Outgrow Review 2024: Create Interactive Content That Generates Leads

Is your lead generation strategy still working or has it plateaued?

If the latter, you must find more compelling ways to attract the attention of your audience. Maybe the usual pop-up forms and content upgrade no longer work.

Therefore, you may want to consider creating interactive content to engage with visitors and convert them into business leads.

And among the lead generation tools that could help you roll this out is Outgrow.

In this Outgrow review, we will discuss the types of interactive content it can create for you and how you can use them to generate more leads for your business.

What is Outgrow?

Outgrow Homepage

Outgrow is a content marketing software platform designed to help you gain more signups from your website. To do this, it allows you to create content like calculators, interactive quizzes, polls, and the like.

Unlike the usual opt-in form, these content types are guaranteed to pique the interests of visitors and get them to engage with the content.

From here, the tool will ask for their personal information that you can use for your lead generation campaign.

To better understand how Outgrow works, below is the step-by-step process on how you can use it to your advantage.

How to use Outgrow

Upon signing up for a 7-day free trial, Outgrow will ask if you have an idea in mind for your next lead generation campaign.

Idea for your next lead gen campaign

If you click on “Not yet,” the tool will ask you to choose what you want to achieve using its features.

What are you looking to accomplish with Outgrow

While Outgrow is a lead generation tool at heart, there are various ways you can leverage its features to your advantage. The choices on this page should help you come up with ideas on how you can use the tool relative to your goals.

Build interactive content

Depending on your choice from the previous page, the next page brings you to where you can create the interactive content.

If you chose “Yes” on the first page, you are free to choose the type of content you want to create.

Select a type of content

Below are other types of interactive content you can create using Outgrow:

  • Numerical Calculator – Create math formulas and equations to compute for projections, estimates, costs, savings, and others.
  • Outcome Quiz – Enter questions that participants will answer to determine the outcome or recommendation they will receive based on the topic.
  • Poll – List out choices that people will vote for and see what others have chosen.
  • eCommerce Recommendation – Similar to Outcome Quiz, create a list of questions to help provide advanced recommendations to users.
  • Chatbot – Another content type that asks participants questions to provide simple suggestions but as chatbots.
  • Giveaway – Reward people who perform your desired action, i.e. submitting an entry, buying a product, etc.
  • Form / Survey – Gather extensive data and information from employees, customers, prospects, and others.

If you choose any of the types here, you can choose which layout and template you want to apply.

Choose a layout and template for Outgrow campaign

For starters, it’s best to choose from the template sections so you don’t have to build the content from bare bones.

Starters - Choose from template

Each content begins with a cover page where people need to fill out the lead generation form with their name and email address before they can engage with the content.

From here, you can edit each slide or question in the content by clicking on it and tweaking its details on the right side of the screen.

For example, if you click on the multiple-choice question box, you can determine which among the selection/s is/are the correct answer/s.

You can also show a message for whether they got the question right.

Show message for correct answers

If you need more question slides to include in the assessment, you may click on the + Add button just below the last question slide and above the Results slide.

Click add for more question slides

Once you’re satisfied with the questions and answers for each slide, you need to determine the results page which will show the cumulative score of the quiz taker and other elements he or she will see after finishing the assessment.

If you’ve finished everything, you are set to publish the content by hovering your mouse on the Go Live icon and publish it on your Outgrow account sub-domain or a custom domain.

Quiz go live button

Configure the content

However, before publishing the content after building it, you should consider tweaking its settings first.

Initially, you can edit the quiz name, URL, and logo, plus its SEO settings to edit the metadata of the content if Google crawls and indexes it on SERPs.

SEO settings for your quiz

If you want to use the content to engage with your current list, you can create a message containing a link to the assessment that will be sent to your subscribers.

Send custom emails to users

You can enable the option for participants to download a copy of the results in PDF format.

Enable participants to download results

Arguably the most important sections of the Configure section are the email and social integration capabilities for your content.

Here, you can send the gathered lead data to the email list of your preferred email marketing platforms using Outgrow’s native integrations.

Send list to preferred email marketing platform

If your platform isn’t available in the list of native integrations, you can use Zapier or Webhooks to connect it instead.

Regarding social integrations, you can promote your newly built interactive content on social media automatically by connecting to any of the integrations here.

Add social integrations

To further increase the visibility of your content, embed it on the page or blog post of your site where visitors can directly answer it.

Embed your quiz on a page or blog post

You can also use a chat widget, greet bar, and other eye-catching and non-intrusive elements that will encourage them to click on it and lead them to the content.

After choosing how you want to showcase the content, copy the code, and paste it where you want to show it on your site.

Finally, to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases in promoting the content, the Promote Checklist lets you double-check and see if you have done everything you can to market it the right way.

Promotional checklist for quiz

Optimize content performance

To get the most of the content you created, Outgrow analyzes it based on areas of improvement.

The Performance feature computes for the overall performance of the content from 0 to 100 (100 being the highest).

The score is broken down into four factors: Engagement, Conversion, Share, and Acquisition.

Outgrow performance feature

Each factor also drills down into different insights that you need to act upon to help increase your content’s overall performance.

Analyze its results

It’s one thing to create content based on suggestions from the Performance feature. It’s another to see the actual data your interactive content generated over time.

Thus, if your content has been published for some time now, check how it performed on the Analytics page.

Outgrow quiz analytics

Here, you will see the most relevant KPIs to determine which among your content pieces generated the highest conversion rates.

Among the variables featured on the page, the User Details provides an in-depth look at the number of leads and visits the content produced.

Regarding the leads, it shows the results of each and the source, referral details, and transaction status.

Indepth look into leads and visits

This allows you to see how and where you gained these leads and which among them moved down the funnel after engaging with your content.

Speaking of which, the User Funnels variable measures the percentage of people who interacted with your content and how far down the funnel they completed.

Outgrow user funnels

From here, you can determine the bottlenecks in your content campaign and find a way to get more people to finish the content and become high-quality leads – if not customers.

If you are running or have run similar interactive content before, you can compare both to see which of the two performed the best.

Both which quiz performed best

If you’re working for clients, you can automatically generate PDF reports for their content pieces and send them at your preferred times.

Generate PDF reports for clients

This is a great way to not only update them regarding the progress of the interactive content but also to put reporting on autopilot.

Outgrow pricing

As mentioned, you can enjoy free premium access to the tool for seven days so you can unleash the power of its interactive content.

There are two sets where to choose your plans from: Solo Creator and Team plans.

The former is ideal for freelancers and content creators who want to generate more leads for their blogs or websites. The latter is for agencies working with multiple brands to improve their sales funnels.

If you’re still unsure whether to subscribe to its paid plans, you can stick with the Solo Creator Basic plan, which lets you create four (4) content pieces from over five (5) layouts for a single type only. Also, you can only 100 leads max from the content.

But if you’re ready to choose which plan to subscribe to, below is the list of the different plans, their respective description, and the price of each:

Solo Creator

Solo Creator pricing plans
  • Freelancer Limited ($22 per month or $14/month paid annually) – Five (5) content pieces from six (6) layout choices across three (3) types of content. Collects up to 1,000 leads per month.
  • Freelancer – ($45 per month or $25/month paid annually) – Six (6) content pieces from 11 layout choices across seven (7) content types. Collects up to 1,000 leads per month.
  • Startup SpL – ($85 per month or $55/month paid annually) – Six (6) content pieces from 12 layout choices across eight (8) content types. Collects up to 1,000 leads per month. Only small businesses and startups are eligible for this plan.


Team pricing plans
  • Essentials ($115 per month or $95/month paid annually) – Unlimited content pieces from 12 layout choices across eight (8) content types. Access for three (3) users. Collects up to 1,000 leads per month.
  • Business ($720 per month or $600/month paid annually) – Unlimited content pieces from all layout choices across all content types. Access for 10 users. Collects up to 50,000 leads per month.
  • Custom – May include an account manager, extra users, custom templates, API access, and more. Reach out to Outgrow for a custom quote.

Pros and cons

It’s easy to see from this Outgrow review that it’s one of the better and more sophisticated lead generation tools out there. However, whether it’s something that you can use for your online business depends on your preferences.

Below is a quick overview of what makes Outgrow work and perhaps some areas that need more refining.


  • Wide variety of interactive content to create for getting engaged leads more efficiently.
  • Choose from beautiful layouts and high-converting pre-made templates organized according to industry.
  • Performance metrics help you determine how effective your content is and what you need to do to increase its score by making it more engaging and shareworthy.
  • Powerful analytics features help you dig deeper into the performance of your interactive content so you can improve current ones and create better content.


  • Building interactive content from scratch has a bit of a learning curve.


Outgrow proves itself to be the premier marketing software solution for providing an interactive experience to visitors that are sure to become your leads.

Out of the gate, its selection templates and layouts make building interactive content much easier. This is the best option for beginners because the content builder does come with a learning curve.

With these templates, all you need to do is fill in the blanks, change the placeholder text with your content, and you’re good to go!

Its Performance feature ensures that you get your content off the right foot to maximize its ROI.

If not, then the Analytics part will show you why that is so you can make the improvements.

Rounding all these up and it’s clear that Outgrow is a highly recommended tool that will take your lead generation strategy to the next level.

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