Landingi Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, And More

Welcome to our Landingi review.

Landing pages are essential for any modern business but you’re going to need the right tool to help you create them.

And, it is fair to say that a lot of landing page software misses the mark somewhat.

So, which tool should you use for your landing pages? Landingi is a popular option to consider.

In this Landingi review, we’ll talk about the features of this landing page platform as well as its pros and cons.

From here, you should be able to decide whether or not to use it for developing high converting marketing funnels.

What is Landingi?

01 Landingi Homepage

With more than nine years worth of skin in the landing page game, Landingi has established itself as one of the premier names in the industry.

It started with the passion of CEO and Founder Błażej Abel for creating solutions to help businesses with their marketing campaigns.

After years of developing and refining his vision, Błażej and his team ended up with a drag and drop builder for developing high converting landing pages that will help them collect leads and convert them into customers.

Landingi features

However, to say that Landingi is just another landing page builder is an understatement.

Since the goal of Landingi is to provide marketing solutions, it offers more than just landing page creation features.

Below are the other things you can do using the Landingi platform to generate more leads and customers for your business.


The Design feature is where the magic takes place. Aside from landing pages, you can create popups and lightboxes that will maximize your conversions.

When creating a landing page, Landingi will ask if you want to upload your landing page file where you will build your page. There’s also an option to order a design from Landingi and its professional designers to bring your ideas to life.

02 Create new landing page

However, it’s best to begin by picking a template from its collection of pre-designed landing pages.

03 Pick a template from collection

You can filter the landing page templates according to goal, funnel stage, or industries to help you find the best template that suits your needs.

Before choosing the template you want to use, you can preview it first to see the main and thank you pages and how both look.

04 Preview templates

Once you’ve chosen a template and given it a name, you can make changes to it on the landing page editor.

05 Landing page editor

You can edit all the elements found on the template by clicking on it. The right side of the screen will then show what changes you can make with each.

Non-designers will have a field day using Landingi’s easy to use landing page builder. They can tweak the design of each element at will without entering a single line of code.

If you want to add new elements onto the page, you can drag and drop the ones found on the left side of the editor.

06 Left side drag and drop editor

Once you’ve chosen the element to add, you can drag it anywhere you want it to appear on the page.

07 Drag and drop elements

You can also resize the element to fit it in the layout of your page.

08 Resize elements

If you want to make the page longer so you can add more elements and sections on the page, you can hover onto the edge of the canvas to show the resize icon. Then drag it to extend the length of the page.

09 Drag icon to extend landing page

Once you’re satisfied with the landing page design, you need to edit the thank you page of the template to make sure that it’s in line with your branding and message.

10 Edit thank you page

Finally, you need to make sure the page would look good on mobile and tablet devices. Click on the mobile and tablet icon to view the page and make the necessary changes.

11 Tablet and mobile view

Ensure that all the elements are within the border of the canvas so visitors can see them.

From the screenshot above, the tablet view is turned off. You can enable it if you want people who visit your page from their tablets to have a different view of your page.

Now, let’s say you want someone else to create the landing page design for you and have no contact with a designer to do the job for you.

As mentioned, you can let Landingi take care of your design needs.

12 Design services

However, keep in mind that this is a separate service from your subscription. You will have to shell out $450 if you want the designers from Landingi to create your landing page from scratch and import it to your account. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the project.

If you have the design file but need help importing it on the platform, you will have to cough up $129.

At the very least, these services give you the option on how you want to approach your landing page design


Once you’re satisfied with the design of your page, you can publish it to create a link using a test domain. The page is live, and people can access it but it’s ideal to change the domain of the page for branding purposes.

13 Published landing page

Landingi gives you the option to change the URL of the domain so people can easily remember the URL instead of the long URL by default.

14 Option to change URL

If you have a WordPress site, you can install its WordPress plugin where you can input the generated API token from Landingi. You can then choose which among the landing pages you created will be published on your site.

The great thing about this feature is it imports all the files onto your site’s server. This way, the page loads straight from the site and won’t have to fetch the data from Landingi servers.

Finally, you have the option to embed your landing page by downloading the PHP file and upload it onto your server.

This foregoes the Landingi hosting options and loads straight from your server without the use of a CMS.


If you’re collecting leads or processing payments from your landing page, it makes sense to gather their personal information and include them in your email list.

This way, you can send them updates about your latest offers and promos in the hopes of getting them to convert again.

Landingi makes this possible with its multitude of third-party tool integrations.

If you use a form on your page, you can connect Landingi to the email marketing or CRM tool you want to use.

15 Connect to email marketing tool

To successfully connect the tool, you must enter the API key or token and assign the fields people will fill out that will be saved in the email or CRM list.

16 Enter API key


After running your campaign over time, you must track and analyze the performance of your elements.

To get the most conversions from your landing pages and popups, you need to improve them using the data gathered by Landingi’s built-in analytics features.

17 Built in analytics feature

You can view how many visitors clicked on the button or filled out the form on the page.

From here, you should have a general understanding on how visitors respond to your page.

The next step is to implement A/B testing in the hopes of improving the results of you campaign.

18 Implement AB testing

Create a variant of the page you want to test by duplicate it or another page from a different campaign.

After creating the variant, tweak and make slight changes to it. Ideally, you want to test a variable or two that may affect its ability to convert.

By isolating these factors and using different versions for each, you can better track how they impact the performance of your campaigns.

When creating your variants, you might want to use dynamic text to personalize your marketing campaigns to your target audience.

19 Create variants for testing

To make this work properly, you need to input a code on the page and use the correct parameters to show the appropriate dynamic text.

For more information on how to make this work using Landingi, click here.

Before launching the test, you must determine the distribution of traffic among the variants. For the best results, split the traffic among each, i.e. 33% for the three pages to test.

Finally, you can conclude the test automatically after it reached a certain number of traffic, days, or conversions.

Based on the test results, go with the best variant. You can then run another A/B testing soon if you want to further increase your conversions.

Landingi pricing

Landingi offers three plans for users to choose from. Each plan gives you a 14-day free trial so you can take the platform for a test drive.

All plans let you create unlimited landing pages, make unlimited conversions, and invite unlimited users.

Also, you can save more if you pay for 3, 6, or 12 months worth of subscription.

Finally, each plan is divided into different sub plans as well.

Below is the rundown of the plans and what’s included in each to help you decide which one is the best for you.


20 Landingi Business Pricing

This plan is ideal for business owners and startups looking for a solution to building a landing page from scratch. Under this plan, there are three sub-plans to choose from:

  • Core ($47 per month) – 5,000 unique monthly visitors, one (1) custom domain, access to landing page builder, limited integrations.
  • Create ($89 per month) – 50,000 unique monthly visitors, ten (10) custom domains, access to landing page, form, and lightbox builder, email marketing and CRM integrations.
  • Automate ($127 per month) – 100,000 unique monthly visitors, 20 (20) custom domains, access to all features including A/B testing, autoresponder and funnel creation.


21 Landingi Agency Pricing

If you work with clients and want to use Landingi as your marketing software of choice, the different Agency plans give you access to multiple sub accounts your clients can use, on top of higher limits.

Below are its two choices:

  • Agency ($199 per month) – 10 subaccounts, 300,000 unique visitors, 30 custom domains, dedicated customer support, all features under the Business Automate plan.
  • Agency Pro ($329 per month) – 20 subaccounts, 500,000 unique visitors, 50 custom domains, all features under the Agency plan plus Agency Pro features (Landingi platform under your domain, branding custom login page).


22 Landingi Enterprise Pricing

If none of the plans fit your needs as a big business, then the Enterprise plan may be up your alley.

For $599 per month, you get an account manager to help facilitate your custom needs and gain access to its scalable server architecture so you can maximize the traffic and conversions without compromising on performance.

Part of the monthly cost are 100 000 unique visitors, 10 custom domains, 10 account users, and 2 subaccounts. You increase the limits, you will have to pay much higher.

Landingi pros and cons

The tool covers everything you could ask for from a landing page creator. But that won’t stop discerning people to look for features or areas in which the tool lacks.

In a way, this is a good thing because you want what’s best for growing your business.

That said, below are some of the more prevalent pros and cons of Landingi:


  • Easy to use drag and drop landing page builder
  • Gives you full control on how the landing pages and forms would appear on different devices
  • Offers landing page design services among others as turnkey solutions for your marketing strategy
  • Dynamic text allows for more personalization in your marketing campaigns


  • Complex pricing plans may confuse new customers
  • Very basic built-in analytics (but you can track the pages using Google Analytics instead)


Can you create landing pages that convert using Landingi?

Short answer: Yes!

Long and rather nuanced answer:

Landingi makes building a landing page simple.

You can simply choose from different landing page templates and edit the elements to your liking. The drag and drop option renders the need for a programmer unnecessary.

If none of the templates are to your liking, Landingi’s custom design concierge services help make your landing pages or forms possible.

Finally, its A/B testing feature allows you to create variants and pit them against each other to determine which one converts the best.

Simply put, there is simply no excuse for you to not create marketing tools for your business to boost lead generation and/or sales.

If Landingi ever has a flaw or two, one of them has to be its landing page builder.

While I can’t deny how powerful it is in terms of creating and editing landing pages, there’s a learning curve you need to overcome before you can fully master it.

But as far as being a landing page tool is concerned, Landingi checks all the boxes to be the best landing page app for you.

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