How To Delete Multiple Instagram Posts And Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

Do you need to delete multiple Instagram posts? Are you unsure of which posts to delete or how to handle this task efficiently?

According to CreatorIQ, over 90% of influencers make use of Instagram in their marketing campaigns, the most of any platform. This is proof of how much the platform has become a major source of marketing.

This is why it’s important for you to keep your social media profiles clean, especially if you’re turning a personal account into a business account.

In this post, we share a few tips on how to clean up your Instagram profile.

How to delete multiple Instagram posts

Before you go forward with mass deleting posts from your Instagram account, it’s important for you to decide which posts you want to purge and which ones you want to keep.

If you want to super clean your Instagram account, delete all under-performing posts and any post that doesn’t align with the current marketing strategy and styles you use for Instagram.

If you want to use a simpler strategy, focus on deleting posts that could harm your business in the long run. These are posts some may find offensive, such as posts containing insensitive humor, old pictures of you intoxicated in college, etc.

As you become more popular, you’ll attract a small yet vocal crowd of negative followers who will sift through your old content in search of posts that could harm your reputation.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not a bit of self-censorship is worth saving yourself a few headaches later on.

If you decide to go with the simpler strategy, consider keeping posts that promote products. According to Facebook’s own business report, 130 million Instagram users click shopping posts to discover product information every month.

Plus, 80% of consumers have purchased something based on an influencer’s recommendation, according to a study conducted by Rakuten Marketing.

Keeping such posts gives you a lot of data to work with when it comes to optimizing the way you promote your own products on social media.

Lastly, consider keeping personal images even if they never performed well, unless you’re rebranding your personal profile into a company profile.

Personal content performs better than commercial content. It lets consumers know you’re a real person rather than a faceless company trying to sell them something.

The manual approach

Instagram doesn’t have a way to delete multiple Instagram posts at the same time. This means you’ll need to perform this task manually if you want to accomplish it without a third-party app.

You likely already know how to delete an Instagram post, but let’s run through the steps anyway in the off chance this is your first time.

First, view the post you want to delete.

Click the three-dot menu at the top-right of the post’s user interface.

delete instagram post

Click Delete, then click it again to confirm. You can also archive the post if you want to hide it from public view but keep it on your profile.

Using third-party apps

There is no official way to delete multiple Instagram posts in bulk directly through the official app. You’ll need to log in through a third-party app instead.

This is easier to do on iOS than Android at the time this article was written. That’s because all of the apps that offered this service have been removed from the Google Play store.

This may change in the future, or new apps may emerge, so be sure to do your own research in the store using “delete multiple Instagram posts” and “mass delete Instagram posts” as search queries.

If you’re technically-inclined, you can install apps from third-party app stores, such as Cleaner for Instagram on ApkHere. This is risky, though, as apps on these types of marketplaces aren’t updated as frequently as they are on Google Play nor are they vetted as thoroughly. Be sure to have an antivirus software installed if you decide to go this route.

iOS still has a few options to choose from:

mass unfollow for instagram ios

The way these apps work is simple. You log into them by entering the username and password you use to log into Instagram. Then, you find the app’s Media section.

It’s just a matter of selecting the posts you want to remove and clicking the Delete button after that.

Once you’re done, change your Instagram password for safe measure.

Final thoughts

Cleaning up your Instagram profile can seem like a daunting task. Unfortunately, it may be completely necessary if you want to be taken seriously.

Apps that enable you to mass delete posts are quite helpful. However, if you choose to delete your posts manually one by one, you’ll be able to analyze your profile more closely. This can make it easier to determine which posts should go and which ones should stay.

This is especially true if you create lengthy captions as you’ll need to actually view each post in full to read through them thoroughly.

You should also consider unfollowing accounts and unliking posts that may also be considered controversial or unprofessional. Again, you don’t need to completely suppress your online life and personality. You just need to make sure the content you post aligns with what your target audience expects from you.

That includes past content. Go through your following list as well as your likes, and remove anything you feel doesn’t align with who you are now plus anything you feel would deter an audience.

Many of the tools we mentioned before can help you mass delete this type of content as well.

Lastly, you should optimize your overall marketing strategy for Instagram so you don’t need to do this again in the future. Research the top influencers in your niche to see how they use Instagram. This should give you a good indication of the type of content you should be creating.

Consider using an Instagram scheduling tool to plan your marketing calendar well ahead of time. Sendible and Agorapulse are great options for scheduling posts with images and videos.

Sendible in particular is quite affordable. Due to limitations with Instagram’s API, images and videos can be scheduled directly (if you have an Instagram business profile) but stories and carousels require Sendible’s own app which will send you push notifications at a scheduled time.