25+ Latest LinkedIn Statistics For 2024: Usage, Facts, And Trends

What is the state of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn doesn’t get the same love and attention that other social media sites do. But if you look at the latest LinkedIn business statistics, you’ll see that there are still plenty of reasons why you should invest in the platform.

It is, after all, the world’s largest professional network.

Today, we’ve gathered the best LinkedIn stats for social media professionals, B2B marketers, entrepreneurs, and fans of the platform.

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  • LinkedIn has over 700 million users. (LinkedIn About Us Page)
  • People use LinkedIn to research products and services. (B2B Buyers Survey Report)
  • Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to get LinkedIn. (The Wall Street Journal)

LinkedIn usage statistics

Let’s go over some interesting LinkedIn usage statistics to give you a better idea of just how big it is today and what people use it for.

LinkedIn has over 700 million users.

LinkedIn has a global presence, serving more than 700 million users from over 200 countries and territories. Not bad for a company that started in a living room back in 2002.

700 million might not be as huge as what you’ll find on other social media platforms. But it’s not nothing. What’s better about LinkedIn is that you’re marketing to professionals. If your product appeals to that segment of the population, there’s a great chance that they’ll be more receptive to your offers.

Source: LinkedIn About Us Page

A LinkedIn user raised $1.3 million from a single post.

An entrepreneur raised $1.3 million (an investment check) through an image he posted on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn user raised $1.3 million from a single post

While the author wasn’t trying to ask for an investment when he published the LinkedIn post, a follower saw his graph and expressed interest in investing. He attributes his good fortune to his provocative image and a well-thought-out introduction.

This only shows that you should give some thought to captions and images that you use in your posts. You never know when you might come across a follower that’s willing to invest in your company.

Source: Entrepreneur

LinkedIn does great business in Canada.

LinkedIn averaged 8.7 million monthly visitors in Canada in 2020. That’s across all platforms including the mobile app. This represents 27.1% of internet users.

LinkedIn does great business in Canada

Usage peaked in January at 9.7 million users and has slowly dipped since. However, the numbers stayed well above the 8 million mark.

The reason for the decline has been attributed to the pandemic. Hiring new employees became more difficult because the government imposed lockdown measures. Also, people took to personal social media platforms to stay in touch with friends and family.

Source: eMarketer

LinkedIn only trails behind two other social media sites in Canada.

The Ryerson University Social Media Lab (via eMarketer) noted that LinkedIn is the third-largest social media site in Canada. The two biggest networks? That would be Facebook and Instagram.

According to the survey, 44% of adult Canadian internet users had a LinkedIn account. However, 51% of them had an Instagram account while 83% said they use Facebook.

LinkedIn only trails behind two other social media sites in Canada

It’s worth noting that only 27% of the respondents said that they log into LinkedIn daily.

Source: eMarketer

People use LinkedIn to research products and services.

52% of buyers said that LinkedIn had a big impact on their research process. This is followed by blogs at 42%.

Users also flock to the platform to browse existing discussions to learn more about the topic, look for recommendations and suggestions from other users, connect with thought leaders in the space, and get in touch with the potential vendor.

That’s why it’s so important for any business to have some presence on this social media channel. The average LinkedIn user will use it to research your company and products.

Source: B2B Buyers Survey Report

Many look forward to Bill Gates’ posts on LinkedIn.

In November 2020, Bill Gates had five of the most engaging articles on Linkedin. The top post for that month was a retrospective look at all the technological predictions he made on his first book, The Road Ahead, which was published more than two decades ago.

Part of the reason why he has a strong number of LinkedIn users following his work might be his podcast, Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions. According to LinkedIn, the podcast drove a lot of engagement on its platform.

Richard Branson also made an appearance on the top ten list for his article, Strive Challenge 2020: Complete.

If you have compelling content to share, who knows? Your article might end up topping the list along with Bill Gates’ posts.

Source: LinkedIn Blog (The Water Cooler Series)

LinkedIn user demographic statistics

In this section, we talk about the kind of audience you can expect to reach on the platform.

There are more male LinkedIn users than females.

Statista puts the number of male LinkedIn users at 56.9% versus 43.1% female users.

There are more male LinkedIn users than females

While the site is predominantly male, there’s still a big presence of female users on the platform. The difference in percentage isn’t that far off. So there are opportunities to reach out to both groups.

This information is as recent as July 2021. Keep this in mind as you refine your LinkedIn ads.

Source: Statista

50% of US adults with college education use LinkedIn.

50% of adults in the US that finished college say that they use LinkedIn. 22% of those with some college experience also use the platform. Meanwhile, only 9% use the site if they only had a high school education or less.

50% of US adults with college education use LinkedIn

Among college degree holders, most of them use YouTube (85%) and Facebook (77%). LinkedIn is in third place followed by Instagram (42%), Pinterest (40%), Twitter (32%), WhatsApp (29%), and Snapchat (26%).

Only 30% of those who live in urban places use LinkedIn.

Source: Pew Research Center

Majority of LinkedIn users are between 25 to 29 years old.

The Pew Research Center released statistics showing the ages of LinkedIn users among other social media apps. As it turns out, most of its users are between 25 to 29 years old. That’s 34% of the surveyed group. This is closely followed by the 30 to 49-year-old demographic at 33%.

25% of 18 to 24 year-olds also use LinkedIn. The 50 to 64-year-old users are at 24%.

The survey also reveals that those who are 65 and older don’t use LinkedIn. The percentage of users in this group is only 9%. The same age group still uses Facebook and YouTube at 41% and 40% respectively.

Source: Pew Research Center

LinkedIn employment statistics

Just how good is LinkedIn as a job marketplace? And what can you expect from LinkedIn as an employment solution? Let’s find out.

LinkedIn is used as a job search platform.

There are many people who use LinkedIn as a job search platform. That’s despite the existence of sites that were specifically built for that purpose.

LinkedIn is used as a job search platform

According to LinkedIn, there are over 210 million job applications submitted every month on the platform from the 40 million folks who use it to search for jobs every week.

LinkedIn reports that 4 people are hired every minute through their site.

This is one of the main reasons why LinkedIn remains a viable platform to promote your brand. Most LinkedIn users will use it to find work and connect with their peers. There will always be an audience waiting.

Source: LinkedIn About Us Page

Engineers have to wait a long time before getting hired.

According to LinkedIn (via CNBC), their study found that between June 2020 and March 2021, engineering candidates took an average of 49 days before getting hired. That’s from submitting their applications to starting their first day on the job.

Engineers have to wait a long time before getting hired

Just behind engineering are research (48 days), project management (47 days), business development (46 days), and finance (46 days).

The likely reason for this is that more technical jobs require lengthy evaluations according to the author of the report, George Anders (LinkedIn Senior Editor-at-Large). He also adds that early-stage tech companies often have disorganized hiring processes which lead to slower hiring.

Source: CNBC

LinkedIn wants the world’s “knowledge workers” to get a job through its platform.

In an interview, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner stated that the world has around 600 million “knowledge workers” — a reference to professionals that mainly work in front of a computer. He then adds that more than half of them have a LinkedIn profile.

Jeff makes the company’s goal clear: Get the rest of the knowledge workers on the platform and find them jobs. It even gets more ambitious as he also wants to get every company to have a LinkedIn profile as well.

Source: Wired

LinkedIn is adding certification courses.

LinkedIn users are looking to increase their skills. That’s why the company is introducing more marketing certification courses that help them learn more about LinkedIn’s ad tools and options.

You can display these certificates in your LinkedIn profile so other people can see your achievements.

The two most recent certification courses available are Fundamentals Certification (Basic) and Marketing Strategy Certification (Intermediate).

You should take advantage of these courses. They might be specific to LinkedIn, but it’s still a nice thing to have in your LinkedIn profile.

Source: Social Media Today

The “Open to Work” profile photo frame attracted members.

LinkedIn’s most recent redesign introduced several new features, one of which being the Open to Work photo frame. Basically, it indicated in a user’s profile picture that he or she is looking for an employment opportunity.

Upon its release, 2.5 million users opted to use the frame. It was especially big for airline pilots and data analysts. LinkedIn said those who used the frame got 40% more messages from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.

Source: LinkedIn Blog (A New Look and Feel for LinkedIn)

LinkedIn marketing statistics

Can you use LinkedIn to promote goods and services? Is it worth investing your marketing resources into it? These latest stats should clue you in.

People trust LinkedIn as a source of information.

According to a study by Business Insider, 79% of respondents said they’ll only interact with a social media platform if they know that it can protect their data and privacy.

And guess what? Reports say that LinkedIn is one of the most trusted sources for US-based users along with Pinterest and Reddit. Out of the 9 social media platforms represented in the survey, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook landed on the bottom of the list.

This is a clear indication that LinkedIn isn’t down for the count as some might want you to believe. People still rely on it for credible information.

Source: Business Insider

Advertising on LinkedIn is worth the effort.

According to We Are Social (in partnership with Hootsuite), LinkedIn’s adverts can reach about 663.3 million users. However, they also said that this number is based on LinkedIn’s total registered numbers and not monthly active users.

Advertising on LinkedIn is worth the effort

The report also says that marketers will be able to reach 12% of the 18+ demographic with ads through LinkedIn.

With a potential reach that big, you should do what you can to dominate the space. Make your LinkedIn posts engaging and useful — you’ll surely find an audience here.

Source: We Are Social 

Branding is important in customer acquisition.

According to LinkedIn’s research, the combination of brand and activation marketing is better than just activation marketing on its own.

LinkedIn exposed its users to two scenarios. The first set of users were given an ad with a direct call to action while the other half were exposed to a brand campaign first before getting a call to action.

The conversion rate for the first scenario was only 0.2% while the second scenario produced a conversion rate of 1.2% which is a 6x improvement.

Take this into consideration the next time you invest in LinkedIn advertising.

Source:  LinkedIn 2030 B2B Trends

India and China have great LinkedIn advertising potential.

The US has a potential LinkedIn advertising reach of 160,000,000 which puts it on top of all countries. But India and China aren’t that far behind.

India has a potential reach of 62,000,000 while China’s potential is at 50,000,000. So if you’re doing business in those countries, using LinkedIn ads isn’t a bad idea at all.

India and China have great LinkedIn advertising potential

Other countries with great potential reach include Brazil (39M), the UK (28M), France (19M), Canada (17M), Indonesia (15M), Italy (14M), and Mexico (13M).

Source: We Are Social

You can now link to other websites through a swipe-up feature.

LinkedIn Stories is a feature that takes the platform to new heights — and it just got even better. You can now utilize the swipe-up feature to link to other websites.

It’s pretty similar to Instagram Stories. If you have access to LinkedIn Pages or you’re a member that meets the eligibility criteria, this new feature will become available to you. You’ll be able to link out to any URL you want. For example, you can now link to your online store or your company blog.

This provides businesses an opportunity to share content or information that their network will find useful.

Source: Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn business statistics

Microsoft invested a lot of money to acquire LinkedIn. Was it worth it?

Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to get LinkedIn.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, making it one of the largest acquisitions in the company’s history. Microsoft hoped to open up opportunities for Microsoft Office and LinkedIn to boost revenue.

Given the progress and revenue that LinkedIn made over the years, we’d say that Microsoft made the right move buying the company.

The blockbuster acquisition happened in June 2016.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

LinkedIn just topped $10 billion in revenue.

For the first time in a fiscal year, LinkedIn’s revenue reached $10 billion based on its most recent full-year earnings reports. LinkedIn was up 46% driven by a 97% boost in revenue thanks to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

According to Microsoft, LinkedIn’s revenue has nearly tripled since its acquisition in 2016. It currently has over 774 million users worldwide.

Source: Adweek

LinkedIn acquired a new company.

LinkedIn recently acquired a how-to video app called Jumprope. This is part of the social media company’s expansion into video content in an effort to boost the development of its on-platform creator tools.

This will also help the platform’s LinkedIn Learning skills development program. They aim to retain its most popular creators and maximize user engagement. This will also incentivize users to post more content which will inevitably lead to revenue generation through sponsored content and ads.

It only goes to show that LinkedIn is committed to improving its services in the next couple of years.

Source: Social Media Today

LinkedIn is experimenting with paywalled content.

LinkedIn is hoping to increase its revenue by encouraging its users to access paywalled content from premium publishers. At this point, this is a pilot program called LinkedIn Premium News. It currently has 12 publishers but it will grow in time.

Users who want to access paywalled content get five credits every month that they can use to read the content that they want.

Source: DigiDay

LinkedIn statistics sources

Final thoughts

As you can probably tell by now, LinkedIn is still a great platform to have your presence in. Hopefully, this list of LinkedIn statistics helped you decide whether you should create a marketing strategy for this social media platform or not.

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