19 Best Facebook Ad Agencies For 2024

Are you searching for the best Facebook ad agency for your business? There are plenty of players in the Facebook advertising space. 

But with countless agencies offering different levels of services and contract terms at wildly different price points, how do you make your choice?

We’ve extensively reviewed hundreds of Facebook ad agencies and compiled a list of 19 of the best ones. These agencies have a proven social media marketing track record with a special focus on Facebook advertising. 

And to keep things fair, we’ve covered agencies for every budget to provide you with the best information to make your decision.

The best Facebook ad agencies – summary


  1. ConciergeBee – Our favorite Facebook ad agency for businesses of all sizes. It’s affordable yet provides a top-notch service to give you a high return on your ad spend.
  2. LYFE Marketing – Award-winning advertising agency focused on giving you the best ROI.
  3. KlientBoost – Performance marketing agency with multiple Facebook ad techniques and services.
  4. Eboost Consulting – Data-centric and automation-powered ad agency led by industry veterans.

1. ConciergeBee

When it comes to Facebook ads and other paid media, ConciergeBee is second to none. Powered by a team of ad marketers, ConciergeBee excels at Facebook advertising without making a hole in your pocket.

ConciergeBee Homepage

ConciergeBee is focused on maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS) and being transparent about it. With its ad management concierge service, it can take charge of all your strategy, ad optimization, and more.

ConciergeBee is a great option for businesses that don’t want to get locked into lengthy contracts without any confidence in their investment paying off. ConciergeBee offers monthly contracts and you can freely customize your plan as per your existing needs.

And should you need more than advertising management, ConciergeBee can handle other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. That includes growth, social media, and content creation services.

What’s more, if you’re an agency looking for a white labeling service, ConciergeBee will do that for you. While they don’t advertise their white labeling services, they’re one of the best in the market.


Monthly plans for ad management start as low as $299/month for ad budgets between $500-$1000, with an option to upgrade should you need higher ad budgets managed.

2. Power Digital

Power Digital offers advertising and marketing services with a strong focus on building authentic relationships with Facebook users as your audience through paid and organic media. 

Its Facebook advertising strategy is based on lead journey optimization intended to crack the FB algorithm and save you costly trial and error.

Power Digital Homepage

Power Digital offers a free audit of your existing Facebook advertising and marketing strategy and provides actionable steps to help you show the right content to the right audience at the right time.

You can easily outsource all of your strategy and ad copy creation and maintenance to its team. Power Digital also implements retargeting to engage and persuade your target audience and boost your ROI. It’ll even set up your Facebook ad account from scratch so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities. 

Apart from Facebook advertising, Power Digital also offers other marketing services like influencer marketing, email marketing, and SEO. 


Project costs depend on your industry and competitive landscape. Power Digital’s free audit will help you determine the best budget for your unique requirements. 

3. Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly Marketing is an award-winning Facebook advertising agency. Its advertising services will fast-track your awareness, traffic, engagement, and revenue goals.

Firebelly Homepage

Firebelly Marketing has more than a decade of experience in creating advertising strategies and leading marketing campaigns. It’s a small but potent team with an eye for what clicks on social media.

As a boutique Facebook ad agency, Firebelly compares your social media presence against competitors and implements its proven strategies to craft a unique Facebook ad plan just for your brand.

You can also explore its influencer marketing management and studio services for your creative production and marketing needs.


Pricing depends on your project and budget. 

4. Volume Nine

Volume Nine is a Facebook advertising agency that works as an extension of your marketing team and offers tailored ad campaigns for your business. It aims to forge strong partnerships with clients while offering excellent services at reasonable rates.

Volume Nine Homepage

Volume Nine offers everything from Facebook content, management, and engagement to content boosting and even influencer marketing.

Volume Nine audits your Facebook presence and then builds the right Facebook advertising campaign that fits your goals. It works closely with your internal team and adopts a get-it-done approach instead of getting bogged down by conventional processes.

If you’re interested in other marketing services, you can avail its additional services like content marketing, and PPC.


Pricing depends on your project and budget.

5. Socialistics

Socialistics specializes in helping you differentiate your brand online in the wake of copious amounts of traffic bombarding your target users. It’s best for small and medium businesses.

Socialistics Homepage

Socialistics aims to deliver cohesive storytelling for your brand not only on Facebook but across all social media platforms. In that vein, it uses custom audiences, copy, and imagery in sync to create on-brand and on-point Facebook ad messaging.

Socialistics prides itself on being a team of storytellers who can take care of your entire Facebook marketing—from strategy and planning to testing, publishing, and optimization.

Whether it’s A/B testing, audience creation, weekly optimizations, or data-driven reporting, your brand will be in safe hands.

Socialistics also offers influencer marketing and organic social media marketing services.


Average project costs are around $3,000 to $5,000 a month. 

6. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is a social media advertising and marketing company offering exceptional Facebook advertising services. It’s focused on maximizing your ROI by helping you identify and fix the gaps in your Facebook marketing strategy.

Disruptive Homepage

Disruptive Advertising opts for a collaborative approach by which they work with you to understand your business goals and create tailored Facebook ad campaigns for you. Disruptive focuses on the metrics that really drive engagement and sales instead of limiting analysis and reporting to ROAS and LTV.

It also offers a free marketing audit to help you discover what isn’t working in your current strategy and to help them get the most information to craft the perfect ad strategy for you.

Apart from paid social, it also offers paid search advertising, website optimization, video ads, and more.


Project costs are determined based on Disruptive’s free audit but will be upwards of $10,000 a month. 

7. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is one of the highly rated Facebook ad agencies offering data-driven advertising services and integrating them with other digital marketing strategies.

Ignite Homepage

The social media team at Ignite works with your brand to determine the Facebook marketing strategy that promises to maximize your ROI. They also work to develop a holistic social media marketing strategy that further boosts the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Ignite Visibility focuses on perfecting your overall digital marketing and to facilitate that, it provides other important digital marketing services like search engine optimization and email marketing.

Ignite doesn’t lock you in lengthy contracts and their team is helmed by household names from the social media industry.


Pricing depends on your project and budget. 

8. Sociallyin

Sociallyin is one of those Facebook ad agencies that focus on research and data-driven strategies to guide your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Sociallyin Homepage

Sociallyin believes in creating a rock-solid strategy as the core of your brand’s social media marketing plan. A team of experts analyzes your brand’s social media presence and your Facebook business page to create a tailored strategy.

Plus, with the help of a multilingual team and a deep understanding of what makes your brand tick, it crafts data-driven Facebook ad campaigns that target relevant customer profiles. 

Sociallyin also stays on top of social media trends and the latest products and services to always implement up-to-date campaigns for your brand.

Moreover, Sociallyin also supports your Facebook ads with organic social and creative production services to help you make the most of your investment.


Project costs start from $5,000 a month. 

9. LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing is a top-ranked social media agency offering social media advertising and marketing services. A certified Facebook ad partner, LYFE Marketing has managed over 400 advertising campaigns to date.

LYFE Homepage

LYFE Marketing’s strengths are lead generation, brand awareness, conversion, and sales. It leverages these strengths to help you use your advertising budget wisely by targeting your exact demographic and optimizing your campaigns continuously.

When crafting your Facebook marketing strategy, it focuses on not just the top-line revenue, but also on increasing your engagement, awareness, and exposure. LYFE Marketing is a small team but it’s able to prioritize clients in a much more personal way than many large agencies.

Like other agencies, LYFE Marketing also gives you the option to avail other services such as PPC, email marketing, and SEO.


Facebook advertising plans cost approximately $650-2500 a month. 

10. Open Moves

Open Moves is a Facebook advertising agency led by experienced Facebook advertising veterans. It also offers a free PPC audit and free consultation so you know what you’re getting into before committing. 

Open Moves Homepage

Open Moves offers Facebook PPC strategy, campaign planning, copy creation, and real-time reporting services. It monitors your Facebook ads constantly and makes adjustments on the fly.

It’s known to offer its services at industry-competitive prices and clients rate the value they provide quite highly. Open Moves also provides SEO and email marketing services to clients in addition to paid media. 

Ecommerce companies would find Open Moves a great fit. Also, if you’re looking for an agency with experienced professionals who provide value far surpassing their prices, you can also consider the agency for your Facebook advertising needs.


Pricing depends on your project and budget. 

11. KlientBoost

KlientBoost is a performance marketing agency that offers excellent Facebook ad services. It offers a free marketing plan to customers to help them identify quick wins. It has worked with over 600 clients and delivered successful results.

KlientBoost Homepage

KlientBoost is a performance-focused agency and that shows in its Facebook advertising services as well. With a strong focus on creating fast-converting campaigns, it covers everything from lead gen and SaaS campaigns to ecommerce campaigns.

KlientBoost boasts over 20 different Facebook ad services which they claim are essential to the success of any Facebook ad campaign. Some of them are direct video ad targeting, installation of a tracking pixel, lookalike audience combo, time-based bid improvements, and varied retargeting strategies.

With KlientBoost, you get ongoing Facebook ads management and consulting along with regular custom reporting. It also offers SEO, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.


Project costs start from around $5,000 a month. 

12. Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital is a performance-driven and analytics-powered Facebook advertising firm leveraging paid advertising to help B2C and D2C companies grow their digital footprint.

TakticalDigital Homepage

Taktical is an award-winning ad agency that has helped many brands establish and grow an engaging Facebook and overall social media presence. It specializes in partnering with growing companies to convert engagement and leads into revenue.

Taktical helps brands select the right target audience, create the best creative and messaging for that audience, and track the ad performance with the most up-to-date tools and techniques. It leverages marketing best practices to craft integrated messaging in your Facebook ads, especially due to the strong connection between Facebook and Meta’s other platforms like Instagram.

Taktical also offers SEO and paid search advertising along with Instagram and Snapchat advertising.

It also offers a complimentary Facebook advertising audit to new clients before partnering with them on their marketing goals.


Taktical Digital works with clients having budgets of less than $5,000 a month to those that can spend more than $50,000 a month.

13. Ernst Media

Ernst Media is a boutique Facebook ad agency also offering paid search and social media marketing services. It is a Facebook Ads partner and has more than 15 years of experience building brands.

Ernst Media Homepage

Partnering with Ernst means you’d work with a dedicated PPC expert managing your Facebook bids on a daily basis. From your campaigns and creatives to monitoring and reporting, everything would be taken care of by the expert.

Ernst Media scores high in customer reviews and has helped multiple businesses achieve Facebook advertising success. Being a niche firm, it can offer personal account management to a degree rarely possible when working with bigger agencies.

Ernst is an award-winning digital marketing agency that also offers integrated strategy development for success across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.


Pricing depends on your project and budget. 

14. Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino is a social media marketing agency focusing on building and growing small businesses. It offers paid social services with a performance-based approach to craft and optimize targeted campaigns for your brand.

Bad Rhino Homepage

Bad Rhino puts your existing Facebook marketing strategy under the scanner with its customized Digital Roadmap and outlines the objectives and key benchmarks to focus on. It then selects the best platforms and creatives for your brand and implements and monitors the campaign in action.

It specializes in PPC management for many other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok.


Project costs vary from under $5,000 a month to more than $100,000 a month.

15. Eboost Consulting

Eboost Consulting helps brands leverage the power of Facebook advertising with its team of certified media buying experts and powerful ad automation platforms.

Eboost Homepage

Eboost consulting has helped countless brands supercharge their ad campaigns since 2005. As a Meta business partner led by industry-veteran media buyers, it specializes in paid social, paid search, and data analytics.

With a mix of proprietary tools and the Smartly platform for automating bids, creative testing, device targeting, and more, your Facebook ads are powered by real-time data and constant optimization.

Eboost takes care of your Facebook ads manager with a strong focus on metrics like ROAS, sales, and revenue. Its reporting dashboard ties everything to these bottom-line metrics. 

It also offers paid search and data analytics services by leveraging the expertise of its digital strategists and data engineers.


Pricing depends on your project and budget.

16. SocialSEO

SocialSEO is a top-rated digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience in delivering tangible results for businesses, ranking among one of the best in the industry.

SocialSEO Homepage

SocialSEO leverages its decades of proven processes and a team of industry leaders to overhaul and optimize your Facebook ad strategy. With a track record of delivering successful results for numerous brands both big and small, it offers a treasure trove of best practices and techniques to build and grow your Facebook presence.

It also offers SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and creative services to enable a 360-degree online strategy for your brand.


Project costs and ad spend vary from under $2,000 a month to more than $100,000 a month.

17. Megaphone Marketing

Megaphone Marketing is an award-winning Facebook ad agency generating over $100 million in revenue for its clients every month. It has helped scale over 400 businesses (small and enterprise alike) with the help of its proprietary ‘MegaVortex’ testing platform.

Megaphone Homepage

Megaphone relies on data-driven and time-tested techniques to build and grow your Facebook ads and social media marketing strategy. Its MegaVortex method enables it to leverage years of learning and well-trained professionals to deliver consistent results for its clients.

Megaphone claims to spend over $150,000 a month training its top marketers so it can remain at the top of ever-changing trends and craft the best-performing campaigns for your business.

It handles all its creatives in-house and focuses on building partnerships with customers. It also offers shorter contracts and transparent reporting.


Megaphone works with clients having revenues of less than $5,000 to more than $1 million a month. Project costs will vary based on your unique requirements and budget. 

18. Project Bionic

Project Bionic focuses on both quality and quantity when designing your Facebook ads. It uses tools specific to the platform, delivers your unique brand message to your community, and reviews the performance on a weekly basis.

Project Bionic Homepage

Project Bionic offers end-to-end Facebook ad management including strategy development, copy production, tracking, monitoring, and reporting.

It prioritizes real connections with fans, conversion, and reach amplification to grow your Facebook community and convert engagement into sales.

Its weekly ads optimization is meant to offer the lowest CPC and fan acquisition costs possible.


Pricing depends on your project and budget. 

19. BrandLume

BrandLume is an affordable Facebook ad agency for small businesses and startups looking to get their Facebook ad campaigns off the ground. It has transparent pricing for all services and rates high in client reviews.

BrandLume Homepage

BrandLume offers turnkey Facebook advertising solutions to create custom ad campaigns for your brand. It helps you reach your most desirable audience using techniques like audience listening, behavioral analytics, and more. 

It takes care that all the elements of your ads, from the tone of voice, ad copy, and ad design to overall messaging are in sync with your brand identity. Plus, it constantly monitors your ads and tweaks them as needed for maximum performance and ROI.

BrandLume offers SEO marketing, content marketing, PPC marketing, and other services as well in addition to its paid social services.


Monthly ad spend starts from as low as $200 a month and PPC management starts from $480 a month. 


ConciergeBee is our top pick as the go-to Facebook advertising agency due to its shorter and more affordable plans. Plus, if you’re an agency, you can easily get white labeled services. Remember – they can do the same for social media marketing, content writing, and more.

LYFE Marketing can be a great Facebook ad agency for small businesses looking for a certified and award-winning agency to maximize their ROAS.

Businesses searching for data and performance-driven agencies can consider Ernst Media, KlientBoost, Eboost Consulting, and Firebelly Marketing.

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