19 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies For 2024 (Includes Affordable Options)

Are you looking for the best social media marketing agencies to help you navigate some uncharted waters? Read on.

There’s no doubt that social media marketing agencies can take your marketing to the next level with their proven strategies. 

The problem is, with lengthy contracts, complicated terms and conditions, and different services, how do you find the best one, which suits your unique needs? Plus, how do you make sure the agency has legitimate marketing strategies instead of buying followers and likes?

We’ve curated a list of the best social media marketing agencies, along with the services you actually need so you can choose the one that fits your business needs.

The best social media marketing agencies – summary


  • ConciergeBee – Our top recommendation. Affordable and no lengthy contracts. Can also handle content writing, copywriting, and more.
  • Direct Online Marketing – Premier Google Partner with comprehensive social media services.
  • LYFE Marketing – Award-winning social media management focused on ROI.
  • Joseph Studios – Organic social media marketing with intelligence-backed techniques.
  • Firebelly Marketing – Highly-rated social media management and influencer marketing.
  • Socialistics – Content-focused storytellers working with both B2C and B2B brands.
  • Llama Lead Gen – Top-rated social media agency comprising industry experts.
  • Sculpt – B2B social media management for established mid-sized and enterprise brands.
  • Volume Nine – V9 focuses on helping short-staffed teams struggling with internal challenges.


ConciergeBee is one of the leading social media marketing agencies offering end-to-end social media management services. its targeted focus on producing, scheduling, and analyzing social media content for small businesses gives them an edge over competitors.

ConciergeBee Homepage

ConciergeBee has a reputation for delivering on-time and in-budget projects with its range of social media services under its ‘Social Media Specialist’ concierge services. You can outsource your entire social media strategies, content creation, publishing, and analysis with this service and choose between multiple plans as per your needs.

Outsourcing your social media management to large agencies is usually extremely expensive and involves lengthy contract periods. ConciergeBee makes it easy for you to work monthly instead of locking you in for an extended period at once. 

And ConciergeBee can offer white labeling services for agencies, should you need it. With its large team of social media professionals, the quality and results are always assured.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the service is only available to customers that use the SocialBee social media tool. Fortunately, entry-level plans are affordable at $19/month. And it’s one of the best social schedulers on the market.

I like this approach because it provides a complete ‘done-for-you’ solution to social media publishing.


Monthly plans start from $129. You can opt for higher plans with more posts and add-ons. And you even get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

2. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is a digital marketing company that offers a great set of paid social media marketing services. It is focused on maximizing the return on your investment by auditing and overhauling your social media marketing strategy.

Disruptive Advertising Homepage

Disruptive Advertising partners with you to understand the nature and goals of your business and then creates a tailored social media marketing strategy for you. It offers paid social media advertising on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter.

In addition to social, It also provides paid search advertising, email marketing, lead nurturing, website optimization, and video ads.


The average hourly rate for Disruptive Advertising’s services is $100 – $149, with minimum project costs averaging $5,000.

3. Directive

Directive Consulting is a social media marketing agency specializing in social media services for SaaS companies. It offers services like paid social, paid search, SEO, video, and revenue ops.

Directive Homepage

Directive bets big on revenue metrics instead of vanity metrics like CPC. Its social media marketing experts use advanced techniques like negative keyword additions, n-gram analysis, and more to maximize your ROAS.

It also offers targeted marketing for your key accounts instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Using innovative metrics and concrete data, Directive builds the perfect social media marketing strategy for your business that prioritizes ROI.


The pricing of Directive lies on the higher end, so if you have a larger budget, this might suit you. The average hourly rate is around $300, with minimum project costs of around $10,000.

4. Power Digital

Power Digital is a social media marketing agency focused on building authentic relationships between your business and your customers. its social media marketing approach is based on multi-channel and genuine messaging that promotes organic engagement.

Power Digital Homepage

Power Digital distinguishes itself from others by offering a no-questions-asked free audit of your current social media presence and providing actionable recommendations for improving your marketing efforts, community management, brand aesthetic, and social assets.

It prioritizes data-driven analysis and strategy building when it comes to overhauling your social media campaigns. Power Digital also offers influencer marketing, SEO, paid social and search, email marketing, and much more.


Average hourly rates are between $150 and $199, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

5. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a social media marketing agency led by some of the most notable experts in the industry. It not only offers data-driven social media marketing services but also integrates them with other key marketing pillars like SEO, PPC, CRO, and PR.

Ignite Homepage

Offering a comprehensive services suite comprising social media management, paid social advertising, digital PR, and interactive campaigns, Ignite Visibility optimizes your brand, promotion partners, website, and communities to fit with the overall social media marketing vision.

And all of this is powered by data-driven content, community management, reporting, and multi-channel campaigns.

Ignite also provides other digital marketing services like SEO, email marketing, website design, and local search marketing that can be integrated with your social media marketing plan.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

6. Direct Online Marketing

Direct Online Marketing (DOM) is a Google-partnered digital marketing agency that offers full social media management based on data-driven and targeted techniques for every social media platform.

DOM Homepage

DOM boasts a client retention rate of 85% and attributes it to its excellent services and transparent communication. Offering short-term contracts and leveraging advanced data-driven techniques for increasing ROI, DOM is one of the leading players in the industry.

DOM offers social media advertising, SEO, PPC, SEM, CRO, and more to optimize your entire digital marketing engine.

DOM also provides you with a dedicated account manager and free marketing consultation.


Average hourly rates are between $150 and $199, with minimum project costs of around $5,000.

7. LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing has been consistently ranked in the top social media agencies by sites such as Clutch and UpCity. Besides offering social media advertising, SEO, PPC, and Email marketing as individual services, It offers comprehensive social media management services as well.

LYFE Homepage

When it comes to social media marketing companies, there’s no dearth of sales speak and irrelevant information out there. What matters most is a marketing partner that’s able to minimize acquisition costs across social media channels and maximize ROI.

That is exactly what LYFE Marketing focuses on. It prioritizes brand awareness, engagement, and website exposure when crafting a strategy for your digital marketing efforts. LYFE is still a small team and hence, able to provide a level of focus not possible when working with a large agency.


Monthly plans start from $750. Average hourly rates are between $50 and $99, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

8. Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios is one of the social media marketing companies that focus on organic engagement. Powered by multiple proprietary techniques, It helps both small and large businesses create strong and lasting social media engagement.

Joseph Studios Homepage

Joseph Studios implements intelligence-based social media marketing strategies to expand your reach, build online communities, boost your brand reputation, and build genuine relationships with your customers and peers.

It uses data-backed frameworks like organic marketing and open-source intelligence (OSINT), Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate (F3EAD), and DEEP INSIGHT.

Joseph Studios allows you to integrate your social media management with SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and PR. And It even offers a free consultation to assess your current needs and future goals.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

9. Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly Marketing is an award-winning and highly rated social media marketing agency that’s laser-focused on social media management. It offers everything from social media audit and influencer marketing to social media advertising and studio services.

Firebelly Homepage

Firebelly Marketing is a small team but it has more than 15 years of experience building social brands from scratch and boosting the social media presence of countless other brands.

It’s adept at auditing your current social media presence, benchmarking it against competitors, and then deciding the best route forward. It leverages its tried and tested social media management techniques and social media advertising to put in place a curated strategy just for your brand.

It also provides end-to-end influencer marketing management and studio services for all your graphic design, photography, and videography needs.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

10. Socialistics

Socialistics specializes in differentiating your brand online with the help of engaging content. It works exclusively with small and medium businesses, both B2B and B2C. From organic social to paid social and influencer marketing, Socialistics aims for cohesive storytelling across social media platforms.

Socialistics Homepage

Founded in 2018, Socialistics’ bread-and-butter is organic social media marketing. It’s primarily a team of storytellers who take care of your entire social media content pipeline from planning and scheduling to copywriting and reporting.

It also complements its organic social with paid social media advertising. From planning custom audiences and doing A/B testing to designing, optimizing, and reporting on your ad campaigns, Socialistics handles paid social equally well.

It even adds an influencer marketing campaign to the mix. And again, It handles it end-to-end, from research to outreach to execution and reporting.


Average monthly costs are around $2,000 for small businesses and around $5,000 for medium businesses.

11. Sociallyin

Sociallyin is a social media marketing agency that focuses on research and results-driven strategy to help you boost brand engagement. 

Sociallyin Homepage

Sociallyin offers you data-driven social media strategy services, paid social advertising, community management, and creative production.

It believes a rock-solid strategy is at the core of a brand’s social media marketing plan. Helmed by seasoned experts, Sociallyin analyzes your business and its presence across social media channels to arrive at a strategy that works best for your brand.

Sociallyin also takes the reins of your community management of all your social media platforms. With the help of a multilingual team and a full understanding of what makes your brand followers tick, it keeps your community engaged.

It also supports your social media efforts with paid social advertising and creative production, all backed by thoroughly-vetted data.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

12. Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital is a data-driven and analytics-powered social media marketing firm that leverages multi-channel strategies, creative storytelling, and paid advertising to help companies scale to their next growth milestone.

Taktical Homepage

Taktical has helped both small D2C brands and large B2B companies establish and grow an engaging social media presence. It specializes in helping companies in their growth phase build a strong digital footprint.

From social media management and paid social advertising to SEO and paid search advertising, Taktical prioritizes powerful content promoted through well-executed organic and paid marketing.

It even offers a complimentary Facebook advertising audit to clients before they enter into any contract.


Average hourly rates are between $50 and $99.

13. Llama Lead Gen

Llama Lead Gen is a top-rated social media marketing firm and is equally experienced in helping small businesses as in growing large companies. Comprising ex-Facebook and ex-LinkedIn marketers, Llama Lead Gen is one of the strongest players in the industry.

Llama Homepage

Llama Lead Gen’s expertise lies in combining customized organic social messaging with paid advertising and marketing automation to yield desired results across social media channels.

It starts by designing a social media strategy suited to your unique needs, creating a 90-day content calendar and on-brand creatives, and then executing top-notch organic and paid campaigns, marketing funnels, and email sequences.

It integrates all your social media marketing tools with your CRM and uses chatbots and pop-up forms to reduce lead flow friction.

Llama Lead Gen also offers SEO, website design, and B2B lead generation services to help you grow all your social media channels effectively.


The minimum monthly budget is around $,1000, and average monthly budgets are around $5,000 to $10,000.

14. Project Bionic

Project Bionic focuses on delivering unique social media messaging to your audience that can both humanize your brand and add to the bottom line. Leveraging its professional strategists, marketers, designers, photographers, and writers, it provides a dedicated social media management experience for your brand.

Project Bionic Homepage

Project Bionic offers full-service social media management that comprises strategy, content development and production, publishing and monitoring, community management, and reporting.

It also offers paid media services, organizes events, runs contests, and monitors all your KPIs like CPC, ROAS, and CPM.

Project Bionic is a social media management company that puts experience-driven strategy and consistent execution front and center of your social media marketing plan.


Average hourly rates are between $150 and $199, with minimum project costs of around $5,000.

15. Sculpt

Sculpt is a B2B social media marketing agency that works exclusively with mid-sized and enterprise businesses. If your brand is established and you’re looking for specific growth targets, then Sculpt might be the right fit for you.

Sculpt Homepage

Sculpt specializes in social media management for B2B businesses that have spent some time in its industry already and know their audience to an extent.

Whether it’s paid social media advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook, creative ideation and production, or HubSpot automation, Sculpt campaign managers will be responsible for it.

Sculpt formulates an overall strategy for your brand, brings in influencers from your niche, manages your community, executes your campaigns, and reports on everything.

Sculpt works across 7 time zones, offers flexible project costs and works with your in-house executives as a partner.


Monthly campaign management costs start from $5,000 per month, and full-service management costs $8,000 to $25,000 a month.

16. Volume Nine

Volume Nine advertises itself as a different social media marketing company, one that works as an extension of your in-house marketing team and doesn’t offer ‘cookie-cutter’ packages. It claims to charge reasonable rates and build strong partnerships with clients.

Volume Nine Homepage

Volume Nine aims to help teams who’re short on resources and dealing with internal politics and industry regulation. It relies on its established processes, proven social media strategies, and data-driven techniques to deliver results.

It not only offers a social media audit to craft the necessary strategy to move forward but also provides complete social media management and advertising services.

Combined with its high-quality social media content, engagement campaigns, and influencer marketing management, Volume Nine handles your entire social media marketing needs.

It also offers additional services like content marketing, SEO, and PPC.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $1,000.

17. Eboost Consulting

Eboost Consulting focuses on helping ecommerce brands leverage social and search advertising and data analytics to boost sales, revenue, and metrics like ROAS.

Eboost Homepage

Eboost consulting has been helping brands supercharge their digital campaigns since 2005. It’s a Meta business partner and a Google partner as well. It believes in combining human creativity and automation to create and execute the most optimal digital strategy for your brand.

Offering paid social, paid search, and data analytics services with the help of its digital strategists, media buyers, and data engineers, It consistently helps brands maximize their digital footprint and ROI.


Average hourly rates are between $200 and $349, with minimum project costs of around $5,000.

18. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade is a top-rated digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and web design.

Comrade Homepage

Highly rated by sites like Clutch and UpCity, Comrade has been in the industry since 2008. It has helped many businesses and ecommerce stores develop and implement effective social media campaigns, improving traffic and conversions.

Comrade helps clients set specific goals, research its target audience, select the right social media platforms, and deliver consistent and competitively-benchmarked campaigns.

Comrade is a HubSpot and Google-certified partner and offers free marketing consultation and audit. 


Monthly fees can range from $2,500 to $10,000. It even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

19. Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino is a boutique digital marketing agency focusing on small businesses. It offer social media management, digital marketing, paid ads, web design, and outsourced CMO services.

Bad Rhino Homepage

Bad Rhino offers customized social media marketing plans for brands to expand their digital presence. It provides everything from social content production and paid advertising to community management and social analytics to influencer marketing and user-generated content.

Bad Rhino audits your digital marketing strategy, tweaks it to suit your goals, develops and publishes on-brand content, and analyzes and reports on the results to establish a performance marketing pipeline.


Average hourly rates are between $100 and $149, with minimum project costs of around $10,000.

Wrapping it up

Choosing the right social media marketing agency for your brand depends on your budget, your goals, and of course, having the right fit with the agency.

ConciergeBee is our top recommendation for brands looking for affordable and short-term contracts but still want extremely professional and thorough social media management. 

Sculpt could be the perfect partner for B2B brands looking to expand on their existing social media marketing campaigns. 

LYFE Marketing, Joseph Studios, and Firebelly Marketing should also be considered by brands who’re looking for highly-rated and data-driven agencies.

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