19 Best Instagram Marketing Agencies For 2024

Instagram marketing is creating brand awareness through targeted organic campaigns on Instagram. As important as Instagram marketing is, it’s time-consuming and not a walk in the park. Enter Instagram marketing agencies.

The market today is flooded with a sea of choices for the same, but how to choose one that fits both: the budget and the blueprint?

We’ve extensively reviewed hundreds of Instagram marketing agencies to come up with this exhaustive list of the ones that outdid the rest. 

The best Instagram marketing agencies – summary


  1. SocialBee – Helps build a better brand presence and provides the best content creation services while helping you capitalize on more and more opportunities.
  2. BrandLume – Assists businesses in achieving marketing targets with expert guidance with upfront and transparent pricing.
  3. Aiden Marketing – Takes social media off your to-do list by managing anything and everything related to it.
  4. Moburst – Helps bigshot companies exceed their KPIs and become category leaders through research and result-driven social media marketing.
  5. Firebelly Marketing – Helps form meaningful social connections by delivering valuable content.

1. SocialBee

SocialBee provides Instagram marketing services for all – big or small, international or regional, and physical or digital companies. They understand that your social media isn’t just made of posts. It takes interaction and engagement with the audience to drive results that move a needle. So, they engage with your audience in a way that’s relevant to your brand. 

SocialBee Instagram Homepage

SocialBee also provides content creation for your social media platform. So, you can easily avail the content creation service with the social media management service to create the ultimate Instagram marketing package. They’ll create content that strongly reflects your vision and establish a strong digital presence.

The agency has an abundance of highly qualified social media professionals. It effortlessly runs your social media accounts, analyzes performance frequently, and makes sure your brand reaches that next level. It creates effective campaigns and recycles the ones that worked out best.

Such a service costs thousands of dollars in a traditional marketing agency that creates content of a similar level as SocialBee. Plus, traditional marketing agencies usually bind the clients in long-term unavoidable contracts, in addition to being significantly more expensive. SocialBee fixes this issue by providing very affordable monthly plans.

You need to have a subscription to the SocialBee scheduling tool to access these services. But it’s priced at only $29/m and it’s one of the best social media scheduling tools on the market.

Prices range from $129 to $299. If you combine it with a social media content creation service of $129/m, the total comes to only $258 per month. This is unheard of in the social media marketing world, especially with the quality SocialBee provides. The 30-day money-back guarantee is just the icing on the cake.

2. LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing is one of the award-winning Instagram marketing companies that offer a variety of services in the social domain from social media advertising to email marketing. With years of experience, their team has transformed the social media presence for an endless number of clients. With their services, you’ll see an enhanced conversion rate, website traffic, followers, CTR, and in turn, revenue.

LYFE Homepage

With high-quality content creation, daily engagement driving activities, and constant monitoring, they ensure that more and more followers become your customers. For this, they target an audience that meets three main criteria: those who are familiar with your brand, often see your content, and also gain value from it.

The company provides digital marketing services to all kinds of industries. Additionally, they also provide PPC management, short video advertising, and video animation services.

Pricing starts at $750 a month for the Starter plan which includes 12 image posts. The Growth Plan (also the most popular) costs $1350 a month and comprises 12 video posts. The Scale Plan costs $1550 a month and comprises 20 video posts.

3. BrandLume

BrandLume is a full-service digital marketing agency providing Instagram marketing as a part of their suite of services. They’re a Facebook Marketing Partner, Instagram Partner, and LinkedIn partner – backing up their credibility and specialization. They’ve helped businesses scale from 1000 followers to 20,000 organically and ethically (no buying of followers).

BrandLume Marketing Homepage

BrandLume also provides other marketing services like SEO, paid advertising, and branding services like graphic designing and website designing. This makes them the ultimate solution for all your business needs. 

The good part is, no matter how big or small you are, they charge the same set fee for their services. This shows they’re charging by the value they provide rather than how much a company is willing to pay. Their prices are also one of the most affordable in the market as per their quality of service.

Plus, you don’t need to get into a contract for a minimum period (for example, 3 or 6 months). They have monthly contracts so you can pause or end the engagement whenever you want.

You can start with a free consultation to get your Instagram profile audited before you move forward with them.

The pricing starts at $448 per month which includes five Instagram posts every week.

4. Aiden Marketing

Aiden Marketing relieves you of anything relating to Instagram marketing by completely taking the reins into their hands. They specifically cater to small and mid-sized B2B and B2C businesses understanding the lack of time business owners have. 

Aiden Marketing Homepage

They provide full-service social media management where they build your channel, create meaningful interactive content, make sure your content finds its space, enhance your follower base, and create an interactive forefront for your customers.

After your initial call with them, they’ll document a social media strategy for you. Once approved, they have an in-house team to act on the plan. If you want omnichannel marketing, they also provide management of other leading social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

The agency also offers services like paid social, content marketing, graphic designing, and website designing. So, if you’re looking for an agency that could solve most of your marketing needs, Aiden is one to consider.

They have two main packages: the Launch package costing $450 and the expansion package costing $1000. The enterprise package varies as per customizations.

5. Moburst

Moburst is an experienced social media marketing agency, helping you come up with the perfect social strategy that aligns with your business goals. They mostly help medium-sized brands scale to a greater level.

Moburst Homepage

Their strategy varies depending on your product, goals, audience, budgets, and others. They have a highly committed team, regularly staying up-to-date with new insights, and industry trends and capitalizing on them.

Every action is backed by hardcore research such as the optimum number of posts per week, the best time to post, and engagement metrics. They manage everything: from innovating creativity to result analysis, with the intent of improving your KPIs.

Moburst offers an ideal mix of paid and organic traffic with other services like paid ads management, SEO, and CRO. They offer a comprehensive package of services which include: product consulting, social media management, and social strategy. It’s also one of the few agencies that provide mobile marketing strategy and product strategy.

Moburst has expensive pricing, starting from $10,000 and going above $1 million, based on your requirement.

6. Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly Marketing is a high-rated, award-winning social media marketing agency. They are social media specialists providing you with social media audit, management, advertising along with influencer marketing services.

Firebelly Homepage

They perform an in-depth discovery to get to know your business to its roots. A professionally experienced social media manager is assigned to your business to effectively strategize and implement.

Frequent posting at the best time, increasing your Instagram followers, and interacting with them are just a few of the things Firebelly Marketing is a pro at!

Firebelly Marketing only offers services related to social media including social media advertising and influencer marketing. They don’t offer other digital marketing services like SEO or Google ads.

The average spend for social media management services ranges between $2000-$7500 monthly (varies according to the number of platforms).

7. True North Social

True North Social is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Instagram, TikTok, and influencer marketing. Whether it’s just managing your socials or building the whole website from scratch, they have specialists who know it all! Their myriad services include community management, engagement pods, influencer management, photography, and other creative services.

True North Social Homepage

They increase your followers by cleverly directing the posts toward targeted non-followers. Instagram ads created by them usually include a call to action, leading users to your profile, and increasing your reach. Their strategies are especially focused on increasing engagement and creating successful campaigns.

Their marketing team comprises copywriters, paid media experts, content creators, and photographers whose sole goal is to ensure that you achieve your goal. They ease your journey from growth to sales, to give you ample time to do what you are best at. They’ve done it for many ecommerce vendors, they can do it for you too.

8. Volume Nine

Volume Nine is a full-service Instagram agency to help you tell your brand story and strengthen your social footing across all social media channels. Apart from being one of the best Instagram marketing companies, they also offer services such as search engine optimization, social media audit, content marketing, and digital marketing.

Volume Nine Advertising Homepage

The team at Volume Nine has qualified and experienced digital marketing specialists. This team ensures your content’s on-point, relevant, and engaging so that you make the most of your marketing dollars.

They have proven processes of content creation that help you target your target audience even better. They follow a month-advanced timeline where content is innovated beforehand so that you have enough time to review and approve.

They create high-quality appealing Instagram posts to get your story to capture the audience. A combination of video marketing, graphics, and illustrations are used for the same.

Along with social media marketing, they also offer SEO and content creation.

9. Fuel Online

Fuel Online is an award-winning social media marketing agency offering a range of social media services. The marketing agency generally has mid-sized clients but has also served Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, athletes, and startups. Their employees are some of the most brilliant minds who live and breathe socials.

Fuel Online Homepage

They create campaigns centered around original, valuable, and viral content. They also have a network of influencers to help propagate your brand. They run special social media contests to increase your brand visibility and ensure maximum ROI.

They also provide you with in-depth audience analysis. They have processes and tools in place to make sure not even a single comment goes unattended on your Instagram account. Additionally, they also offer SEO services, PPC management, and more.

Interestingly, they also offer to audit and train your digital marketing department if you want to keep the marketing in-house.

10. Loop

Loop is a digital agency that communicates brand value. They firmly believe companies need to be social “by default”. Their social media services include influencer marketing, brand activation, social commerce, and strategy.

Loop Homepage

They follow a multi-platform approach, expanding the reach and driving more conversions with each of the Instagram posts. Their team of Instagram marketers makes sure that there is maximum engagement on carefully curated content.

Apart from this, Loop is also a video production company to make sure your story is creative and engaging. With an in-house talented team, they give everything to smoke life into your brand.

Other services offered by them include performance marketing, strategy, UX design, and ecommerce solutions.

11. Assistagram

Just like the name suggests, Assistagram assists you with the ‘Gram. It helps businesses, celebrities, and influencers increase their following and reach target audiences effectively, under the guidance of an expert team. 

Assistagram Homepage

The Instagram marketing agency provides three core services: Instagram marketing, content and podcast creation, and PR. So, if you need marketing across different social media platforms or would want to add on other services like running ads, the agency won’t be a good fit for you. It’s best for businesses needing only Instagram services and having other marketing components in-house. 

They never indulge in buying followers just to show quick results and only rely on ethically creating content. They believe in helping you create genuine relationships with your audience, ultimately converting them into buyers.

You’ll get weekly performance reports and regular meetings with a dedicated account manager to stay on track with your account’s performance.

They have 220 million followers across all their social media networks which include the likes of Russel Brunson and Ariana Grande. Their PR packages let you get featured in major publications including Forbes, TedX, Inc., and many more. This builds brand reputation and can become a good source of lead generation.

They make sure that the benefits of social media work in your favor, while also weeding out the risks that come along as a package. They have a history of using just the right mix of hashtags and trends as their social strategy.

If you’ve been looking to get into creating podcasts, this is one of the only agencies on this list that helps you with it. You can leverage that for high brand visibility. The average price ranges between $1200-$1700 per month per business. 

12. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an Instagram marketing agency that ensures your brand gets noticed out there, regardless of changing algorithms. Viral Nation believes in creating for the next, not for the now. With multiple awards in their hall of fame, they’ve had the fortune to be associated with clients such as Microsoft, Canon, and Disney.

Viral Nation Homepage

They provide four kinds of marketing services: influencer marketing, paid and performance media marketing, creative and content marketing, and blockchain marketing. Plus, they keep you on top of recent trends with the data-heavy analysis of your KPIs and ROI throughout your association with them.

Their expert team works tirelessly to help you develop the best conversion-centered campaigns across all social media platforms. Every such campaign is always automated with the help of advanced machine learning technologies.

Pricing varies as per requirements starting at less than $25K and going up to more than $500K.

13. Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is a full-service Instagram marketing agency that delivers unparalleled results to their client base. They provide services to businesses of all sizes. The agency also offers a never-ending list of services which includes social media management, advertising, and endorsements.

SM 55 Homepage

Maximizing your ad spend is what the marketing agency is known for. Each of their clients is assigned a diligent team that is focused on all aspects of your Instagram ad process such as scheduled posts, engagement activities, and nurturing relationships. With their highly involved content creation team, they make sure that your brand story engages and attracts followers.

They also provide niche-specific marketing services to niches like real estate, book launches, health care, and trade shows.

Their vast list of services offered includes SEO optimization, video production, mobile app development, WordPress services, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

14. Lilo Social

Lilo Social is an Instagram marketing agency that helps ecommerce brands upscale through a full-funnel marketing approach. They have worked with a lot of brands with different niches. Studio production, creative content creation, website optimization, and email and SMS marketing are some of the services offered by them.

Lilo Social Homepage

Their creativity is data-driven that helps you establish a unique brand identity in an over-saturated ecommerce market. With their professional photos and videos, they aim to poach customers by creating a lasting first impression. And once they’ve figured out the creative piece that’s working, they innovate variations to maximize your ad spend.

They equip you with transparent reports that enable you to see live performance updates in addition to minutely detailed periodic reports. All in all, their services are sure to help you in customer acquisition and retention.

15. Get Hyped

Get Hyped is a full-service influencer marketing agency known to generate qualified leads through creative content creation. Their client portfolio showcases considerable experience with as much as 12x ROI from Instagram campaigns. They manage anything related to the influencer marketing process perfectly to the T.

Get Hyped Homepage

An exclusive social strategy depending upon your needs is formulated following which they identify the influencers that would best suit the role. Influencers are employed, contracts negotiated, and content amplified after your approval. They track every possible performance metric to bring about a significant improvement in the KPIs.

Their tree of influencer marketing branches out on myriad platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The different types of Influencer marketing services include micro-influencer, nano-influencer, and macro-influencer services.

16. Ernst Media

Ernst Media is an award-winning boutique digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience. They’ve been continually and consistently delivering results to their clients through their expertise, integrity, and unmatched creativity. They work with clients of all sizes across various industries.

Ernst Media Homepage

With an experienced team capable enough to execute an effective social ad strategy, Ernst Media delivers just the right content that lures the audience. They’ve mastered the funnel with prospecting at the top, to conversion ads at the end with marketing in the middle. They also use complex data analysis tools to lock in the best influencer to perpetuate your brand.

With their expert guidance, your business would increase and not just your followers. Additionally, they also offer PPC management services and SEO services to elevate your brand further.

17. Kairos Media

Kairos Media is an award-winning Instagram advertising agency that has created multiple successful Instagram campaigns. It has worked for big players such as KFC, JBL, and Nestle among others. Their marketing strategies are backed by strong research and data insights.

Kairos Media Homepage

The agency started by providing influencer marketing services so if you’re a business looking to leverage influencers, Kairos Media will be a great fit for you.

Along with that, they provide content creation, social strategy, creative strategy, and paid media. They provide the clients with performance analysis reports regularly to help them analyze the impact of the marketing strategy.

They have an in-house creative team specializing in graphic design. That helps them create high-quality content with relative ease and on time. 

However, this agency lies on the expensive end when it comes to cost. But the creative production is top-notch and justifies the pricing. Their unique social media tactics and content are sure to meet your expectations of effective social media strategies.

Their pricing ranges from $150-$199 per hour per project.

18. Ignite Digital

Ignite Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media management and paid ads. They’re also a Google Premier Partner which brings them in the top 3% of agencies.  

Ignite Digital Homepage

Whether you’re providing a consumer product or a B2B product, Ignite Digital has worked with brands in a wide range of niches. 

Once you start working with them, they’ll schedule posts for months in advance so there’s never a day that’s missed. They also engage with your followers in place of you, while also maintaining consistent brand messaging. This creates an authentic and long-term connection with your audience.

As they also work in different verticals like SEO, paid ads, search engine marketing, and content marketing, they understand how to tie in your socials with your overall digital marketing strategy. So, their social content strategy takes into account lead generation, sales, and brand awareness. 

19. Audiencly

Audiencly is one of the popular Instagram marketing companies, specializing in influencer marketing and paid ads on top of social media management.

Audiencly Homepage

If you’re looking for an agency that can create content for you in addition to managing your social profiles, Audiencly is the one to choose from. They have a seven-step process for social media marketing. 

They start with defining the goals and corresponding KPIs. Then they understand your target audience to create clear and on-point messaging. They also do a competitor analysis without any extra fee. Once they’ve created a strategy, they advise you on the type of content to make. Content creation is an add-on service that you can avail for an extra cost.

Final thoughts

When selecting an Instagram marketing agency, you need be to extremely careful as some agencies can buy fake followers and engagement just to show some quick results. The downside is, Instagram can shadowban you for fake followers, which means reducing your visibility.

Here are the things to consider when selecting an Instagram marketing agency: 

  • Reviews: Do they have enough people vouching for their services?
  • Case Studies: How did they grow a similar brand as you? What were the campaign results? What was their process?
  • Expertise in your niche: Have they worked with a similar niche as yours? This isn’t always a requirement but when an agency has scaled a similar business, it’s proof that they can get you the results.
  • Process: Are they using a cookie-cutter method where they’re using the same templates for every brand? You need to reflect your branding through your Instagram and templates might or might not work.
  • Budget: While this is an obvious one, make sure you’re not choosing an agency just because of its low pricing. Agencies like SocialBee provide great service at an affordable price – so don’t compromise on the quality just because of the price.

It helps if your Instagram marketing efforts are part of a cohesive social media strategy that is fully aligned with your business goals.

Most of these agencies can help you with this as well. But if you’d like to delve into this yourself, be sure to check out our articles on social media strategy and social media statistics.

And if you’d like to find agencies to help you with other parts of your marketing strategy, check out these posts:

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