8 Examples Of High Converting Webinar Landing Pages

The perfect time to host a webinar is right now.

They’re affordable, convenient, and an important part of nurturing leads.

The best way to promote your webinar is not just with any landing page… but a high converting webinar landing page.

How can you get started?

In this post, you’ll learn what high converting elements your webinar page needs and 8 examples of landing pages that convert.

What elements does a webinar landing page need?

High converting webinar landing pages are:

  • Useful
  • Accessible
  • Visual
  • Compelling
  • Time sensitive

Users can find the benefits of your webinar and sign up with ease. And visuals are used to guide users to these details.

Before we go over 8 webinar landing page examples, you’ll need to know what key features a webinar landing page needs.

Along with these features, you’ll also need a webinar platform. Webinar software helps make your webinars accessible and engage with your audience.

1. A title that converts

The title of your landing page should be direct – adding “fluff” to your title will only distract your users.

Your title should tell users what your webinar is about and why it will benefit them.

If you don’t include the benefit, they’ll probably skip over it.

2. Clear body copy

Along with the title, the body copy of your landing page should be clear. And there should be white space.

Tell users key ideas they’ll learn without giving your entire topic away. Each key idea should mention a benefit your users will get.

3. Key event details

No one will show up to your webinar if you don’t display the details about your event.

By details, I mean the date and time.

Make sure the date and time are stated clearly at the top of your page. You want to make sure everyone will see it.

4. A compelling CTA and registration form

Your call to action should be attached to a registration form.

You should ask for their name, email, and company. If you add too many requirements to sign up, users might feel an invasion of privacy.

Most CTAs use the average “Register now” title, but you can get a little more creative – Think about using a CTA that tells users why they should sign up.

5. Appealing visuals

Visuals bring your landing page to life. They also help represent your brand.

Include a professional headshot of you or the webinar host. Make sure the headshot is friendly and approachable.

If you have guest speakers, add photos of them too.

As for the visuals, use brand colors and easy to read font. Designs are great to implement, as long as it’s not distracting.

Creating visuals can be time-consuming if you aren’t a graphic designer – save the headache and use a drag and drop landing page builder.

6. Other high-converting features

 The following tips are optional, yet highly recommended to include on your page. 

Social proof

Don’t tell your audience how useful your webinars are, let your past audience tell them for you.

Add a few testimonials to your page, along with their headshots. If new users see how successful your past webinars were, they won’t want to miss out on the next one.


Videos take visuals to a new level. Attaching a video to your webinar gives viewers a better idea of what your webinar will be about.

You can use a video to describe your webinar topic or to describe your guest speakers.

Recording your webinar

The majority of your audience won’t make it to your live webinar because it either conflicts with their schedule, or they forget.

When you record your webinar and allow users free access, they may feel more inclined to participate in future webinars.

Keep in mind that this feature depends on how much you want to engage with your audience.

If you want to interact with your audience, you can always record the webinar after and send it to those who didn’t make it.

All in all, there are many landing page best practices you can use to promote your webinar.

The best practices don’t just look nice, they also convert.

So when you finish designing your page, test them out with analytics and tools like A/B testing. This helps you figure out what converts your audience.

Remember, every feature should have a purpose behind it.

8 examples of webinar landing pages that convert

Below, you’ll find 8 webinar landing page examples to inspire you to create your own.

Each landing page will have a list of its 3 highest-converting features and one thing it’s missing.

You can take these into consideration as you create your own landing pages.

1. CXL

CXL Landing Page

High converting features

1. The body

Each bullet point uses an active voice and tells users what his webinar will teach. It’s easy to read and understand why you should join this webinar.

2. CTAs

They use the incentive, “Get Unlimited Access”, to convince users to watch his webinar multiple times.

Another call to action is added at the bottom of the page along with a sign-up sheet, AND a CTA is used to promote their Facebook page.

In total, CXL placed 3 CTAs in high-converting areas – the top, the bottom, and under the “Have any questions?” section.

3. Visuals

CXL’s brand colors stand out without being too distracting, and the black and white headshot draws attention to his face.

What it’s missing…

CXL hits the important features of a webinar landing page, but they could use some social proof to convince new users.

That said, for some folks in the marketing space, the fact it’s hosted by CXL might be all the social proof that’s needed.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush Landing Page

High-converting features

1. Speakers

Each speaker’s headshot is displayed clearly at the top, and they stand out from the dark background.

Notice how their names are linked to their personal bio. This avoids a lot of text and keeps their page clean.

2. Registration

The registration details are simple. Users won’t feel violated with this sign-up form, especially with the option to opt-out of selling their personal info.

3. Event details

You can select your time zone at the very top of the page. Multiple time zones invite people from around the world to your webinar… broadening your audience.

What it’s missing…

This webinar landing page isn’t missing any important features, but the CTA’s could be more creative than the typical, “Register now” button. 

3. HealthCheck360

HealthCheck360 Landing Page

High converting features

1. Registration

Notice how your eye goes directly to the registration. It’s placed neatly over a dark background and above the fold.

Plus, the blurb about keeping your info confidential assures users of their privacy. 

2. Countdown

This webinar isn’t going live for another few months, so this might not be a high-converting feature… yet.

HealthCheck360 Countdown

As time ticks closer to the date, users will feel a sense of urgency to sign up.

3. Upcoming webinars feature

Promote an upcoming webinar is a creative way to nurture leads.

If a user signs up for an upcoming webinar, they’ll be more likely to sign up for your services in the future.

Something it’s missing…

The body copy of the webinar isn’t written in an active voice. I’d suggest using more verbs to tell users exactly what benefits they’ll get from this webinar.

4. Slack

Slack Landing Page

High-converting features

1. Social media

The social media icons are placed in a high-converting area on this landing page.

When you click on an icon, it directs you to another with an already-made social media post. 

For example, if you click on the Twitter icon, you’ll be directed to Twitter with an already-made Tweet.

Slack Twitter Post

This is organic advertising – users spread the word on their social media handles and you don’t have to spend a dime.

2. Things you’ll learn

This section states exactly what users will get out of their webinar. The bullet points make it easy to read and understand.

3. Layout

It’s easy to scroll through their webinar landing page without being distracted. The white background helps you focus on their content.

What it’s missing…

The speaker’s headshots aren’t very clear. Each photo should be bigger and easier to see.

Also, another CTA should be added at the bottom of the page. This makes it easier for users who scroll all the way down to register.

5. Outreach

Outreach Landing Page

High converting features

1. Title

The title uses a catchy rhyme to grab your attention. And the font is big and easy to read.

2. Body

The main ideas of this webinar are separated into 3 simple bullet points.

The body also mentions how long the webinar is – it’s easier to make time for something if you know the length of it.

3. Immediate access 

Notice how the CTA under the registration says, “Watch Now.”

Users have immediate access to this webinar. On that note, live and recorded webinars are both beneficial for different reasons.

Live webinars are great for audience engagement while recorded webinars are easily accessible. 

Outreach’s webinar is a sales success story. So in this case, a pre-recorded webinar is beneficial because it doesn’t need audience engagement.

What it’s missing…

This page could use a headshot of the speaker. A lack of photos makes it hard to connect a brand to a face.

6. ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot Landing Page

High converting features

1. Why ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot explains its business with 3 simple descriptions – simple, smart, and fast. This helps new users of ThoughtSpot get a grasp on what their company is about.

2. Visuals

This landing page uses high-quality visuals in the “Why ThoughtSpot?” section.

ThoughtSpot Section

These photos help readers understand exactly what simple, smart, and fast means and avoids additional content.

3. Social proof

The photo carousel of social proof is the perfect end to this webinar page.

Each business is clearly represented with a high-resolution logo. Plus, the carousel is slow enough to read each business they’ve worked with.

What it’s missing…

The first part of the body is a long paragraph – this can be broken into shorter paragraphs.

The body is also seen below the fold. Placing at least some of the body above the fold makes it easier to grab a reader’s attention.

7. Drift

Drift Landing Page

High converting features

1. The font

Drift uses their font and font size to point out 2 of the important parts of their webinar – the event details and the body.

First, the time and date are clearly stated in large font under the title. There’s no way you’ll miss when this webinar takes place.

Second, they tell users 3 things they’ll learn from this webinar.

Drift Body

What users will learn is the most important part of the body. They make this known with enhanced graphics and bold font.

2. Registration

Instead of using a traditional sign-up sheet, Drift shows off their digital skills with a chatbot.

AI is becoming more prominent in the digital marketing world. It helps users connect with brands and get their questions answered fast.

3. Countdown

The countdown at the bottom of the post and CTA, “Hurry!” inclines users to sign up fast.

What it’s missing…

Drift could’ve added social media handles to encourage social sharing, but this webinar landing page has every core feature down.

8. Tailwind

Tailwind Landing Page

High converting features

1. Video

Tailwind’s video is the first thing to catch your eye. It’s placed above the fold and tells users exactly what they’ll learn in only 21 seconds.

Notice how this page still has a traditional body below the fold. Using different forms of content will broaden your audience.

2. Brand colors

What do the brand colors on this page remind you of?

Tailwind Instagram Icon

That’s right… Instagram.

Tailwind’s webinar is all about Instagram. They use their colors strategically throughout the post.

Plus, the pink banner at the bottom draws your eye to their testimonial.

Tailwind Banner

3. CTAs

Three different call-to-actions are placed at the top, middle, and bottom of the page.

And since this is a pre-recorded webinar, no registration details are needed.

What it’s missing…

Tailwind wins the spot as the best webinar landing page in this post – they tell you exactly what this webinar is and how you’ll benefit using these features:

  • High-quality visuals
  • Video
  • Strategically placed call to actions


Well, there you have it.

While there are other ways to promote your webinar, like email marketing, a webinar landing page is the best tool to convert new users.

Use these examples to inspire your next webinar landing page, and take note of what elements yours should have.

Remember, high converting elements and compelling copy will turn users into viewers.