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What are email open rates?

As the name suggests, your email open rate is a metric which calculates the amount of subscribers from your email list who are opening your emails.

By entering your details below, the calculator will work out what your email open rate is:

Why is your email open rate important?

Emails are still the most efficient way to connect with your audience when they’re not interacting with your business, whether it be in-store or online.

From the very first days of your business, your email list will begin grow, and will eventually become an incredibly important asset. However, once you have their email address and their attention you need to make sure they stay engaged with you in the future. As they may become potential customers, and you need to nurture them until you make that sales pitch.

Monitoring your email open rate is important as it’s a good indicator of how your emails are converting. If your email open rate is low, then it is a sign that your email marketing strategy is either not working, or needs some readjustment.

Simple adjustments such as changing your subject line so it is tailored to each subscriber may improve your email open rate. Or it could be frequency, perhaps sending emails daily isn’t well-received by your subscribers.

Also, having an understanding of the types of emails you should be sending your subscribers is useful to improving your email open rates.

How to calculate your email open rate

Calculating your email open rate manually is easy to do, all you need are two figures – the number of subscribers who opened your email and the total number of emails sent. You can find both figures from the dashboard of your email marketing provider.

Firstly, we take the number of those who opened your email and divide it by the total number of emails sent, finally multiple this figure by 100 to get out percentage.

For example, if 10 people open your email and you send 150 in total, we take 10 and divide it by 150 giving us 0.066, multiple this by 100 and we get 6.6% Therefore, your email open rate is 6.6%.

(10 / 150) x 100 = 6.6% email open rate

(Number of subscribers who opened your email / total number of emails sent) * 100 = % email open rate

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