Tap Bio Review 2024: Level Up Your Instagram Profile

Welcome to our review of Tap Bio, a social media tool designed to make the most of Instagram.

Those that have an Instagram account know all too well just how frustrating it can be at times.

Don’t get us wrong — it’s a fantastic platform. But only allowing users to have one link in the bio section as well as the lack of features that help e-commerce businesses thrive make it harder for entrepreneurs to grow their sales and followers.

That’s where Tap Bio comes in.

In this post, you’ll discover how Tap Bio can help you connect with more users and boost your profits through Instagram posts. We’ll also tell you how much it costs and who this product is for.

What is Tap Bio?

Tap Bio Homepage

Tap Bio is a social media tool that adds more functionality to an Instagram account.

To be more specific, Tap Bio enables you to create an Instagram bio that looks professional and add multiple links that direct your followers to your other social profiles and landing pages.

What you’re doing is creating a landing page that includes all of your important links. So now, all you need to do is add your landing page link in your Instagram bio. You can add more landing pages—which Tap Bio refers to as cards—to make your bio link even more engaging.

It’s a clever workaround that different Instagram influencers and businesses have used to their advantage.

You can even use it to promote videos which is great for vloggers, online course publishers, filmmakers, and everyone else in a related field. Even news organizations use Tap Bio to promote their content.

Tap Bio - New organizations feed example

It is a paid service. However, there is a “forever free” option. It only gives you limited access to features but it’s still worth considering if you only have a handful of Instagram followers at this time. You can always upgrade to the paid version should you need to.

Tap Bio also allows you to try its premium version for 7 days. This should be enough for you to explore everything that the product has to offer. More information on how much it costs in the pricing section of this review.

All bio link cards are optimized for mobile devices. You can even add an email signup card to capture data from your followers. This is a great idea especially for businesses that are focused on lead generation. You can even use this feature to run contests for your IG followers.

Tap Bio - Bio link cards

Paid users get additional features like being able to connect to more than one Instagram account. It also gives access to the analytics tool which tracks the progress and performance of your Tap Bio cards.

Simply put:

If you’ve always wanted the ability to add as many links as you need to your Instagram profile, you’d definitely want to get your hands on Tap Bio.

How to use Tap Bio

The first thing you’ll have to do is sign up for an account. All you need to provide is a username and an email address. The username you enter will be used as your Tap Bio link.

For example, if your username is xyzinc, then your Tap Bio link will be tap.bio/@xyzinc

So take your time and think of a great username.

Once you have a username and entered an email address, Tap Bio will send you a confirmation email that includes a code. Enter the code on Tap Bio and you should have access to the tool.

Tap Bio will ask you for your name, a description of yourself, and a profile photo. But you can skip this step and do it at a later time.

Tap Bio - Name description and profile

Adding a card

Next, Tap Bio will walk you through setting up a card. You’ll get presented with different options. You can choose from one of the following:

  • Simple — Create a card to promote a single call to action
  • Links — Compile multiple links that users can click on in one card
  • Instagram Links — Show you Instagram posts with links
  • Email Collection — Use this to gather email addresses from your followers
  • Twitter — Display your Twitter posts with links
  • YouTube — Present videos lifted directly from your YouTube channel
Tap Bio -Add a new card

The Image Gallery card—which is still in beta—lets you feature images and GIF content with links. Two more cards that will be coming soon are:

  • Shop — Feature products from your store or affiliates
  • Event — Use Eventbrite, Meetup, and other third-party tools to promote an event
Tap Bio - Coming soon cards shop and event

Both Shop and Event cards are promising as they can add some much-needed features that favor online businesses.

Just click one of the card types to edit the content.

Editing a card

Editing a card is pretty straightforward. The available editing options will depend on what type of card you selected.

For example, the Simple card will only let you add a headline, supporting text, and a call-to-action (CTA) link. CTAs can come in the form of a website, a phone number, or email.

Tap Bio - Add a headline

You can make changes to the appearance though. You can enable the display background overlay and select a different button color.

If you don’t like the default background, you can upload a photo from your phone or computer. You can also change the background color to match your branding.

Tap Bio - Upload photo as background

This simple-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone to create impressive cards regardless of their design experience.

Once you’re through updating your card, you’ll have the option to save it and make it go live. Clicking the Stats icon will show you the card’s total link clicks and impressions.

Tap Bio - Save it and go live

The other types of cards mostly work the same way with a few variations. For example, selecting the YouTube card will prompt Tap Bio to ask for your YouTube username, channel ID, or video ID.

Tap Bio - YouTube card

If you enter a username or a channel ID, Tap Bio will automatically pull the latest videos from your channel. If you enter a video ID, it will only pull that specific video.

And as with the Simple card, you can change the background and text.

Updating your settings

The Settings page allows you to do a bunch of things. It lets you switch between accounts (for paid subscribers), specify which users have access to your account (by entering email addresses), and set account notifications.

Tap Bio - Updating settings

This is also where you can edit your profile and change your username. A word of warning though — Tap Bio will not create redirects from your old profile page if you change your username.

If you liked using Tap Bio and wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll find that option under the Billing section.

Tap Bio pricing

So how much will you end up spending if you step out of the free version?

As it turns out, the paid plans aren’t really that expensive. The rates are something even small businesses or solopreneurs can afford.

There are only four plans to choose from.

Tap Bio - Plan pricing
  • Basic (Free) — The Basic plan is the free version of Tap Bio. This option only gives you a profile card. But if that’s all you need, then you can take advantage of the free plan as it’s a lifetime membership. You don’t have to pay until you upgrade to a higher plan.
  • Silver ($3/month) — The Silver plan’s features aren’t that far off from the free plan. But this time, you get access to three cards. Plus, you’ll get to view each card’s stats.
  • Gold ($8/month) — Under the Gold plan, you get unlimited cards. And you’ll get to manage up to 3 accounts. It’ll also remove the Friends of Tap Bio card, a promotional card that shows up as part of your cards if you’re subscribed to a lower plan. This plan unlocks Facebook Tracking Pixel and Google Analytics integration.
  • Platinum (Custom) — The Platinum plan offers the same features as the Gold plan. The only difference is that you get custom branding. You’ll have to contact Tap Bio if you want Platinum’s pricing information.

At $8/month, it’s hard not to recommend going for the Gold plan, especially if you want to add more than three cards to your Instagram bio link. It’s not really much more expensive than the Silver plan which is $3/month.

Having more cards lets you be more creative with how you promote your products.


Both Event and Shop cards are on their way. Once they’re available, you can use them to highlight different products. Having unlimited cards will let you set a specific card for every product category you might have.

Also, the Email Collection card will take up one of your available slots if you’re subscribed to the Silver plan. If you’re into lead generation, you should select the Gold plan so you can get the most out of Tap Bio.

Tap Bio pros and cons

We like Tap Bio a lot. But it’s far from perfect. Here’s a list of all the things we like (and don’t like) about Tap Bio.


  • Powerful link in bio tool — Easily overcome the bio link limitations of Instagram and start driving traffic to the links that matter.
  • More than just bio link pages — Tap Bio’s unique approach to multiple pages allows you to create micro websites optimized for mobile.
  • Price — Tap Bio not only addresses the problems associated with Instagram, but it does so at an affordable price. And there’s a free plan too!
  • Ease of use — Anyone can pick it up and create cards quickly. Seriously, you can create a bunch of cards and launch them in minutes.
  • Design — You can design professional-looking cards even if you’ve never had any experience with graphic design.


  • Templates — There are no templates. You’ll have to design your cards from scratch. This isn’t a huge issue as the editor is so quick & easy to use.
  • Friends of Tap Bio Card — This card appears whether you want to or not. You can only remove it if you’re a Gold or Platinum plan subscriber. However, this is typical amongst link in bio tools that offer free plans.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap up this Tap Bio review with some final thoughts:

Out of all the Instagram link in bio tools that we have tested, Tap Bio stands out as one of the most impressive.

What makes it stand out? What makes it unique compared to other tools?

Sure, you can use it to create a typical link in bio style page like other tools. Packed with all of your important links and multimedia content.

But Tap Bio allows you to create a multi-page experience that allows users to swipe through your pages in a similar way to Instagram Stories.

This allows you to create small websites that are uniquely optimized for mobile devices.

So, do we recommend it? Definitely. But it is your opinion that matters most.

The good news is that Tap Bio offers a free plan so you can test it out for yourself. You will get the most mileage out of a paid plan, but the free plan may be enough for your needs.

Disclosure: If you buy through links on our site, we may make a commission. This helps to support the running of Startup Bonsai.