20 Best Content Writing Services For 2024

Be it blog posts to build brand image or case studies to use as lead magnets, businesses need content writing services on every step of marketing and sales. 

But there’s a lot of noise in the service business with hundreds (if not thousands) of agencies offering content writing services. If you choose a good one, revenue is sure to increase. But an unreliable service provider can risk your brand reputation, on top of costing you time and money.

To help you avoid that, we’ve compiled a list of the best content writing service providers—with different niches, rates, and writing specialties.

The best content writing services – summary


  • ConciergeBee – Best content writing service providing industry-specific content.
  • Fiverr – Best for hiring and rating freelance content writers specializing in different industries.
  • Semrush Content Marketplace – Great content creation platform for businesses of all sizes.
  • Draft – Best service for on-demand content written by professional writers.
  • Writing Studio – Best content writing service provider for all types of content.

1. ConciergeBee

ConciergeBee is our top recommendation for content writing service providers, delivering consistent high-quality SEO-friendly content. ConciergeBee offers different kinds of content – from articles and lead magnets to emails and ad copies.

ConciergeBee Homepage

ConciergeBee offers three tiers of content writing, taking into account the extras you might need in a content piece. For example, you can request industry-specific content if your niche requires specialized content. In case you need interview-based content like case studies or thought leadership pieces, ConciergeBee helps you with that too, at an extra nominal fee.

ConciergeBee’s goal is to deliver results with the content instead of the content gathering dust in some distant corner of the web. That’s why the team at ConciergeBee goes the extra step to understand your audience.

The best part: As a business, you have multiple marketing needs that aren’t limited to content. ConciergeBee is a one-stop solution, offering services like social media management, LinkedIn lead generation, ad management, and more. Instead of having to deal with multiple agencies for different services, you can get all your needs met in a single place.

The process: You just need to select the tier of content you need and the team will contact you to understand your business better. Based on your business needs, they’ll suggest the type of content that’ll work best to achieve your goals.

You’ll also get a designated point of contact with the team. Once you approve the content topics, the content writers will deliver you steady content. ConciergeBee also provides white labeling of their services if you’re an agency.


The pricing depends on the type of content you choose (articles, guides, email copies). Article writing rates start at $499 per month for four articles. 

2. Fiverr

Although not a content writing service provider per se, Fiverr is a marketplace where you can access a massive pool of freelance writers. Simply enter a search term like “content writer” or “medical content writer”, and you’ll have thousands of writers meeting your requirements. 

Fiverr Homepage

You can set the project timeline yourself. The problem, though, is that you need to figure out, on your own, who’s the best freelance writer for your project, and then keep tabs on its completion. 


The platform charges 5.5% of the purchase amount as service fees, with an extra $2 small-order fee for purchases below $50. Besides, the content writers set their own rates.

3. Upwork

Upwork is another freelance marketplace – with a higher number of freelancers on the platform. This increases the probability of finding a writer best suited to your needs. If you’re a small business, you can find writers at affordable prices here.

Upwork Homepage

Upwork works as a bidding platform, which means once you list a job posting, freelancers will apply at different rates. You’ll have to filter the applications to find a writer that can complete your project. If you don’t find a suitable writer, you can then search for writers using the “Search” feature. That way, you can approach writers with better reviews and success rates. 

In case you’re short on time, Upwork offers a free Talent Scout service where Upwork assists in finding a freelance writer best suited for you.

The payment works in a milestone system where you pay writers as and when they complete the milestones set by you.


The rates are set by freelancers but you can find affordable options on the platform. Upwork charges a platform fee of 3% of your total payment to the freelancers. You can also opt for a paid subscription starting at $49.99 per month if you require consistent work.

4. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a subscription-based content marketplace that lets you access over 15,000 hand-vetted professional writers, content strategists, and editors to create and scale quality content for your brand. The freelancers are given star ratings based on their experience and skills. You can select a tier that fits your budget and needs. 

Writeraccess Homepage

The platform has an AI-powered search system where you’re matched with multiple content writers based on your requirement. You can screen the suggestions and finalize a writer.

WriterAccess allows you to place a content order with the same writer for as long as you like. You can save your favorite freelancers on the platform for accessibility.

The platform also offers a paid managed service if you’re short on time. A dedicated account manager will supervise the entire workflow, hire talent for you, and check the content quality.


Their monthly membership fee starts at $39 per month with a 14-day free trial. However, that fee excludes the content cost which is priced separately. The managed service starts at $349 per month.

5. Scripted

Scripted is a membership-based content marketplace with vetted content writers from across industries. They’ve worked with enterprises like Adobe and LinkedIn but also serve small to medium-sized businesses. They’re able to do so because of the range of writers available on their platform.

Scripted Homepage

Even if you’re in a niche requiring technical knowledge, Scripted will find a content writer matching your requirements. From accounting to real estate and from a blog post to ad copy and web pages, there’s a writer to meet your needs.

Scripted is fit for agencies or businesses requiring a steady stream of content. However, if you require a single content piece, Scripted might not be the right fit for you.

Once you select a plan, they’ll match a writer according to your needs. You’ll have to provide them with a brief and set a deadline. After receiving the written content, you can request edits if needed. 


The membership fee starts at $199 per month with $100 worth of content credit. You’ll have to pay separately for the content (on top of the membership fee).

6. WordCandy

WordCandy has an in-house content team and offers specialized SEO content writing services for WordPress plugins, hosting providers, and website development. WordCandy is our go-to recommendation for B2B technical content.

Word Candy Homepage

Having worked with enterprises like ManageWP and GoDaddy, the rates of WordCandy can be on the higher end, but the subject matter expertise and content quality are worth paying the extra amount. Unlike other services with checkout on the website, you’ll have to contact them to place an order.


The rates depend on the project. 

7. Verbilo

Verbilo is another content marketplace but you don’t have to spend hours looking for a writer. Verbilo’s system sends out your content request visible to their pool of 3,000+ freelance writers, who then write a draft for you. You only purchase the draft that you like the most.

Verblio Homepage

The good part: Verbilo has freelance writers with diverse experience. You can request content in niches like finance and engineering, and request different content types too.

Start by giving a detailed brief to the system where you mention your audience, tone of voice, keywords, title, and description. After you submit the request, writers having experience with the type of content you need will create content for you. Having different options, you can pick what you like the best.

Verbilo also offers a paid valet service where their team takes care of all the work for you – you get a dedicated account manager who manages the writers for you.


Their rates start from $43 per 300 words. The Valet service starts at $199 per month. Add-ons like images and optimization are paid for separately. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

8. Semrush Content Marketplace

Trusted by companies like Cisco and AccuWeather, Semrush Content Marketplace offers high-quality content writing services. From SEO-optimized website copy, articles, and infographics to product descriptions, ebooks, and email newsletters, they deliver custom content matching your unique business goals. 

Semrush Market Place Homepage

All you need to do is fill in a quick brief with your content requirements. Out of the hundreds of experienced professional writers in their network, they will then pair you with the best content writer suited to your business and industry specifics. 

After getting the brief, the writer will send you a complete draft within 10 business days. Each order comes with 3 rounds of revisions, the turnaround time for which is 3 business days.


The pricing depends on your content requirement and your budget. For example, the cost of a 300-word website copy starts from $54, while that of a 4,000-word ebook is at least $432. 

9. SEOButler

SEOButler is an affordable content writing service best suited for agencies and small to medium-sized businesses.

SEOButler Homepage

From blogs and guest posts to product descriptions and website content, SEOButler can meet most of your content needs. They also offer Surfer SEO-optimized pieces to help you rank faster on search engines (you’ll have to provide them with access to Surfer SEO).

To place an order, you simply have to fill out a form on their website with the details of your content needs such as content type and your target audience. What’s more, if you don’t like the written content, you can ask for a rewrite at no extra cost.


The rates start at $0.07, going higher based on the type of content. They offer a 10-20% discount on bulk orders too.

10. Draft

Draft, formerly known as ‘Contentfly’, has provided content creation services for companies like Zapier and FreshBooks. 

Draft Homepage

On submitting your brief to them, their algorithm singles out the best writer for your content piece. You’ll get your first draft in a few days, for which you can request unlimited revisions.

Once you give the go-ahead for the content, Draft will ask you to rate the writer.


Rates start at $0.10 per word up to 49k words and are set at $0.08 per word for more than 200k words.

11. Writing Studio

Apart from covering over 40 common industries like finance and B2B, Writing Studio is well-known for writing on unique topics like environment, pest control, women’s health, and cannabis. Not only do they produce blog posts, ebooks, and product descriptions, but they also write scripts, white papers, and technical content. 

Writing Studio Homepage

What’s more, they ensure that every writer is an expert in the industry they’re writing about. For instance, all their technical writers have at least a Bachelor of Science (BSc) level of education. 

The agency offers a turnaround of 7 business days from order to completion. You can further request up to 2 content revisions, each of which they’ll finalize within 48 to 72 business hours.


The pricing differs based on the word count, ranging from $0.20 per word up to 10,000 words to $0.15 per word for more than 100k words. You need to contact them to know about their special rates for orders of over 1 million words.

12. TextMaster

TextMaster is just the right place for businesses looking for quality multilingual web content writing services. The platform has a vast network of experienced writers in over 50 languages and specializing in more than 50 fields. 

Text Master Homepage

Their writers produce blog posts, website content, press releases, product descriptions, SEO content, and travel content. 

You can request any necessary revisions before approving the final draft.


There are 2 plans – Standard (from $0.066 per word) and Enterprise (from $0.154 per word).

13. Crowd Content

Unlike other content writing companies, Crowd Content makes it easier for you to capture local search engine traffic by writing local SEO landing pages. This is in addition to their other writing services, including writing blog posts, press releases, and white papers. 

Crowd Content Homepage

Their turnaround is pretty fast, too – only a matter of hours.

You just need to sign up and fill out a one-page order form. A qualified writer out of 6,000 pre-screened freelancers will then claim your order and write the content based on your content guidelines. 

Once it’s delivered, you can request edits and use instant chat to confirm that the content matches your needs. 

At the end of the assignment, you can even rate the writer based on their performance. 


The amount you pay depends on the content type, its word count, and the writer’s Quality Level. For instance, a tweet costs $2.25 from a Quality Level 3 writer and $1.50 from a Quality Level 2 writer.

14. Contently

With over 160,000 freelance content creators in their talent marketplace, Contently is a great option for enterprises that need content at scale. No wonder they’ve got major enterprise brands like Dell Technologies and Marriott among their clients!

Contently Homepage

Spread across 20 countries, all of their content creators are thoroughly vetted and trained before they start producing articles, infographics, white papers, research articles, and print magazines.

According to this enterprise content marketing platform, their customers see an average audience growth of 40% within the first 6 months. The only downside is that your organization must have a minimum annual revenue of $50M to work with Contently. 

Even so, you can request Contently for a free content consultation before partnering with them. Their writers accept flat-rate payments or those on an hourly basis or per-word basis.


Contently is the most expensive writing service on this list, starting at $3000 per month.

15. Mint Studios

A UK-based fintech content marketing agency, Mint Studios helps you write fintech blog posts. Their primary focus is lead generation, they take care of the entire process from strategy and writing to publishing and promotion. 

Mint Studio Homepage

First, the writer tries to thoroughly understand your goals to develop a content strategy that focuses on a ready-to-buy target audience. They then create content based on expert interviews, publish it, and keep tracking it using Google Analytics. 


The pricing typically starts at $3,700 per month.

16. Express Writers

Express Writers is a full-service content writing service that delivers blog posts, social media posts, case studies, press releases, white papers, ebooks, guides, and email marketing copy. They also offer content strategy services, including a full website audit, an editorial calendar, and keyword research. 

Express Writers Homepage

You can request them for sample content first by filling out a form with your content requirements. To put an order, simply set up an account, fill out a content order form from their Content Shop, and make the payment via PayPal or Stripe. 

After you send them your project details and assign a timeline, their best-match writer will deliver the content in your Express Writers account. 

Keep in mind that no matter what kind of content you order, you’re allowed up to 2 free revisions.


Express Writers has fixed and transparent pricing, based on the type of content you need, the quantity, and its word count. For example, a 500-word general blog costs $50, whereas 5 social media posts cost $65.

17. Brafton

Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency that boasts of clients like Stanford University and AppDirect. 

Brafton Homepage

Besides SEO content, ebooks, white papers, and email copy, they offer a plethora of sales enablement content, including case studies, social media campaigns, slide presentations, banner ads, sales sheets, and testimonials. 

Along with professional content writing services, they offer content marketing strategy, video content, graphic design, and content analytics services.

Therefore, it’s better suited for businesses on the lookout for not only content, but for end-to-end content marketing solutions.


Brafton’s pricing starts at $1 per word but it includes keyword research and an assigned content manager.

18. Edufficient

Edufficient provides SEO content writing services specifically for the education industry. Instead of glorifying the school or its program’s features while writing the content, they pay attention to the reader’s intent. 

Edufficient Homepage

At the same time, their writers follow an in-depth writing process incorporating your school’s tone, brand, and style. Then, the dedicated content manager conducts an education-based keyword research and builds a content framework. 

Once the content is done, it’s reviewed by 2 independent team members.


You can request via an enquiry. 

19. Juris Digital

Juris Digital works with businesses that need legal web content, including law firms, solo practitioners, ad agencies, and in-house marketers. Their legal content team comprises legal professionals or attorneys armed with years of expertise in search engine optimization and legal marketing. 

Juris Digital Homepage

The types of legal content they offer include law blog posts, informational legal articles, legal news recaps, and practice area pages. 

Their turnaround time depends on the type of legal content you need, although they promise to meet your deadlines.


There are three popular legal content plans – Words Only ($0.50 per word), Rank-Ready Content ($1,000 per asset), and Max Traffic ($2,000 per asset). 

20. Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber is a content writing company providing quality content for your brand, limited to blog posts, email newsletters, website copy, and product descriptions.

Content Cucumber Homepage

Paired with a dedicated writer, you’ll get up to 2,000 words per week, free revisions, and royalty-free stock images to go with the content. 

It’s an excellent option for businesses that need a focused content solution, including keyword analysis, content calendars, and one-on-one consulting.


The agency offers 3 plans – Seed ($408/month), Sprout ($600/month), and Bloom ($1080/month). This is in addition to a one-time setup fee of $199.

Final thoughts

The above list is a handpicked collection of the best content writing services, ranging from different niches, budgets, and convenience offered.

While selecting a writing service, you need to go beyond just the budget. Factors like speed, writer expertise, knowledge of the niche, and your availability become important. For example, if your business has a lot of moving parts and you can’t afford to take out time to edit a writer’s work, your best bet is to go for a service that gives you content by experienced writers charging more.

However, if you’re just getting your business off the ground, you can spend time giving feedback and edits to train a beginner-intermediate writer.

Apart from that, if you’re in a niche like finance or other technical niches, you might have to spend a bit more to hire a content writing service that has experience working in your niche, giving you accurate content.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of our suggestions when it comes to content as part of your overall online marketing strategy. If you haven’t started already, here are some content marketing statistics. You can use it to understand the latest marketing trends and why content marketing is important for your business.

Alternatively, if you’d like to handle content creation in-house, these content writing tools can help your team become more productive & better optimize each piece of content for organic search.

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