25 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools (2022)

Are you looking for the best conversion rate optimization tools to supercharge your conversions?

Turning your lead generation efforts into conversions is what marketing is all about, but without the right CRO tools, conversion rate optimization can seem like a mammoth task.

In this post, I’ll be comparing the best conversion rate optimization tools on the market so you can boost your conversions and take full control of your CRO campaigns.

The CRO tools in this list will help you to better understand the customer journey across your webpages, identify the areas of your site that need work, and squeeze the most-possible conversions out of every landing page.

Let’s get started!

The best conversion rate optimization tools – summary

We’ll start off by giving you the “cliff notes” for each tool. We’ve included all sorts of tools to help you improve conversion rates. Everything from heat map software and A/B testing to lead generation tools, chatbot builders, and more.

  1. Mouseflow – Powerful heat map tracking software to drive more conversions.
  2. Instapage – Dedicated platform for building and optimizing campaign landing pages.
  3. Tars – Drive more conversions using this powerful chatbot tool.
  4. ConvertBox – The best conversion optimization tool for deploying and optimizing opt-in forms, and CTA’s.
  5. Plerdy – A comprehensive conversion rate optimization tool that allows you to understand user behaviour on your website. Includes heat maps, session recording, SEO checker, and sales performance monitoring.
  6. Lucky Orange – Dedicated conversion rate optimization software that’s budget friendly.
  7. Attention Insight – The only conversion rate tool that uses AI to generate heatmaps so you can optimize your site before it gets any traffic.
  8. JivoChat – Powerful live chat tool that makes it easy to drive conversions.
  9. OptimizePress – WordPress plugin capable of building entire sales funnels. Their funnel builder Includes A/B testing and funnel analytics.
  10. Visitor Analytics – All-in-one website analytics tool that includes conversion optimization features such as heat map tracking, and more.
  11. Google Analytics – Powerful free analytics tool with useful conversion features.
  12. VWO – Dedicated A/B testing software to boost conversions.
  13. Google Optimize – Free A/B split-testing tool.
  14. Unbounce – Popular landing page builder. Can be used for deploying forms and CTA’s too.
  15. UserTesting – Gather user feedback to improve your site’s CRO.
  16. UsabilityHub – Another crowdsourced user feedback platform. Includes a limited free option.
  17. Vyper – Turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors with this contest & referral marketing tool.
  18. TryInteract – Drive more conversions and lead generation using interactive quizzes.
  19. Crazy Egg – A conversion optimization tool ideal for ecommerce stores and agencies.
  20. Clicky – Powerful analytics to track your website visitors and the actions they are taking.
  21. HubSpot – A platform filled with conversion tool such as AB testing, campaign reporting and analytics.
  22. Hello Bar – A WordPress plugin designed for maximum conversions from your popups and alert bars.
  23. Optimizely – A tool for enterprises focused on AB testing and experimentation tools.
  24. Hotjar – A behavior analytics tool with features such as heatmaps and surveys.
  25. BuzzSumo – A content optimization tool which helps improve conversions by generating and monitoring keywords, and keeping up with industry trends.

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these CRO tools.

#1 – MouseFlow

Mouseflow Homepage

Mouseflow is a tool that will help you pinpoint exactly why and how your leads are dropping out of your funnel.

By combining heatmapping and session recording features with a range of funnel and form analysis features, Mouseflow makes it easy to figure out what it is that is preventing you from converting more leads.

Mousflow also allows you to set up and manage feedback campaigns so you can get optimization data directly from your customer’s personal experiences.

What’s great about Mouseflow is that it’s super easy to use and the funnel diagrams and heatmaps make it really easy to visualize and analyze your data.

Price: Starts from 24€/month. Limited free version available.

#2 – Instapage

Instapage Homepage

Instapage is a landing page creation tool that can help you to create landing pages that convert. The page builder makes it extremely easy to create professional and conversion-friendly pages. Once the pages are created you can use Instapage’s other CRO features such as its analysis tools and the heat mapping tool to optimize the pages further based on your customers.

Instapage also has an interesting personalization feature that allows you to personalize your landing page experiences for different target audiences in order to boost conversions.

Price: Starts from $149/month.

#3 – Tars

Tars Homepage

Tars is a chatbot creation tool that can help you increase your conversion by making each landing page more ‘conversational’. According to tars, chatbots can improve your conversion rates by 50%-200% and they’re fast becoming standard fare on modern websites.

Chatbots are a great way to make your pages more interactive and engaging and Tars makes it easy to install them on your site. The tool features chatbot templates for a range of different industries including healthcare, finance, and travel, and can even be used to build WhatsApp chatbots.

Price: Starts from $499/month.

#4 – ConvertBox

Convertbox Homepage

ConvertBox is a CRO tool that will allow you to create highly targeted opt-in forms and run split-tests to boost conversions fast. ConvertBox’s intelligent targeting feature allows you to personalize messages to your visitors based on a number of factors including CRM data and referring sites.

It also has an intuitive funnel segmentation tool and real-time analytics tracking. The tool is really easy to use as it uses drag and drop technology to make it quick and easy to create opt-in forms that seamlessly integrate with the branding and design of your site.

Price: $495/ one-time payment.

#5 – Plerdy

Plerdy Homepage

Plerdy is our top pick in this conversion rate optimization tools post.

It is a dedicated conversion rate optimization toolkit that provides a range of awesome features to help you boost conversions. Using Plerdy you can create an in-depth picture of exactly how users are interacting with the different elements on your site and work out what’s helping conversions, and what needs improvement.

The heat mapping and session replay tool help you to see exactly what your visitors are doing during each visit and the pop-up form feature can help turn visitors into customers. Not only that, but Plerdy has an extremely useful conversion funnel tool to show you exactly what areas of your funnel your leads are dropping out.

Price: Starts from $23/month. Limited free version available.

#6 – Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange Homepage

Lucky Orange is an all-in-one CRO tool that uses dynamic heatmaps, visitor session recordings, live chat, and much more to send your conversions skyrocketing. If you’re new to CRO, Lucky Orange is a great tool as it offers a little bit of everything you need to create a clear picture of how your customers interact with your site.

Lucky Oranges chat feature is particularly useful as it can help you to guide leads towards a purchase. It even allows you to co-browse with customers in order to help them navigate any issues they are experiencing… pretty cool right?

In addition to all this, Lucky Orange has funnel and form analysis tools that will help you stay on track.

Price: Starts from $10/month.

#7 – Attention Insight

Attention Insight Homepage

Attention Insight is an AI-powered heatmap tool that will help you to generate a clear picture of how users interact with your site. Unlike other heat mapping tools, Attention Insight also allows you to create heatmaps of videos within your pages. In addition to this, the tool assigns attention scores to each different area of your site including key elements like CTA buttons.

Other features such as the contrast checker will help you to ensure that your site excels in terms of usability and readability. This can help you to make changes that will improve user experience and boost overall conversions.

Price: Starts from €19 per month. Limited free version available.

#8 – JivoChat

JivoChat Homepage

JivoChat is a live chat tool that will help you connect directly with your customers in order to boost conversions. Live chat provides your customers with a simple and modern point of contact. They don’t have to make a phone call or wait around for an email, they can talk to someone right away, whilst they are still engaged and interested.

With JivoChat you can add live chat boxes to your sidebar that will seamlessly integrate with your existing site design. In addition to this Jivochat offers live chat boxes that work with a range of different devices and languages. Not only does JivoChat help you to stay engaged with customers, but it can also help you to learn more about customer experience and flow. 

Price: Starts from $13/month. Limited free version available.

#9 – OptimizePress

OptimizePress Homepage

OptimizePress is a CRO toolkit for WordPress. The tool allows you to create optimized pages such as landing pages and sales pages that are geared towards conversions. In addition to this, you can use OptimizePress to create and monitor WordPress funnels and run A/B tests to work out which layouts, elements, and widgets have the most conversion power.

It also comes with a powerful payment and checkouts plug-in that makes selling digital products easier for you and your customers. It also easily integrates with many leading email marketing tools and CRMs like ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.

Price: Starts from $99/year.

#10 Visitor Analytics

visitor analytics Homepage

Visitor Analytics is an all-in-one analytics app that can help you to analyze your site and customer data to boost conversions.

The app’s features are split into 3 categories: web statistics, user behavior, and visitor feedback. Using the web statistics feature you can analyze your overall site statistics.

However, it’s the user behavior features that will really have the biggest effect on your conversions.

The user behavior category includes heat mapping, session recording, and funnel analysis tools that can help you to track what your users are up to and make changes to your layout and strategies based on funnel data.

You can also use the visitor feedback tool to get real insight into what your customers are thinking.

Price: Starts from $5.83/month. Limited free version.

#11 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics Homepage

Google Analytics is probably the most well-known and popular web analytics tool out there. It’s an especially useful tool for gathering CRO-related analytics and insights that can help you to better optimize your site.

You can use Google Analytics to find out which of your pages and converting and why, uncover useful insights about your audience’s behavior, set up funnel analysis tools, and more.

Price: Google Analytics is free. Their premium version of the tool, Google Analytics 360, is available from $150,000 / year.

#12 – VWO

VWO Homepage

VWO claims to be the #1 A/B testing tool in the world. In case you didn’t already know, A/B testing, or ‘split testing’, involves comparing two different versions of a webpage to see which one converts better.

VWO helps with this by making it easy to rapidly create and run tests, gather data, and uncover insights about how your pages are converting. It provides a suite of powerful testing, CRO, and marketing tools including heatmaps, scrollmaps, on-page surveys, server-side testing, automated push notifications, and more.

Price: Starts From $99/month. Free trial available.

#13 – Google Optimize

Google Optimize Homepage

Google Optimize is another awesome A/B testing tool designed to help online marketers bolster their conversion rates and general visitor satisfaction. You can use optimize to test different combinations of your website content on different pages and see how they compare in terms of performance against your chosen objectives.

Optimize integrates with Analytics to monitor the results and measure your experiments. You can leverage your Analytics goals as the objectives of your experiments, and even specify the users you want to take part in your split tests based on the Audiences you’ve defined in Analytics.

Price: Google Optimize is available for free. Pricing for Google Optimize 360 is available on request.

#14 – Unbounce

Unbounce Homepage

Unbounce is a tool that helps you to create dedicated, conversion-focused, beautiful landing pages quickly and easily.

All you have to do is choose from hundreds of stunning, highly-customizable page templates and use their intuitive drag-and-drop page builder to place different elements on the page. No coding required, no messy, distracting webpages, and no headaches.

Unbounce also offers built-in AI with Conversion Intelligence and Smart Traffic that help you to maximize your conversions and split test your pages.

Price: Starts from $81/month (billed annually). Higher-priced plans and free trial available.

#15 – UserTesting

Usertesting Homepage

UserTesting is, as the name suggests, a user testing tool. It lets you ‘listen in’ as your users test your products or websites for you so that you can quickly gather real human insight via high-quality, direct customer feedback.

All you have to do is choose your target audience from UserTesting’s global network, select what you want to test, and create the task you want them to do. After that, they’ll record their experience and send it through in as little as 2 hours.

By hearing from your users, you can better identify problem areas that are inhibiting your conversions and get a first-hand account of what might be causing your customers to drop out

Price: UserTesting offers individual pricing solutions on request. You can also request a free trial.

#16 – UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub Homepage

UsabilityHub is a design validation tool that will help you to ensure that all of your landing pages are fully optimized for conversions when it comes to design. The tool provides end-to-end user testing so you can get a clear idea of what users like and what they don’t. All tests are performed by real users.

You can use the tool to fine-tune everything about your site from the visual elements to the copy. You can even perform 5-second tests to gauge people’s first impression of your site layout and design.

Price: Starts from $199/month. Free basic tests available.

#17 – Vyper

Vyper Homepage

Vyper is a marketing tool that will allow you to create giveaways and contests that have great viral potential on social media.

Whilst this isn’t a feature you’d find in a traditional CRO toolkit, it’s an extremely effective way of generating leads and boosting conversions. The tool helps you to easily design giveaways using templates that can then be integrated using landing pages and widgets.

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your users and boost your conversions, and top marketers are just beginning to realize and leverage their CRO power.

Price: Starts from $75/month.

#18 -TryInteract

TryInteract Homepage

TryInteract, whilst not a traditional CRO software tool, is a great addition to any CRO stack. The tool allows you to build interactive quizzes that are highly engaging and can help you to seriously boost your conversions.

If you’re looking to get people onto your site, or you want to create some viral buzz that will lead to more conversions, quizzes are a great way to do it. With TryInteract you can create personality quizzes, scored quizzes, or assessment quizzes that can be used to gain information about your users and make your site more fun and engaging for your customers.

Price: Starts from $17/month. Limited free version available.

#19 – Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Homepage

Crazy Egg is another powerful conversion optimization tool that’s ideal for agencies and ecommerce stores.

You can use it’s heatmap software to track how website visitors interact with your site, view a visual representation of where they’re paying attention, and identify any problem spots that are causing frustration.

You can use different filters to drill down into specific customer segments and find out where your most valuable site visitors are coming from.

And possibly the coolest feature is Crazy Egg’s session recordings tool. It records whole visitor sessions from start to finish—with every cursor movement and every click. You can watch these recordings to see exactly how users interact with your site or specific pages in real-time.

Crazy Egg integrates with all your favorite CMS and platforms including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

Price: Starts from $24/month. A 30-day free trial is available.

#20 – Clicky

Clicky Homepage

Clicky is a real-time web analytics solution that allows you to track, analyze, and react to your site traffic as it happens.

With Clicky, you can see data on every single one of your website visitors individually, including where they’re accessing your site from, what actions they’ve taken, which pages they’ve viewed, and more.

Reports are ridiculously detailed with all the data you could possibly need, and you also get access to heat maps that you can view by page, visitor, or audience segment.

Because Clicky monitors your site in real-time, it’ll send you alerts whenever it goes offline so you can react immediately and ensure maximum uptime.

Price: Starts from $9.99/month or $79.99/year. A limited free plan and a 21-day trial are available.

#21 – HubSpot

HubSpot CRM Platform Homepage

HubSpot is a complete CRM platform that can help with all aspects of your marketing, sales, and service operations.

If you sign up for their Marketing Hub software solution, you’ll get access to a bunch of useful CRO tools including A/B testing, Ads optimization events, and advanced website traffic and campaign reporting.

And that’s just a tiny piece of all the features Hubspot has to offer. It’s jam-packed with sophisticated email marketing, marketing automation and personalization, and collaboration tools.

Price: HubSpot offers many different products, plans, and bundles. Their marketing hub product starts at $45/month but prices depend on the number of contacts.

#22 – Hello Bar

Hello Bar Homepage

Hello Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create conversion-focused popups and alert bars.

You can use Hello Bar’s pre-built themes and visual editor to quickly create eye-catching popups that convert like crazy. It supports pretty much every type of popup including sticky header and footer bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and page takeovers.

You can set up targeting options so you show the right popups to the right visitor segments at the right time. Target users by campaign, referral source, location, device, and much more.

Once you’ve built your popups, adding them to your site is a breeze thanks to the pre-built WordPress, Wix, and Shopify integration.

Price: Starts from $29/month. A limited Free Forever plan is also available.

#23 – Optimizely

Optimizely Homepage

Optimizely is a ‘Digital Experience Platform’ built for enterprises.

Their Intelligence Cloud product offers the flexibility and control large businesses need and provides best-in-class digital optimization tools that can help to accelerate your revenue.

These include powerful A/B testing and experimentation tools, full-stack experimentation, an AI-powered personalization engine, content and product recommendations, omnichannel email campaign builder, scalable customer data platform, and much more.

Price: Pricing is available on request. You’ll need to reach out to Optimizely for a custom quote.

#24 – Hotjar

Hotjar Homepage

Hotjar is a behavior analytics tool that can help you to track exactly how your visitors interact with your site. Using heat maps is a great way to gauge how your customers use your site. However, Hotjar takes this idea to a whole new level.

Not only can you use heatmaps to track visitors’ journeys, but you can also record visits to see exactly what actions were taken and when.

You can also gather information from your site visitors using the Incoming Feedback and Survey features. Overall, it’s the best tool for creating an in-depth picture of how users interact with your site, and how you can optimize it to encourage conversions.

Price: Hotjar has a basic free plan available. Paid plans start from $31/month.

#25 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Homepage

BuzzSumo is a tool that can help you increase conversion rates through the optimization of content on your site.

You can use BuzzSumo to spark new content ideas. The tool can be used to plan your PPC strategy, generate keywords, and more in order to optimize your content marketing campaigns for conversions.

In addition, BuzzSumo also has some powerful monitoring features that allow users to track brand mentions, as well as competitor mentions online. This can help you keep up to date with trends in your industry and can also be used to monitor your backlink profile in detail. 

Price: Buzzsumo has a free plan available for 10 searches per month. Paid plans start from $99/month.

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Conversion rate optimization FAQ’s

Want to learn a little more about CRO? Here are the answers to some common questions people ask about conversion rate optimization.

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization, or as it is commonly referred to in marketing ‘CRO’ is the process of optimizing your site to increase the number of site visitors that ‘convert’. By convert, we mean taking the action you wish them to take, whether that’s signing up to your mailing list, clicking an ad, or making a purchase.

What’s a good visit-to-lead conversion rate?

It often depends on the type of site you have or what you’re selling. In a study conducted by DataBox, around 30% of marketers agreed that a good visit-to-lead conversion rate was somewhere between 3.1% and 5%. However, some quoted a lower range, and others quoted a higher one.

databox chart Homepage

How do you calculate conversion rates?

Conversion rate is calculated by dividing your total conversions by total visitors and multiplying that number by 100. Most conversion rate optimization software will calculate this automatically. Alternatively, you can use our conversion rate calculator.

How do you optimize conversion rates?

You can optimize your conversion rates by gathering as much data as possible about the way people interact with your site. Then you analyze the data and run split tests in order to determine what areas of your site boost conversions, and what needs work.

What can help you analyze conversion rates?

Analytics tools like Google analytics and Visitor-Analytics are great for helping you analyze your conversion rates. However, all the tools in this list can help you in one way or another to analyze and boost your conversion rates.

Finding the best conversion rate optimization tools

So there you have it. The 25 conversion optimization tools in this article cover just about every feature you’ll ever need to seriously supercharge your CRO.

If you want to learn more about CRO and current marketing trends, check out these conversion rate optimization statistics that will bag you more conversions.

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