36 Proven Blog Post Ideas + Examples

Running out of blog post ideas? We’ve got you covered.

It’s good practice to publish a variety of content types. It keeps your current readers engaged and helps bring in new visitors to your site.

There are plenty of new blog post ideas that you can explore. Here are just some of the best blog post ideas worth considering this year.

1. Beginner’s guide

Beginner’s guides are posts that break down a complicated topic for someone new to it. You should assume that the reader knows absolutely nothing about the subject when you write these sorts of posts.

These can be about anything though most focus on tools and concepts. Your Creative Aura’s beginner’s guide to basic music theory is a great example:

Beginner’s guide

Beginner’s guides perform well on search engines, especially the more comprehensive ones. There’s also a chance of these getting shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

When writing this type of post, you must use clear and concise language. Be practical with the tips you share and try to provide step-by-step instructions.

2. Book reviews

Are you an avid book reader? You can create a blog post about a book you’ve read recently. Reading a book is a huge time commitment for some people. That’s why most look at reviews before making their purchase.

They want to know if the book they’re interested in is worth buying or a complete waste of time.

Take this book review of Is This Love as an example:

Book reviews

Not only are book reviews great for generating site traffic, but they’re also ideal for bloggers that want to foster a sense of community.

This is also a type of blog post that can translate to other formats. If you want to create a YouTube video reviewing the same book, you can use the same blog post as your foundation.

3. Business tips

It’s hard to run out of blog content ideas when your main focus is on providing business tips. 

Business tip blog posts are all about providing readers with practical advice about running a business. You can give strategies on how to operate a business in general or be more specific by setting your sights on a specific niche.

For example, here’s a business tip blog post about screen printing:

Business tips

This blog post idea is ideal for you if you see yourself as an expert in your field. The more business tips you share, the more respect your readers will respect you — especially if what you say makes sense to them.

Note: In the example above, we can see the year has been used in the headline. This is good practice for SEO purposes but if you don’t update the content then it will appear dated quite quickly. So, you could get more life out of this content by giving it a refresh. Then, you can republish it and promote it like you would a new blog post.

4. Case studies

Case study blog posts use real-life examples to explain to readers how to overcome a challenge they’re facing. These are particularly popular with online marketers but any type of business can publish one.

Here’s a case study about nurturing stronger plants:

Case studies

Case studies require blog authors to write a certain way. You’ll have to state the 

This type of blog post is popular with academics, business owners, and researchers. They do bring in traffic but most businesses publish case studies to use as advertisement for their services.

With case studies, you need to present the problem, suggest a solution, execute it, and reveal the results.

5. Comparison posts

Comparison blog posts take two or more similar products and stack them against one another. The goal is to help readers make informed decisions before they buy a product or subscribe to a service.

These posts are commonly used by bloggers in the tech space to differentiate similar products like phones or tablets:

Comparison posts

These posts are fantastic for SEO because they give you a chance to rank for more keywords. Comparison posts are also a great way to explain to potential customers how your product fares against similar ones in the market.

6. Data-driven posts

Data-driven posts require a lot of research and they do take a lot of time to pull together. However, they are worth the effort because they’re popular blog posts among researchers, businesses, and marketers.

Statistics posts fall under this category. Below is an example from Blogging Wizard:

Data-driven posts


You don’t have to write statistical roundups. There are other types of data-driven posts. It can be as simple as writing about a certain topic and backing up your claims with solid data from reputable sources.

Try adding visuals to your data-driven posts to make them more accessible to the average reader.

7. DIY projects

There will always be people who’d rather do things themselves than pay for a solution. And when they want inspiration, they look up projects on DIY blogs.

If you’re running out of blog post ideas, you can try writing about DIY projects. For instance, you can post DIY projects for kitchen cabinets like in the example below:

DIY projects

Even better, businesses can come up with DIY blog ideas that feature their products. It provides customers with creative ways to use your products in creative ways.

You can also convert published DIY posts to video and post them on social media and video streaming platforms.

8. Educational posts

You won’t have any trouble finding educational blog post ideas for your site. There’s always something you can teach readers, especially if you’re an expert in a particular field. 

Below is an example of an educational post. This one shows readers how the profession of nursing evolved throughout the years:

Educational posts

But you don’t have to write about the history of a topic if you don’t want to. You can discuss any topic as long as the reader gets value from your blog post.

You want to discuss a topic in great detail while keeping the reader engaged all the way to the end.

9. Fashion and beauty tips

You can share the latest trends and styles in the beauty space if you have an eye for fashion. Because this type of blog post covers so many potential topics, you can pick an area of expertise and focus on that.

For instance, some bloggers specialize in providing advice on makeup while others stay with skincare:

Fashion and beauty tips

Other possible blog post ideas in the beauty and fashion space include trends and outfit ideas.

Diving into trends is interesting because people tend to share them organically among friends. You can even come up with evergreen blog post ideas related to fashion and beauty.

10. Fitness blog

You can generate plenty of timely blog post ideas in the fitness space. It’s even possible to dedicate a whole site to just this topic. Write a blog post about different exercises your readers can do or give guidance on what they should eat:

Fitness blog

There will always be people who’d want to learn more about how to better care for themselves. That’s the reason why fitness blogs are always relevant. It helps if you are into fitness as well because you can relay first-hand information.

However, you’ll have to make sure that you relay factual statements. You don’t want to put your audience’s lives in danger.

11. Food reviews and recipes

Food reviews and recipes are popular blog post ideas. If you find yourself always dining out at interesting food hubs or cooking a meal at home, you can make a good living out of posting food reviews and recipes.

Take this cookie review as an example:

Food reviews and recipes

You can even extend your reviews to cover restaurants and food events. If your region offers food that readers can’t taste anywhere else, then you have an advantage over other food bloggers.

Some bloggers will even travel just to get more food content for their websites. You can even experiment with fun blog post ideas that have to do with food to keep readers coming back for more.

12. Gaming blog posts

There’s no need to tell you that video games continue to surge in popularity. And the chances of running out of blog post ideas in this category are almost impossible.

You have different ways of approaching it. You can do gaming news, predictions, lists, or you can do game reviews:

Gaming blog

If you want to attract a younger demographic, posting video game blogs could be the key. 

It will help if you have a genuine interest in gaming though as readers can tell if the author is a genuine gamer or not.

You might want to prepare footage or stills from the game you’re talking about to make it easier for your readers to grasp the points you’re trying to make.

13. Guest posts

If you’re really struggling to come up with great blog post ideas, why not let other people contribute?

Guest posts are great for bloggers that need weekly or monthly blog post ideas. By outsourcing content creation to interested parties, site owners will be able to publish new posts even if they weren’t able to write anything themselves.

Here’s an example of what a guest post looks like:

Guest posts

You’ll have to coordinate with interested guest bloggers to make sure that they only submit posts that meet your guidelines. After all, you don’t want to alienate your regular readers. You should have a set standard that all guest bloggers have to follow.

14. Health and wellness posts

Health and wellness posts are a bit different from fitness posts. The former deals with a person’s overall well-being.

Blog post ideas in this niche include nutrition and exercise. However, you can also tell personal stories about how you managed to overcome a particular health-related issue. Sharing advice on such matters is also welcome.

Take this post on what qualities to look for in a life partner:

Health and wellness posts

Just be careful with what you say since all topics under this genre will deal with physical and mental health in some fashion. You don’t want to dish out bad advice.

15. How-to guides

When you’ve run out of creative blog post ideas, you can always fall back to publishing how-to guides. 

People often seek these out when they need help performing a task. They’re great for generating site traffic and introducing your blog to new readers.

And they can be about anything though you’ll want to make your posts relevant to your site. For example, here’s a blog post about how to get more Spotify followers:

How-to guides

If you need to find blog post topics for how-to articles, you can try asking your audience directly through social media or other platforms. They’ll be more than happy to tell you what information they need.

16. Humor and satire posts

Do you want to publish fun blog posts? Why not try your hands on humor and satire?

There are people out there that want to have a good time. And while most can go and watch something funny on YouTube or TikTok, there are people that still prefer reading funny stories online.

Some readers like humor and satire posts because they’re great for learning another language as most bloggers write jokes with easy readability in mind:

Humor and satire posts

These posts aren’t hard to write because they don’t require deep research. As long as you have a funny and interesting story to tell, you should be fine.

17. Infographics

Sometimes the best way to present readers with complex information is through captivating visuals. That’s where infographics come in. 

Infographic blog posts make use of text and visual elements to make data more digestible for readers. For example, here’s an infographic about the benefits of eating bananas:


The only downside to using infographics is that you’ll need to know how to create these resources. That means you’ll need graphic design knowledge.

However, there are apps that can help you create infographics from scratch. You can also hire freelancers to make these assets for you.

18. Inspirational stories

Inspirational blog post ideas share stories of perseverance and triumph. They can be about your personal life or you can take inspiration from others. 

Blog readers like them because they’re all about overcoming adversity. It gives them some comfort and helps them push past their own challenges.

Here’s an example of an inspirational blog post about finding oneself after getting abused:

Inspirational stories

You can do a lot of good sharing inspirational stories. Some inspirational blogs even have communities that serve as support systems for fellow readers.

Bloggers can transition to inspirational podcasts if they manage to get a good following online.

19. Interviews

If you find yourself needing blog post topic ideas and you’re clearly tapped out, you can always fall back on doing interviews for your website. This is especially viable for bloggers that have a ton of connections in their respective niches.

Here’s an interview with a childcare professional for example:


Your goal with interviews is to provide readers with unique insights and perspectives about topics they’re interested in.

Those that already do interviews for their YouTube channel can take the transcript and post it on their blogs as additional content. That way, you get twice the amount of content at the cost of one interview.

20. Legal discussions

Bloggers in this field are typically legal professionals. However, you don’t have to be a lawyer to write blog posts about the law. You can rely on available resources to discuss topics that your readers might be interested in knowing.

For example:

Here is a blog post about the legality of using images found online. There are plenty of articles written about this exact topic. What you can do is compile all the information you can find into one post:

Legal discussions

If you don’t want to dive into the legal details, you can give your commentary instead. Let your readers know how a certain law can impact your industry and what they could expect to see in the next couple of months or years.

21. Lifestyle blog

As the name implies, lifestyle blog post ideas focus on your interests, hobbies, and activities. Your readers would likely be people that are passionate about the same things. 

Most bloggers like publishing lifestyle blog posts. That’s because they have the freedom to explore any topic they want. As long as it’s about their lifestyles, they can write about it.

For example, here’s a post about the ballet core fashion trend:

Lifestyle blog

People that read these posts tend to become loyal followers. They look up to the bloggers they like. And they’ll follow them on all their social media platforms.

You could end up becoming an influencer by posting lifestyle blog posts.

22. Lists

There’s no shortage of list posts online for a very good reason. Lists are easy to understand and digest. And most readers can scroll through an entire post real quick.

Bloggers use lists because readers like the format. Most lists are concise and well-organized. Take this list of 16 YouTube video ideas as an example:


To make your lists even more engaging, you have to add images, GIFs, or other visual elements. This will also make it easier for readers to repost your lists on their social media accounts.

23. Movie reviews

Movie reviews are popular to this day. There are plenty of critics that have found success in this category. If you have a deep love for cinema, why not write great blog posts about the movies you saw?

The nice thing about doing movie reviews is that you’re free to use your own voice. In short — you’re allowed to be yourself. You can write in the same way as you would on your personal blog.

This Renfield review is a fine example of what a typical movie review looks like:

Movie reviews

If you don’t watch a lot of movies, you can do TV show reviews instead. It’s really up to you.

24. Music reviews

Music reviews share the same principle as movie reviews. People seek out information on artists they like along with feedback on the albums they’ve released. 

Reviewing popular music artists can improve your site traffic, especially if they just dropped a new single:

Music reviews

But what if you don’t want to write reviews but still want to be in the music space?

There are other types of content you can publish. You can talk about how a particular artist or album changed the industry. Or you can feature obscure bands that people may not have heard of before.

25. News

If there’s a type of content that people will always seek out, it’s news. News sites will always produce timely blog posts ideas and a constant source of online traffic for bloggers. So do yourself a favor and publish news posts regularly:


You don’t want to publish news posts that aren’t related to your niche though. And you’ll have to verify your sources. Accidentally publishing inaccurate information can impact your credibility.

If you can, try to get quotes from the personalities involved in the story you’re working on. Beef up your posts by adding some commentary and analysis. 

26. Opinion

Opinion posts let bloggers express their thoughts on a specific topic. This format allows bloggers to be more subjective in their writing while sharing information about a topic.

Most opinion pieces center around current events. Here’s an example of an opinion blog post about electric vehicles:


When you write an opinion post, you want to use a conversational tone. It should read like you’re talking to a friend. Unlike news posts, you can include personal anecdotes to get your point across. 

Try to give readers a unique take on the subject if possible to make your post more interesting.

27. Parenting tips and advice

Struggling parents are always looking for advice on how to raise their kids right. If you have experience in this field, why not share your experience and knowledge?

It’s not hard to find blog post ideas for this category since so many articles already exist on the internet. You can use those as inspiration when coming up with topics for your blog. For example, here’s a post about how to manage screen time for big kids:

Parenting tips and advice

You can also create a blog post about the same topic but offer different advice based on what worked for you and your kids.

28. Personal finance advice

You can help people be financially stable by teaching them how to invest their money. Personal finance blogs teach readers everything they need to know about managing their finances properly.

Some think that personal finance blogs only target wealthy people. But the truth is that these blogs can cater to just about anyone. After all, who isn’t interested in saving and earning money?

Here’s a blog post about how to save money at every age. This only shows that finance blogs appeal to different age groups:

Personal finance advice

Be responsible when you give financial tips though. Always keep in mind that you’re telling people how to manage their money. The wrong advice can lead readers to financial ruin.

29. Photography and videography tips

Are you good at photography or videography? Then use your blog to teach people how to take better pictures and videos:

Photography and videography tips

Blog posts in this niche are commonly written by professionals in the field. However, even amateurs and enthusiasts can participate. For instance, there are photography bloggers that post updates to document their progress. The same goes for new videographers.

The biggest challenge would be finding content to post. You need to use original images and videos. You don’t want to grab media files from other sources. 

There are exceptions to the rule though. If you’re featuring the works of other artists, then you’ll want to show off some of their works. But don’t forget to credit the source.

30. Product reviews

Of all the review-type posts online, product reviews are arguably the most popular. Bloggers will take a product, do extensive research, and present their findings to their audience. People can then use that information to figure out whether a product is worth buying or not.

You can even write reviews about different services and SaaS products like cloud hosting solutions. Just like with this Cloudways review:

Product reviews

To do reviews, you’ll need to be passionate about products in your chosen category. If you’re reviewing photography gear, for example, then you have to have some experience using different camera equipment. That’s the only way you’ll be able to tell what’s good or bad about the product you’re going to review.

Product reviews perform well on search engines, especially if there’s hype built around the product.

31. Product roundups

If you don’t want to do full-on product reviews, you can try posting product roundups instead. Some bloggers look for product roundup blog post ideas specifically. They’re easy to write since you don’t need to do a ton of research.

You only need to list down as many examples of a product so that readers can see all of their options. Take this list of distortion pedals as an example:

Product roundups

Some blog readers use product roundups as their jump-off point toward exploring products that might address all their needs. If they need a product for something, they’ll do a quick search on Google to find a post that lists down all the pros and cons of all their options.

You can also do roundups for online services.

32. Q&A sessions

Q&A blog posts are interesting because of all the directions you can take this format. 

Most Q&A posts feature questions from the community. The blog author will then do his or her best to answer all of them. But you can also use your connections to have different personalities answer questions on your behalf:

Q_A sessions

Q&A sessions can be personal or professional. They can be just about anything if the interviewee is open to it. 

What’s important is that you source your questions well ahead of the interview date. You want to filter out unrelated questions or merge similar ones. If you’re going to answer the questions yourself, give yourself time to come up with a satisfying answer. 

If you record yourself while answering the questions, you can upload the same answers on other platforms like YouTube or podcasts.

33. Resource lists

If you want to target young professionals, then your next blog post idea should be a resource list.

Resource lists work the same way as product roundups. The main difference is that you’re posting links to tools and software that people might need to be better at their jobs.

For example, here’s a list of free resources for web developers:

Resource lists

Read enough resource lists and you’ll notice that most posts will include free options. That’s because people are always looking for free alternatives. You should keep that in mind when it’s time to publish your own resource list.

34. Seasonal blog posts

You shouldn’t ignore seasonal blog post ideas because they do bring in a significant amount of traffic to a website. Year-end posts do well for organizations and businesses that want to summarize what the calendar year was like for the company:

Seasonal blog posts

Even personal blog post ideas will include suggestions to do year-end recaps. Show your readers what you’ve learned throughout the year.

You can also do holiday gift guides, especially around Christmas time. If you’re into interior decorating, you can share tips on how to set up decorations. Holiday recipes are also a hit among moms during this period.

Bloggers can suggest seasonal activities that readers can do with friends and family. Even fashion bloggers can share the latest holiday trends and gifts.

Businesses can publish posts that showcase their products. If they’re running seasonal promotions, they would publish posts to promote them.

35. Self-improvement tips

People want to improve themselves in some way. They want to have better careers, improve their relationships, and be a better person in general.

That’s what self-improvement blogs can do for them.

You can share life advice for people that want to address their issues. To be successful in this category, you’ll need to share actionable tips with your readers. All of them need to be practical. If you can provide step-by-step instructions, do so. 

Here’s an example of a self-improvement blog for people that have trouble with creativity:

Self-improvement tips

Your self-improvement blogs would turn out better if you’re a professional in psychology and coaching. But in the absence of those, you can share personal anecdotes. Tell people how you were able to overcome your issues.

You can also feature people who managed to overcome their demons. Do a profile on them. Let your readers know that while the road can be difficult, they too can have a happy life.

36. Travel guides

Travel blogs are some of the most popular posts online, especially now that travel restrictions aren’t as tight as they used to be. 

If you find yourself traveling a lot and you’ve managed to document your adventures, you should start a travel blog. Here’s what a travel blog looks like:

Travel guide

A travel blog post should include details about how to get to the location, how much a person might spend going around, what accommodations are available, things to do when travelers get there, and other information one might need.

Some bloggers have even made travel blogging a full-time career. They live their lives as digital nomads. 

It’s possible to get sponsorships to support your travel blog. And some outlets will pay travel bloggers to share their experiences. 

Just be sure to optimize your blog titles so they rank higher on search engines.

Final thoughts

There we have it, 36 blog post ideas to keep your readers happy and engaged.

By focusing on more than one blog post type, running out of content ideas will be a thing of the past. I mean, there’s only so many beginner guides you can do if your niche is so specific.

If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, choose 3-4 of these ideas and go ahead and create some amazing content for your audience.

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