copywriting samples to see some of the work done previously and then subscribe for it.

Part of what makes this our top recommendation is the simplicity of their process. You tell the team about your business needs, they’ll analyze your answers, and assign a copywriting bee that will handle all your requirements. There’s no back and forth that you might face with other service providers that don’t have a defined process.


The pricing depends on the type of copy you want. For example, the fee is $129 for product descriptions up to 1200 words, $199 for email copywriting, and $299 for web copywriting. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee too.

2. Upwork

One of the biggest freelance marketplaces, Upwork is a platform where you can find freelance copywriters for either long-term contracts or one-time jobs.

Upwork Homepage

The unique aspect of this platform is that you can choose from thousands of freelance copywriters, which means you can find a writer based on your requirements. 

However, this is also the disadvantage of the platform – you’ll have to vet thousands of freelancers yourself to find the best fit for your project. Upwork offers a Talent Scout service where they help you find the best fit for your projects.

You can either search directly for freelancers or post a job where freelancers can bid by submitting their proposals. You’ll also be able to see their portfolios, work experience, profiles, ratings, and reviews from previous clients.

You can track and manage projects within the platform itself, and pay via the escrow system.

Note: There’s a platform fee for posting jobs after your first 90 days on the platform. You’ll also be charged an extra 3% of your total invoice as platform fee.


The price will depend on the type of freelance copywriter you choose to work with. Apart from that, you’ll have to pay a 3% admin fee. You can also choose to avail paid plans starting at $49.99 per month (excluding the freelancer’s payment). 

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace with a huge database of skilled copywriters and content creators to choose from. You’ll be able to find professional copywriting services with a range of specialist skills.

fiverr Homepage

The freelancers offer many copywriting services, such as website content, ad copies, email copies, and product descriptions.

Depending on your budget, you can see each professional’s packages and reviews/ratings from previous clients. You can even see the number of orders they have completed, their expertise, and previous work.

Like Upwork, Fiverr provides an escrow payment system so that the funds are only released when you are satisfied with the copy.


The platform charges a service fee of 5.5% of your total payment. The copywriters charge mostly per gig depending on their experience.

4. WordCandy

WordCandy provides you with a complete content solution that consists of web copy, email copy, user interface content, and more. They aim to provide copywriting services that are a mix of authoritative, informative, entertaining, and valuable to readers.

wordcandy Homepage

WordCandy is the right fit for you if your niche is technical. They specialize in writing technical copies and content. They first understand your business and target audience so that they can adopt a tailored approach for creating your copy. 

The agency also prides itself on delivering content before the deadline, along with quick and effective communication whenever you have some doubts or queries.

They have showcased their portfolio on the website, so you can have a look at some samples before you commit to their service. Some of the clients they have worked with include ManageWP, DreamHost, and A2 Hosting.


They offer custom pricing based on your requirements..

5. Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency that offers copywriting as one of its services. They have a team of copywriters, content marketing managers, and strategists to help deliver results, create copy that appeals to your readers, and stick to deadlines.

Brafton Homepage

The two types of copy they focus on most are website copy and email copy. Other than that, they also help you with infographics, ebooks, and case studies.

While they work with multiple industries, some are finance, law, business, education, health & wellness, technology, and lifestyle.

If you’re just starting and are yet to create a content strategy, the team at Brafton can make use of hard data and scientific approaches to help you create one. Some clients they have worked with are Marketo, Pearson, and Sotheby’s.


The pricing varies depending on your requirement, but you can expect a minimum of $100 for each requirement.

6. Verblio

Verblio is a content-writing platform that caters to agencies, businesses, in-house marketers, and publishers. They provide you with copies for product descriptions, ebooks, newsletters, and the website. 

Verblio Homepage

They have a team of writers with a high education level, skills, and expertise. Because of this reason, you can expect to get quality content on a range of niches including finance and law.

To provide you with the best copy, their platform keeps all your brand info, like the tone and voice you want in your copy, creative briefs, and any other preferences and feedback you might have. Due to this, their system becomes better at matching writers ideal for your requirements with time.


They offer subscription-based pricing, and their plans range from $40 to $360, plus extras. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee.

7. Word Agents

Word Agents is an agency that provides content and copywriting services to clients of all sizes. The best part about working with agencies like Word Agents is that they only recruit freelancers whose work they have seen and approved so you can get the best quality content.

Wordagents Homepage

The agency can help you with website copy, product descriptions, and SEO-optimized content that helps you rank on search engines. Their process also includes market analysis and keyword research.

Once you submit an order form for the content you require, they promise to send you the first draft within seven days with two rounds of edits, if needed.


They have different pricing for different services. For example, for website copy, the monthly package starts from $1329 (20,000 words), and the one-off package starts from $120 (1000 words).

8. Content Cucumber

Based in Indiana, Content Cucumber offers copywriting services for website landing pages, newsletters, emails, and more. They serve various industries like B2B, D2C, finance, software, health & wellness, ecommerce, real estate, and more.

ContentCucumber Homepage

As they offer their services for a flat monthly fee, it’s just like hiring a full-time employee that you have to pay monthly but at a much lesser cost. They offer a dedicated writer and editor that works on 2000 words per week and produce high quality content along with royalty-free images and free revisions.

Their writers are based in the U.S. and are experts in optimizing content for SEO.


They offer three monthly pricing plans, which start from $599 plus a $199 onboarding fee.

9. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a copywriting agency serving businesses requiring email copy, product descriptions, landing pages, press releases, and SEO copy. With a team of expert copywriters, content managers, and editors, every piece of content you receive is error-free and formatted accurately.

WritingStudio Homepage

This is one of the few agencies that serve many unique industries apart from the general ones like CBD, crypto, gaming, landscaping, charities, sports, and more.

The process starts with their team understanding your copy needs. The team then confirms the order and informs you of a tentative deadline and other important details. Once that is done, you start receiving the content.

They also make sure to provide CMS-formatted and fact-checked content.  


The pricing depends on the word count. Their rate starts at $0.15 per word.

10. Crowd Content

Having worked with over 8000 clients, Crowd Content aims to get all your written content created in one location. The team at Crowd Content does it all, be it a blog post, product description, or SEO content..

Crowdcontent Homepage

They have a content marketplace of over 2000 professional writers. You can find and hire the writers you like. Or you can opt for their managed copywriting services plan that selects the writers for you and delivers publish-ready content.

They also offer a full suite of copywriting services where you can select writers for every niche and skill set.


You pay based on the quality you want. Prices start at $0.03 per word. For managed copywriting services, the pricing starts at $5,000 per month.

11. ContentWriters

A full-service copywriting agency, ContentWriters serve a range of business types like agencies, publishers, brands, and ecommerce companies. They help you with topic pitching, ideation, editing, and proofreading.

Contentwriters Homepage

Their team comprises vetted and hand-selected professional writers and editors who deliver original, custom content. Their copies always include unlimited revisions so you can get 100% content satisfaction.

They also provide a dedicated account manager for a premium if you want someone to handle everything content related from start to finish.

The process of ordering content via their platform is simple. You need to sign up, order content by answering the questions in the form, make payment, and track your orders in progress. 


The self-service packages start from $99 per piece, while their managed services package has customized pricing to fit your unique needs.

12. Writers For Hire

Writers For Hire has a team of over 25 writers that include ghostwriters, technical writers, copywriters, digital content writers, and non-fiction writers. They have served over 500 clients, and they love taking on complex content marketing projects like SME-driven content campaigns, whitepapers, SOPs, and more.

Writersforhire Homepage

They have expertise in medical & health, energy & infrastructure, B2C, education, and professional & technical industries. This agency is particularly good for technical writing projects that require subject matter expertise and need compliance with strict requirements.

They have published an extensive portfolio of their work on the website, so you can look at it before subscribing to their service. 


For copywriting, their plan starts from $480 and goes up to $1200 (200-450 words).

13. Content Hero

Content Hero provides content marketing services for brands and agencies. They produce content on demand, and they fulfill orders via email, Slack, Trello, or Asana.

Contenthero Homepage

The type of copywriting services they provide is for web pages, products, and SEO content. They write for all niches, and their ordering process is as simple as it gets. You can order via your preferred communication channel, they’ll provide you a quote, you can then pay and get your order processed.

To maintain quality, they produce all writing in-house which goes through 2 editing and proofing stages. They also provide two free revisions for each brief.


The pricing is per-word based. The rate depends on the complexity, but the range is £0.08-0.10/word.

14. Express Writers

Express Writers is a copywriting agency with a team of more than 90 writers. Their writers are experts at writing many types of compelling copy like ad copies, brand copies, email copies, product copies, and conversion-based copies.

ExpressWriters Homepage

They also have strategists on their team who help create strategic content, and they pride themselves on having quick turnaround times. Some companies they have worked for are BuzzSumo, JotForm, and Nordstrom.

You must fill out an input form to order a copy from their platform. Based on that, a writer is assigned to you who starts working on the order. A quality assessment takes place, and the content is checked in tools such as Grammarly and Copyscape. Once it passes the test, you get your copy and two free revisions, if needed.


The per-word rate ranges from $0.9 to $0.50, and fixed costs packages are from $15 to $1400.

15. Semrush Marketplace

We have all heard of Semrush for its SEO and content marketing tools, but they also provide copywriting services. You can order various types of content through their platform, from website copies, press releases, email copies, to product descriptions.

Semrush marketplace Homepage

Unlike other marketplaces, you just need to indicate your topic and other requirements. The team at Semrush will instantly find a content creator for you, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them.

They also adhere to the deadlines they set. On top of that, they provide a clean and intuitive interface where you can order your content, track progress, and request edits if required.


Their plans start from $40 per month.

16. Get A Copywriter

Get A Copywriter is a copywriting agency that serves businesses, agencies, and ecommerce companies. Their team of writers create well-written blog posts, video scripts, web pages, product descriptions, and more.

Get A Copywriter Homepage

The unique part about this agency is that they offer unlimited revisions, a 100% money-back guarantee, and projects reviewed by senior editors, ensuring that you get accurate and effective copies. 

Their writers are native English speakers and are classified as “pros” or “experts,” depending on the experience and skill set you’re looking for.

Their platform has a built-in editorial calendar, custom API, and Zapier integrations, and you can even collaborate with your clients and external users. 


For website copies, their packages start from $59; for product descriptions, it starts from $18.


Before selecting any marketplace or agency, make sure you check out the pricing structure and previous samples to get an idea of the budget and quality moving forward.

If you decide on an agency, you can even choose to look at their past clients and hop on a call with them to understand their working process and if it would suit you.

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