8 Best Linktree Alternatives For 2024 (Comparison)

As good as Linktree is, it’s not the only company that figured out how to maximize links in your Instagram bio.

In this post, we’re sharing the best Linktree alternatives that you can use to insert unlimited links in your Instagram profile.

The best Linktree alternatives – top picks


Shorby is the best direct alternative to Linktree. You can use it to add an unlimited number of links and even your email address and product pages. It also makes it possible to link to different messenger services. Analytics included.

Pallyy is best for those who need a complete Instagram marketing toolkit that includes bio link tool, scheduling, comment management, research, analytics, and more. Overall, this is the most affordable tool given the extra features.

Leadpages is the solution for users who need to create websites on top of a landing page for their Instagram accounts. It’s easy to use and already comes with great-looking templates.

Now, let’s check out the full list – we’re featuring nine link-in-bio tools today. Let’s talk about what each tool can do for you so you could determine which one is right for your Instagram audience.

1. Shorby

Shorby Instagram Bio Tool

Shorby is possibly the best Linktree alternative in this list. It works by letting you create your own “smart page” where you can add links to different social media platforms, blog posts, product pages, and more.

You can also add links to different messenger services like Facebook Messenger and Skype. Alternatively, you could display your email address and phone number.

There’s also a Block feature. This enables you to add buttons, cards, subtitles, text, dynamic feed, and a countdown timer.

There’s also the option of adding team members. This is available on the Agency plan.

You can also use Shorby to create messenger links. This works differently than a smart page – you get a short URL that will open a messenger service (e.g. WhatsApp) or call you once clicked. This is great for lead generation.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Rocket ($12 per month), Pro ($24 per month), Agency ($82 per month)

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2. Pallyy

Pallyy - Instagram Bio Link Homepage

Pallyy goes further than other Linktree alternatives by providing a complete social media marketing toolkit – giving you all you need to level-up your Instagram strategy (and your entire social strategy). It’s also surprisingly affordable too.

Pallyy allows you to create a custom landing page with your Instagram bio link. Here you can create buttons to showcase your products, embed videos, blog posts, other social profiles and even add in dropdown menus for additional links and resources.

You can customize the landing page background, add your logo, and edit the button style and background to match your branding.

You can then use Pallyy to schedule your Instagram posts and dig into analytics to learn more about your audience and which posts perform best. Hashtag lists are available to save you more time.

You can also schedule social media posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Don’t forget! This is more of an all-in-one social media tool so you also get access to analytics and a social inbox.

Pricing: $18 per month per social group (One set means one account for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business). A free trial is available, and annual discounts available.

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3. Tap Bio

Tap.bio Instagram Bio Tool

Tap Bio lets you create a landing page where you can add your social media platforms to address your link in bio issues.

You’ll have the ability to create a profile card that you can customize. You can edit the background, enter your name, add a title, and insert a link to your website. Adding a brief description of your business or yourself gives users an idea of what your Instagram feed is all about.

We should also point out that there’s a completely free plan that you could use to try the service out.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Basic (Free), Silver ($36), Gold ($96)

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4. Leadpages

Leadpages New Homepage

Leadpages is a landing page builder that marketers use to create high-converting landing pages. But while it’s mostly used for generating leads for a business, it’s also one of the better link-in-bio tools out there.

Every plan comes with access to templates that are very easy to use. The drag-and-drop feature means you can create landing pages without having to code. And they’re all mobile-responsive so they’ll work on tablets and phones.

It’s the best Linktree alternative if you also plan on finding new leads for your business or want to build a website from scratch.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Standard ($27 per month), Pro ($59 per month), Advanced ($239 per month)

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5. InstaURL by JotURL

JotURL Instagram Page Example

InstaURL by JotURL helps businesses create micro landing pages specifically for Instagram.

It allows you to add links to your other social media platforms, landing pages, blogs, YouTube channels, and more. It’s an easy way to promote whatever it is you’re promoting. Plus, it gives you a chance to have a stronger social media presence.

You can also add captivating copy and a great call-to-action using the drag-and-drop functionality. It’s got great customization options so you can include all the links that you need.

Even better, it has built-in analytics so you can keep track of your progress. You can even tag your links and keep track of them.

With views and clicks tracking, you’ll see what country/region/city users come from, their language, browser information, and other data that you could use in future projects.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Growth (€7 per month), Pro (€55 per month), Business (€135 per month)

6. Campsite

Campsite Instagram Bio Tool

Campsite is a Linktree alternative that lets you add multiple links to your Instagram bio by linking your own landing page instead of all your other social media platforms.

It’s one of those link-in-profile tools that connect users with your other content. And it’s not complicated to use at all.

Finally, you can include all your favorite platforms including YouTube videos and product landing pages. There are customization options so you can match it with your branding. You can even add your email address which gives users more options on how they can get in touch with you.

And it’s also possible for you to use your own custom domain.

You also get tracking capabilities so that you will always know how many clicks your links get. It’s a great way to monitor all of your different links.

There is a free version available. But the paid plan isn’t expensive at all so we’d suggest that you forgo the free plan and pay for this bio tool.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Free ($0), Pro ($70)

7. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.bio Instagram Bio Tool

Lnk.Bio works just like all the other link-in-bio tools in this list. It lets you enter one link that gives you complete control over what online profiles to add to your Instagram bio. You can add as many links as you’d like.

This works great for influencers who work with companies to raise their brand awareness. Using this link-in-bio tool, you can simply update your profile and add a single link to take your users to all the other platforms that your sponsors want them to go to.

All you need to do to get started is to log in using your Instagram account, add your social media profiles or website, and get your unique URL.

The best part about it is that all you really need is one link — meaning you can change the content and links in your landing page without having to update your unique URL every time.

Not only is this link-in-profile tool feature-rich, but it’s also safe too. It uses Instagram’s API so you’ll never have to give Lnk.Bio your password. Just log into your account and off you go.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are plans available for agencies. This allows you to manage all of your clients’ social links from a single page.

Pricing: Free ($0), Mini – Monthly ($0.99 per month; per account), Mini – One Time ($9.99 one-time; per account), Unique – One Time ($24.99 one-time; per account)

8. Milkshake

Milkshake Instagram Bio Tool

Milkshake is an app that lets you build a website using your mobile device. As you can tell, this Linktree alternative is geared more toward mobile users. You won’t need a desktop computer to add more links to your bio and drive traffic to a page.

While most businesses would have no trouble using desktops, Milkshake’s setup is ideal for influencers who need to update their Instagram posts and bios while on the move. This way, they can continue to promote their premium content no matter where they are through a bio link.

Just like other Linktree alternatives, designing your page is easy. You just pick a card (your site page template), add your content, customize the looks, and then publish it once you’re finished. All that’s left is to add your link in your bio.

Milkshake also comes with built-in analytics which reveals the daily and monthly breakdown of all clicks and card views.

Pricing: The app (iOS and Android) is free to install and use but offers in-app purchases.

Frequently asked questions

Is Linktree banned on Instagram?

There are reports that Instagram is blocking Linktree from working as intended. That’s why some marketers and influencers are being extremely cautious. However, we haven’t been able to confirm this.

What is wrong with Linktree?

Linktree as a company is doing fine. But there are reports that Instagram is blocking links from Linktree because they go against the social media company’s community guidelines.

That is why some users are looking for other Instagram bio link tools.

However, it is worth mentioning that this isn’t the fault of Linktree – the same issue happened with the popular URL shortener, Bitly, when it first became popular.

With any free tool, there’s always a risk of spammers signing up and sharing dodgy content. The result? Domains get blacklisted or blocked by Instagram.

Why shouldn’t I use Linktree?

People are looking for the best Linktree alternatives because Linktree has its downsides. The free version has limited color schemes, Linktree branding, no custom domains, and no personalization options. It also has no analytics feature.

What do you get with free Linktree?

The free Linktree plan gets you unlimited links, QR codes, video links, and social icons. You also get basic themes, custom profile tile, bio description, and headers. There are integrations available though they are limited.

There is analytics data available though it will only show you the view and link clicks total. The Pro version gives you the daily and weekly numbers.

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