The Best Social Media Management Software For 2022: Reviews & Pricing

Are you looking for the best social media management software?

We’ve got you covered. This post is all about social media management tools for people who want to simplify their online marketing strategy.

Whether you want to improve your social media presence or need to keep up with the influx of comments you’re getting, one of the tools we’re about to recommend should help get you back on your feet.

So let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

The best social media management tools – TL;DR

Choose Agorapulse for the best social media management tool overall. It covers everything — social inbox, publishing, reporting, analytics, social listening, etc.

NapoleonCat is a great social media management tool for customer service teams.

If your focus is on Instagram, Iconosquare is a popular choice. However, Pallyy is a solid alternative that is more affordable.

Now, we’ll take a look at the full list of tools in more depth.

Note: We’re defining a “social media management tool” as any tool that helps you with social media comment management, content publishing, and reporting/analytics.

1. Agorapulse

AgoraPulse New Homepage

Agorapulse is our top pick for the best social media management tool. Of all the social media tools in this list, it has all the features that small businesses need to manage all their social channels.

Once you connect all of your social media channels, you’ll have the ability to respond to all messages, reviews, and comments from within the tool. You’ll no longer need to log into different accounts to reply to user inquiries.

You can work with team members to plan, schedule, and manage social media posts. You can use the calendar feature to see which posts are about to go live in the next couple of days or weeks. There are even options to crop images, preview posts, and customize video thumbnails.

The Social Listening features tell you what people say about your business online. And if you find comments or reviews that reflect poorly on your company, you can respond to them immediately. The Agorapulse mobile app makes it possible to stay on top of things while you’re on the move.

The built-in analytics are visually pleasing and easy to understand. It includes all the right metrics that are useful for all marketing campaigns. You’ll have no trouble picking the right social media strategies for growing your brand.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Free, Pro ($79/month), Premium ($159/month), Enterprise (Custom)

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2. Sendible

Sendible Homepage

Sendible is a social media management solution that focuses on collaboration with team members and clients. It has a long list of features that fulfill all social media management needs, especially for smaller businesses.

The unified dashboard keeps you up-to-date with all of your social media activity. Plus it’s an easy way to manage multiple accounts.

This social media software also allows you to schedule content for the majority of social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sendible has the ability to switch hashtags and emojis based on which client account or brand you’re posting for.

Working with teams is a breeze. You can delegate messages to people who are in a better position to answer. So you can assign messages to the lead generation team, after-sales support, or customer service depending on the type of inquiry you receive. You have the option to approve or reject posts before publishing.

The Social Listening feature keeps track of brand mentions across multiple channels. That way, you know if your customers are happy with your services or not. You can set up keyword alerts and receive notifications through email or Slack.

Finally, it has a great social media reporting tool that gives you easy-to-digest reports to give you a better insight into your business.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Creator ($25/month), Traction ($76/month), Scale ($170/month), Expansion ($340/month)

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3. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat New Homepage

NapoleonCat might not sound like it but it’s a fantastic social media management software for customer service-oriented small businesses. Why, you ask? Because it goes beyond social media accounts. With this tool, you can also reply to comments made on YouTube, Messenger, and Google My Business.

With this social media management platform, you’ll have no difficulty improving your response rate. Customers will be happy that your team can respond to inquiries quickly.

The Analytics feature allows you to shape your content strategy to reflect what type of content your audience wants. You can even use the data to figure out when’s the best time to post.

Best of all, you can automate some of the features to remove some of the workloads that your customer service team might experience daily. For example, you can set automatic replies to answer frequently asked questions. That way, your team can stay focused on the questions that really matter.

You can also automate Facebook and Instagram Ads moderation.

Having a good workflow is important to remain as efficient as possible. That’s not a problem when you use NapoleonCat. You can organize your workflows for social media moderation and publishing. And you can notify team members automatically about new posts or other user engagements through email.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Standard ($21+/month), Pro ($42+/month), Custom

Note: You can set how many social profiles and users to add per plan. The more you add, the more expensive your monthly bill becomes.

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4.  Iconosquare

Iconosquare Homepage

Iconosquare is a powerful social media management platform but we can only recommend it for businesses that prioritize Instagram above other major social media platforms.

Why only Instagram?

Because that’s what Iconosquare focuses on. Like most social media management tools in this list, it can schedule posts for some social networks. However, you can only reply to messages sent through Instagram.

Despite its limitations, it’s still an easy recommendation because of how powerful it is. The analytics data has metrics like impressions, reach, and other relevant information you’ll need to devise a solid social media marketing strategy. It can even go as far as showing you analytics for Instagram Stories and TikTok videos.

As for scheduling posts, you can publish on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And yes, you can approve or reject submissions from your team if you need a setup like that. There is a way to store your most important media assets by uploading them manually to the media library or through OneDrive or Dropbox.

You can preview your Instagram feed before publishing. And if you don’t like how they look, you can move around unpublished posts so they can appear on your feed exactly the way you want them to when they go live.

Finally, monitor your brand online using the different social listening tools that come with your subscription.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Pro ($49/month), Advanced ($79/month), Enterprise ($139/month)

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5. Pallyy

Pallyy New Homepage April 2022

Pallyy is very similar to Iconosquare in that it heavily focuses on Instagram. However, it is significantly less expensive than Iconosquare which makes it ideal for startups.

The Analytics tool gives you a great overview of everything that you’re doing on Instagram. And you can use the same feature to spy on your competitors (up to 10). You’ll also gain a better understanding of what your followers would like to see on your Instagram feed.

There is an automated reporting feature so you’ll get daily, weekly, or monthly reports sent to your inbox without making any effort.

It also has a great scheduling feature that makes it easy to schedule images and videos directly to Instagram.

While Pallyy does focus more on Instagram, you can automatically post content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. You can collaborate with your team so that they can post for you.

And then you have the Bio Link feature. As you may know, Instagram only allows users to include one link in their bio. This Bio Link tool is your way around that. Now you can host all of your most important landing pages and social media links under one URL. It’s a more convenient way to promote your other sites and social media profiles.

In terms of comment moderation, Pallyy has a full-featured social inbox with a slick UI. You can manage comments and messages from all the top social media platforms – including TikTok.

Pricing: Limited free plan available. Unlock all features by upgrading to a premium plan for $15/month per social group.

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6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire Homepage

Crowdfire is a wonderful social media management software especially for those that struggle to find post ideas for their audience. This tool has a feature that discovers relevant content based on topics or interests that you specify. All you need to do is share these discoveries with your audience to keep them engaged and happy.

You can even schedule posts from your blog, online shop, and other sources with a few clicks. That way, you can get more views from your social media accounts. You can go as far as curating content through an RSS feed.

Publishing posts is also kept super simple. Even newcomers to social media management tools will have no problem grasping Crowdfire’s interface. Just pick a schedule and prepare your post. You can publish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All posts are tailored for the platform they’ll be published in.

Analytics help you keep track of your ROI. You can create custom reports that you can share with your team or clients. You can add as many of your social networks in a report. There are templates available so you don’t have to waste time designing the report itself. By customizing the report, you can focus on the key metrics that matter to your small business.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Free, Plus ($7.48/month), Premium ($37.48/month), VIP ($74.98/month)

7. Sprout Social

01 Sprout Social Homepage

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that helps you understand your audience better and gives you all the data you’ll need to come up with winning strategies for your small business.

Use the Social Listening tools to uncover topics that your audience cares deeply about and incorporate these into your strategy. You can analyze and track conversations to get a feel for your customer’s sentiments about your brand. And you can also use the same feature to see how your audience feels about your competitors too.

Publishing content automatically is also something Sprout Social can do. You can organize posts by social profile and create a long-term marketing strategy for your company. There are even tools that let you store, edit, and publish images from within the platform. Best of all, you can select the suggested send times to ensure that your posts get the most engagement.

Of course, you’ll need social media analytics to understand if your campaign is a success or not. Sprout Social knows this. You can use its analytics features to check your progress. The onboarding makes it accessible to anyone who’d like to see all the important metrics. There’s even comprehensive training and educational materials available.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Standard ($249/month), Professional ($399/month), Advanced ($499/month)

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8. StoryChief

StoryChief New Homepage

Note: StoryChief is the only tool on the list that does not offer a way of replying to social media comments. That means no social inbox or social streams. We’re making an exception because the tool’s other features are extremely extensive.

StoryChief is a social media management platform that not only handles all your social posts from one place, but also a tool for handling blog posts, press releases, internal communications, newsletters, and employee advocacies.

It can distribute your content across different channels. It can even aid in optimizing content for mobile platforms. This is such an important feature especially for businesses that want to grow their online presence.

Like the other social media management tools in this list, you can schedule posts in advance in just a few clicks. You can create a master post and then publish it on all of your platforms. No need to draft a post for every social media site that you’re a part of. You can add mentions and tags as well. Use the content calendar to plan and assign tasks to your marketing team.

You can give team members different access based on their role in your organization. For example, a member could write posts but not have the authority to publish them. Or a user could have access to do everything except access the reporting tool. It’s really up to you.

StoryChief can even help with SEO. You can use the SEO score feature to see how optimized your content is for search engines. The higher the score, the higher its chances of ranking for your target keywords.

This tool also comes with analytics so that you could understand your reach, engagement, and sales numbers better.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Team ($90/month), Team Plus ($150/month), Agency ($300/month), and Enterprise (custom)

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9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Homepage

Note: We’re featuring Hootsuite in this article for completeness but we do not agree with their business practices. Recently they caused controversy by massively increasing prices for legacy customers without informing them in advance.

Hootsuite is one of the more popular social media management tools in the market.

The Composer feature lets you draft and preview your posts before publishing. You get access to your asset library and image editing. When you upload videos, Hootsuite will auto-adjust it to match the requirements of the platform you’re publishing on. The Bulk Composer lets you schedule multiple posts from a single content source.

You’re also able to respond to all incoming messages regardless of what social platform they came from. Hootsuite also has listening tools that let you know how your customers feel about your company.

You can also create and manage ad campaigns from this management tool.

When you want to see your results, just hop into the analytics section to see all the metrics you’ll need to assess your campaigns.

Pricing: Professional ($19/month), Team ($99/month), Business ($599/month), Enterprise (Custom)

10. TweetDeck

TweetDeck Homepage

TweetDeck is a popular social media management tool that only supports Twitter. The good thing about it is that it’s free. It offers real-time tracking of your account. It’s not as complex or as inclusive as some of the other tools we featured in this list. But if you’re just getting started and all you’re managing is a Twitter account, it’s not a bad solution.

You can use it to monitor Twitter comments, mentions, and DM’s. You can schedule posts to be published at a later date. It uses social streams rather than a social inbox.

Pricing: Free

What are social media management tools?

Social media management tools help you take care of particular tasks that you couldn’t otherwise do without a tool. Or you couldn’t do as efficiently.

Typically, these types of tools will make it possible to:

  • Monitor and reply directly to your followers by way of social streams or a unified inbox.
  • Publish and schedule content directly to your social media accounts.
  • Provide analytics to help you improve your social strategy.
  • Allow you to generate reports with key metrics so you and your team can understand how well your strategy is working.
  • Monitor the web for brand mentions. Not all social media management tools include this feature as it is usually best handled by a dedicated social listening tool.

What is the best app to manage social media?

The best social media management tool depends on your needs. But from our testing, Agorapulse stands out as one of the best for most users. This is partly because of its balance between functionality and affordability. They offer excellent support and a limited free plan.

Other popular tools include Sendible, NapoleonCat, Crowdfire, and Sprout Social.

Final thoughts

Out of this list of social media management tools, which should you choose?

That depends exactly on your needs. For example, which social networks do you use? What’s your budget? What social media tasks do you need to take care of?

Once you completely understand what you’re looking for in a social media tool, you can work out exactly which tool would work best.

However, sometimes it helps to try a tool so you can get a better understanding of how effective it will be.

The good news is that most of these tools either offer a free plan or a free trial so you can check them out and see what you think.

Disclosure: If you buy through links on our site, we may make a commission.