The Best Email Verification Tools For 2024 (Comparison)

Are you looking for the best email verification tools to clean your email list?

Sometimes spam subscribers make it onto our email lists or email addresses get deleted. And other times, inactive email addresses get turned into spam traps.

All of these issues can cause email deliverability issues and result in you spending more with your email marketing provider.

In this article, we will be comparing the best features of seven of the most popular email verification and validation solutions available in the market today.

What are the best email verification tools?


  1. ZeroBounce – The leading email verification solution with a vast range of features and API integrations aplenty.
  2. Mailfloss – Simple and effective email list verifications. Ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, or anyone sending email marketing newsletters. Includes unique features such as real-time verifications and automatic typo fixing for popular email providers.
  3. EmailListVerify – Great email verification service for affordability.
  4. Hunter – Outreach tool with email validations built-in.
  5. Clearout – Great for companies looking for access to different users at the same time for processing bulk emails.
  6. DeBounce – Accurate mailing list verification in any programming language, with affordability.
  7. Email Checker – User-friendly interface, meant for businesses receiving many new subscribers daily.

#1 – ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce, being a cloud-based email verification tool, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to highlight spam email addresses and domains, detect spam traps, remove fake or wrong list of email addresses as well as invalid email addresses and generate

ZeroBounce Homepage

The email validation tool offers multiple email verification processes, application programming interface (API) and integrations with popular third-party applications such as Autopilot, AWeber, AutoKlose, Asana, Google Sheets and so on.

ZeroBounce is an email list cleaning service that assists in enhancing marketing campaign performance through single email and bulk email verification, reducing email bounce rate during email marketing campaigns, while also offering real time email validation API. It protects your sender reputation while email marketing.   

The most significant feature of ZeroBounce is how the email validation service allows access to key customer data, such as geolocation data, gender, full name or IP address. Its email deliverability tools like inbox placement tester, mail server tester and blacklist monitoring are good features to have on.


As for trials and free offers, ZeroBounce has a Freemium plan with a limit of 100 email verifications per month. Additionally, one can run a trial by entering a single email address in the homepage verification field.

Monthly subscription, pay as you go and customized options suitable for business needs are also available.

Monthly subscriptions start at $15/ month and go up to $39/ month. Pay as you go allows email verification credits or scoring credits, starting from 2000 emails.

#2 – Mailfloss

Mailfloss is the best email verification tool for content creators and entrepreneurs. It’s designed to simplify the process of purging your email list of invalid email addresses.

mailfloss Homepage

This email verification tool’s API service and Zapier integration connects businesses with popular email service provider such as MailChimp, Drip, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Brevo, Campaign Monitor, Mailerlite, and HubSpot, and its email verification process is entirely automated.

Email addresses are verified in real-time when using one of their integrations with email providers. And they can fix email address typos for popular email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo… automatically!

Important features include bulk real time email verification, automatic daily email list cleaning, mail server validation, single email verification, spam trap detection, syntax check, tagging, reporting, disposable email detection and whitelist/ blacklist options.


A 7-day free trial is available on all plans and 2 months are free on purchasing any annual plan.

The pricing is based on one-time bulk email verification service (email verification credits ranging from $4 for 1000 intelligent email verification all the way up to $1300 for 2,500,000 email verifiers) as well as subscription.

The 3 subscription plans available are Lite ($17/month for up to 10,000 email verifications), Business ($49/month for up to 25,000 email verifications) and Pro ($200/month for up to 125,000 email verifications).

#3 – EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify offers single email verifications, real time API, bulk email verifier service and integrations, having scanned over 5 billion email addresses.

EmailListVerify Homepage

This email validation API can be added to registration, opt-in and contact forms on your website for blocking and eliminating invalid lists of email addresses in real time, with deliverability rates over 99%.

The integration possibilities are vast as one’s email lists can be uploaded via a CSV, XLS, XLSX or TXT as well.

This email validation service markets itself as a handy tool for email marketing campaigns due to reliable email deliverability, eliminating hard bounces, preserving sender reputation, and spam trap detection.     


This email verification software offers a free trial and a pay-as-you-go version.

Free trial allows 100 email validations and a pay-as-you-go one time plan that starts with 1,000 email validations for $4 and goes up to 10,000,000 email validations for $3,290.

Their monthly subscriptions start at 5,000 daily email list validation for $139 and go upto 100,000 daily top email verification at $989.

#4 – Hunter

Hunter is primarily used for sorting out a mailing list for business leads from time to time.

hunter Homepage

This email verifier bases its email outreach function on domain searches, email addresses search and name search.

This email verification tool features bulk email list verification, single email verification and real time API.


Hunter allows you to create a free account which offers 50 free requests (email verification) per month.

There are 5 plans in total – Free, Starter, Growth, Pro and Enterprise. Enterprise, the highest monthly plan, is priced at $399 per month.

In fact, opting for their annual counterparts comes at a 30% discount saving.

#5 – Clearout

Clearout has a reputation of verifying more than 15 million email IDs a day with more than 98% accuracy and removing spam traps, abuse, temporary or invalid email addresses, and focusing on capturing genuine business prospects for its customers. Homepage

This email verification and validation tool authenticates the status of every email address by applying more than 20 refined validation checks.

This email verification tool carries out bulk email list verifications of up to 1 million emails at a time, instant email verifications. It enables developers to add their own APIs to forms for instant verification and highlight key elements of data to create a separate mailing list of potential B2B leads, almost like an email marketing software.

Clearout’s API allows for integrations that result in 97% deliverability rate. They claim to guarantee less than 3% bounce rate. Customer support is available via email, phone, & live chat when you need help.


While they allow 500 email verifications free of charge, their monthly/annual subscription plan is offered at a discount of 30% less than their one-time plan.

Their pay as you go or one-time payment starts at $0.005 per email for 0-9,999 emails. This one-time payment plan goes up to 5 million for $0.0011 per email.

#6 – DeBounce

DeBounce is a fast, accurate, easy to use and highly customizable tool at affordable pricing.

DeBounce Homepage

It guarantees a deliverability rate of 97.5% by removing invalid, role-based, disposable and spam trap emails from your email lists, including hard to validate email servers like QQ, G-Suite,, GMX and

It’s considered a good email validation solution with single and bulk email validation API, WordPress plugin, anti-greylisting, lead finding, and an easy to install JavaScript widget that integrates email validation to every HTML form.

This email verification software offers a risk-free experience by guaranteeing a full refund for bounce rates beyond 8%.


Pricing is pay-as-you go, wherein plans are available for as low as 5,000 email verification credits for $10 and rise up to 5 million email verification credits for $1,500.

#7 – Email Checker

Email Checker offers bulk email list verification, real time email validation API and its verification process is able to remove invalid domains, and syntax errors.

Email Checker Homepage

Additionally, this tool’s secret weapon lies in not just removing temporary email, but also correcting errors and typos.

Imagine having email verification tools that correct “” to “” or detecting emails with hard bounces and removing them from your email address lists automatically.

Email Checker’s API is known to be optimized for maximum speed and has very high coverage of ESPs. It even has an automated list API feature that is aimed at businesses that receive very many new subscribers or customers on a day-to-day basis. 


Email Checker offers 12 credit-based pricing tiers and 12 monthly subscription tiers. The credit-based pricing tiers start at $14 for 1,000 email validations and go up as high as $2,499 for 2,500,000 email validations.

The monthly subscription tiers start at $10 per month for 1,000 email verifications and go up as high as $1,899/month for 2,500,000 email verifications. Each subscription-based plan mandates a minimum 2 months’ subscription.

Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of comparing the best email verification services available in the market as of today. But before you decide to close this tab, consider this very recent survey result:

For every dollar invested by marketers towards email marketing efforts, they have received $42 back, on average. That’s right. Email marketing will give you an average ROI of 42:1.

With that in mind, be sure to choose a tool that has the features you need, integrates with the tool(s) you use and has a price you agree with.

ZeroBounce, Mailfloss, EmailListVerify, Hunter, Clearout, DeBounce and Email Checker are all solid email validation and verification tools that can help you clean your email list very quickly and accurately.

Each one is distinct with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. But there are some significant differences among the lot that could be deal breakers for you.

While Clearout is great for companies looking for access to different users at the same time, Email Checker is meant for businesses receiving many new subscribers daily. If affordability is your concern, then EmailListVerify will be a good option.

While Mailfloss is ideal for anyone sending email newsletters (specifically bloggers and entrepreneurs), Hunter is good for those running outreach campaigns.

If all you want is a full-featured email verification solution, then look no further than ZeroBounce.

Having said that, you should be the judge of what’s best for you. So, if you think any one of these email validation services is the best fit for your needs, then I would personally recommend you visit its website and try out its plans.

And most of these tools offer free trials or some sort of free plan so you can try them for yourself.